Issue 06 - The Big Boom Affair - Part 2

Last Time!

Everyone in the region passes out!
Partially demolished tower!
CAT scans at the hospital!

At the Hospital


The parking lot is full!
Triage in the parking lot!
Everyone is scared!
Everyone is not doing well.

Our group has lacerations, a few broken limbs (a broken arm).
People who are unconscious. Broken limbs and major lacerations.

Benedict and Dr A … figuring out where people were.
Benedict, clipboard, reassuring, zeroing in on area involved …

Dr A wants to trace the origin of this thing. Using same data, looking at CAT scans.

Hope goes in to find someone in charge.

Kane helps organize and providing care. Triage.

Hope finds someone – spends Fate to make it someone they’ve met through their social org activities. Beverly …
… Dr Emerson. Beleaguered but acting with purpose. Worried. Their eyes light up when Hope shows up and offers to help.
No idea what happened. Knocked senseless herself.
Helping with triage. Also … intercom and speaker system is out, but, shyeah, like that would happen.
Focus on the telecomm closet.

Intercom system - Engineering vs Fair ==> 4 Great!
Appears the system was affected by the Event.

Kane, Benedict – parking lot
Benedict – getting location, impact of the event.
Someone in a tirade about the Science Folk who showed up. Targets Benedict.
Beauty and the Beast i say we kill the beast
Denials make no difference.
Dude - Full of Bluster - Provoke crowd ==> 4 Great + FP ==> 6 Fantastic!
angry mob
Benedict, Bicentennial Moment to create an Advantage about community unity and goodwill ==> 5

Delbert (dude) ==> 1 Average + FP reroll ==> 2 Fair
So … Solidarity (2 free invokes)
Kane … it’s aliens! We need your help, Delbert, to avoid mass chaos! Deceive ==> 5 Superb, + 1 of the new Aspect ==> 7 Epic
Hopefully no actual aliens show up.

Benedict correlating data through History ==> 2 Fair + Fleeting Picture of Radius ==> 4 Great
Dr A … pulling together Benedict’s dataset with CAT scan data and synthesizing.
Dr A correlating data … difficulty 4 Great because of gaps in the dataset … Science ==> 7 Epic (with style!)

  • Affected area! 10 mile diameter centered on … Rose Hill cemetery, 5 mile out of town.

The Cemetery!

Cemetery is uneventful. Despite all the images that Dave posted.

Little House on the Prairie

House nearby? (targeting +/- 500m)
No large vehicles in sight.
Dead birds and animals.
Check out the house …
Large … two disconnected buildings (garage/shed + house).
Newer building.
Truck outside.

Benedict – notice back door is hanging open. Break-in?
Take point for the group …
Approach, spread out … circle … B knocks on the door (broken open).
No response.
Benedict does the whole police slip through door thing.
Something has gone wrong here.
Next room … yeah.
Dead body on floor. Burglary gone wrong? Homeowner. Shot, left to bleed out.
Things have been tossed, opened up, etc.
Probably not a coincidence.
Shot in a scuffle?
Hope – not a good burglary. Not professional. More of a mess than needed.
Figure out what/where they found something?
Benedict … Some time since it happened … 4 Great, but assists from others +3 ==> 8 Legendary
Hmmmm …

  • The person who lived here. Dr Maxwell Slater. Researcher with the CIA. Specialties in … audio sciences! That’s the body. But retired a few years back.

  • Few years ago, looked into the Havana Syndrome sitch. Office note: “prototype” (circle).

  • Outside, detached building … also broken into. His workshop, mechanical engineering.

  • Thing has a limited charge, several hours to recharge.

  • Area of Effect was apparently at max.

  • And it’s big … air conditioner unit sized.

  • Dr Slater was dead probably before the Event.

House is isolated from neighbors.

Hope checks the attic, deck. … Doesn’t look like he’s talked with anyone about this for several months. Lots of non-checked mail. Recluse.
Computer, but not with Internet access.
Reluse. Hiding?

Benedict history ==> 6 Fantastic
So … retired, lived in Phoenix … then when Havana Syndrome stuff came up, suddenly moved to Bumfuck, KS to do … research?

So … what next?


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I know it’s a coincidence but I liked it better when my dumb little ideas did not become headline news right after I introduce them. :roll_eyes: