Issue 06 - The Big Boom Affair - Part 3 "Explosions Get Rid of So Much Evidence"


Lindsberg, KS

Sonic phenomenon!

Unconsciousness … something like Havana Syndrome!

Epicenter: dead doctor.

Time for a … BRAINSTORM!

Benedict - HISTORY - Nazis had sonic attacks (foiled by A.R.)! ==> 6 Fantastic
Hope - Burglary - Scene of the crime! ==> 6 Fantastic
Kane - Combat - The scene. ==> 5 Superb
Dr A - Notice ==> 3 Good

Benedict fact: Similar attack to one the Nazis used at Kursk, broken up by Atomic Robo

Hope fact: Basement … measurements are off from the house above, false wall.

Round 2!

Hope - Athletics - to break down the wall. ==> 4 Great
Benedict - Notice - any German documents ==> 6 Fantastic
Kane - Contacts - former CIA, find out about ==> 6 Fantastic
Dr A - Science - another crack at what would be required ==> 3 Good

Benedict doesn’t find documents in German … but in Russian. Which he doesn’t read.

Benedict ropes in Dr A. Dialect. Written by someone from the Kuvan Cossack region.
The Soviets super-science dept – Department Zero. As of mid-50s were refining the weapon the Nazis had prototyped (and that A R had broken, allowing the Soviets to win the Battle of Kursk)
Dr A - dialect is from a border region of Russia. So … there was a traitor!

Kane … yeah, contact, but they’re calling in a marker.
… the doctor had a research partner, but had a falling out with. Kristoff Reeve. Swore everlasting enmity.

Round 3!

Hope - Notice - Any other traces of who was here ==> 6 Fantastic
Kane - Athletics - prying into the basement space ==> 3 Good
Benedict - Athletics - prying into the basement space ==> 4 Great
Dr A - Science - Unanswered questions ==> 3 Good

Hope succeeds, but at cost … FP ==> 8 Legendary
Who was here? Looks like the plates in the kitchen match, but don’t. Someone local has been bringing meals over and visiting.


Benedict +2 ==> 0 Mediocre
Kane +1 ==? 3 Good
Hope +2 ==> 4 Great
Dr A ==> -1 Poor

Margie gets to pick.

Sneakers crease you get all the fun stuff

Dr Slater’s contact is a Department Zero double agent who provided the Russian documents about the sonic device.

The source of the papers is new … he may have come here to meet the traitor to work on the Russian stuff based on the Nazi stuff.
Farm equipment with Cyrillic … lowers the whole house.
The basement space has the elevator mechanism.

Polite old lady, passing themselves off as Polish. Mina. Hope met her at some local events. She brought kuchen to the fika, which is where Hope remembers the plate from.

Benedict triggers the switch to cause the basement to descend.
It goes down a long way.

Stairs lead to a different room … fancier lab.
Recovered parts from that device. And it has a much greater yield than the one out back … like … maybe the size of half the KS!

Kane - something seems off. The timer on the self-destruct feature.

We flee. Or look for a way to flee.
Will likely alert the partner.

3 rolls - Escaping - Great difficulty
Benedict - Notice any documents? (Advantage) ==> 5 Superb
Hope - Fingerprinted item? On the railing. Kane - Athletics ==> 2 Fair ==> 4 Great!
Hope - Up Is Also A Direction vs 4 + FP so 6 Fantastic ==> 8 Legendary!

Raps the wall, ladder drops, Benedict sent up fist, into the corn field, flames …

House collapses behind us.

Back into town.

  1. We have a railing.
  2. We have documents.
  3. We know about a traitor scientist.
  4. We are missing a weapon.

Analyzing the fingerprints …

The Happy Home for Former Spies.
Who are now on alert from that sonic device!


Refreshing FP.