Issue 07 -- The Cuban Parcel Crisis Affair, Part 2 "Going Ape"

The Sitch!

Important task from the Head Office: a treasure trove of historical items hidden by “archaeologist” Jack Forester in the Rockies.

Clues took us to Cuba, NM.

Helicopter for exploring the Santa Fe National Forest.

It Begins!

Next morning. Pleasant day. Up in the chopper.

Los Alamos.
Both Imperial Japanese and Third Reich organizations trying to find Los Alamos.

Benedict: smoke!
Alex: sure, of course I can land.

Small truck, crashed off the road.
Couple of people trapped.
Pair – in coveralls.
No markings – lots of dirt.

Pulse on one. The second, looks a lot worse. Large wound on collarbone – bite mark?

Hope - getting people out.
Benedict - looking over the truck.
Dr A - assisting if needed.
Alex - keeping an eye on things

Deep in the woods. Crickets.

Alex … do you spot the Sneaky Creature?
Sneaky Creature ==> 6 Fantastic
Alex ==> 2 Fair
There’s something wrong there.


Sneaky Creature: Kill ==> Good ==> 7 Epic!
Stress boxes.

Screech! Yelling! Swearing!

Hard to see … to look at … the thing.

Dr Afterthought – so if it’s difficult to see, will pit Psyche to throw an object at it. ==> 4 Great vs 1 Avg

Alex yeeting the thing off of them.

Athletics ==> 2 Fair, vs 4 Great. Get it off for a moment.

Benedict - shooting at the the one being thrown off. ==> 3 Good vs 3 Good, takes advantage that Alex created, ==> 10 Legendary+2 – zorched.

Two critters come for Benedict!
Sneaky Creature - KLill ==> 3 Good ==> 7
Because My Heart Is Pure ==> 9 Legendary +1

Last one … scrambles into the truck.

Second casualty is dead.

Hope uses Deceive, takes body, “Look, fresh meat!”, yeet the body away from her. Distraction. Deceive ==> 4 Great vs 3 Good. Distracting all of them.

They look like … humanoid, far too small and thin to be a person.

Dr A, sciencing their vision field. Hallucinations ==> 2 Fair vs 2 Fair.
Boost. Aspect: “Sight Distortion Coat”: they have a furry coat on them that causes the human brain to not look at.

Hope - forest service maintenance, look for paint in the truck.

Sneaky Creatues, Climb Around ==> 6 Fantastic
Hope Athletics ==> Great … boost.

And now we can actually see them. Chimpanzees.

Benedict shooty shooty ==> 4 Great + paint coated ==> 6 Fantastic vs 2 Fair … take one down.

The other one tries to claw at me. Kill ==> 5 Superb + Inhuman Strength ==> 7
Benedict ==> 5 Superb. 2 Stress.

Shadowy Figure in the truck has grabbed something tablet-shaped, and is now booking.

Alex - a stick, and fast legs.

Chase the one with the tablet, trying to knock it away. Athletics ==> 5 Superb
Chimp ==> 5 Superb
Got the tablet away, but broke the screen.

Benedict ==> Shooting at it with my gun. ==> 6 Fantastic
Wing one while it’s fleeing, so small trail of blood.

So, dead person was killed by a chimp.

Investigating tablet --------
Investigating chimp bodies – Dr A and Alex
Following the trail. – Benedict, Hope

Truck is non-functional.
People have no cell phones, but do have two white, featureless RFID badges.
No registration in the glove box.

VIN number?
License plate tags.

Bodies in the chopper. Away we go.


Minor Milestone
Stresses gone!

And the helicopter flies away …


Next time in the Cuban Parcel Crisis Affair,

  • Benedict and Hope track down where the mysteriously violent chimps with the disorienting fur patterns are heading. What are they even doing here in this forest?
  • Dr. Afterthought and Alex go back to town with a broken tablet with unknown information, an injured person from a truck crash, a deceased person from that same crash, and a pair of chimp corpses. Surely some answers will come from these clues.
  • Also, someone else will be butting their nose in on this investigation.