Issue 08 - The Cuban Parcel Crisis Affair, Part 4 "Where's That Darned Intern?"

Last time …

Hope and Benedict found the ape lair in an abandoned lab in the woods.
Dr A and Alex had gotten the guy to the hospital and the data off the tablet.
Benedict did research – XP owns most of the abandoned labs in the area.
And now we’re all in quarantine, almost!

And that’s where we pick up!

Benedict is separated from the rest (sigh), which will mean much excitement for them (sigh).

Hope, Alex, Dr A - in a hospital room, as the guys in isolation suits come in to quarantine.

Alex is … not there. He’s in the waiting room. Nobody pays attention to the intern.
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Hope notes the kid’s gone. Aaron’s getting out of bed. Hope is cool with Aaron being quarantined, but not her. Trips on IV stand, knocking him back to bed and drawing attention.
“something seems WRONG!”

Dr A starts taking notes. His eyes were much different. Simian.
Shouldn’t be like this! What’s wrong! “This shouldn’t be happening to me. This is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong …” (turning into a roar)

Guys in suits have fled. Without leaving restraints.
Hope puts on gloves.

Dr A is taking notes.
Hope trying to get him back onto the bed.

Athletics ==> tie him down
Spend a FP … fully restrained.

Alex … sitting in the lobby. His company phone rings. But it’s not Sinclair.

Tesladyne geneticists.
Dr A can’t come to the phone right now, but I can send a message.
Looking at blood tests from ape … really bad! Infected with a mutagen. Latches onto anything, not just the test subjects. Anyone been in contact with the ape?
What might happen?
Turning into apeman?

Get the info to Dr A!
Replace the research? A month or more.

Alex runs over to get a shower.

Benedict arrives at the hospital.

Where they are … quarantine signs.
Peer through window? Knock?

Dr A. Hope. Aaron tied down.
On the phone with Hope.
Get the synopsis.
Intern is lost.
Need to get the blood samples to the intern.
with appropriate PPE.
Andromeda Strain suits

Benedict finds the PPE (Stealth vs Fair ==> 5 Superb), but … the door is locked. And taped with hazard stuff. And there’s a guard there.
Crawl through the ductwork!
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Hope takes Benedict’s blood.
Take a hypo kit to do the Intern, too.

Alex shows up at the outside window.

Rings up Benedict, waves.
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Since folk are okay with breaking quarantine …
Dr A is going to try to force the transformation. But will be focusing his brain to retain his intelligence.

Benedict backing up.
Hope can do it easily, Good difficulty for silence. Fantastic to bring Dr A along. ==> 2 Fair

Second Story Woman - reroll
==> 3 Good

Where to now?

Back to …?
We have one helicopter. DON’T SPLIT THE PARTY.
Tesladyne spend a FP to use a drone. Drop off …

Off to the destroyed lab in the hills!
Dr A looking to see who’s going to change.

Front door.
For science!

Front door is locked. Seriously seriously locked.

Hope … vs Great door
The most challenging door for her ever!

==> 3 Good. +1 FP,
Benedict assists (Burglary avg) +1 FP. Painfully Earnest Servant of His Duty.
“Doors are just walls with handles.”
(Hope gets a Major Milestone)
+1 FP at end of scene.
Door slides free, even though it doesn’t want to.

The thermite has not gone off! Serene, but not destroyed.
Seems calm. But …
Alex: We’ve walked into a horror movie.
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