Jason Quill's Quiet Retirement To Do List

Sleep in.
Glad will have plenty of time to relax, take life a little bit easier.

Go fishing. I hate fishing. Go stargazing. (From orbit?)

Retirement. (“Inactive Duty – call me if you need me – our HQ” etc.) (Can I commit to leaving? Better cold turkey?)

Get back into Quill Foundation governance; assume CotB role again, big raises for B & H. Determine what changes on my majority.
Feel out the board members. Make sure plans aren’t going to garner resistance.

Rewatch LotR. (Hobbit “trilogy”?)
What would it take to get PJ to write, direct, produce Bombadil / Barrow Down stuff? And incorporate those weapons into rest of movie (Weathertop, Pelennor)? Is CGI up to up without actors? Legal rights? Lord of the Rings, the Jason Quill edition! Fix Gimli shit. Leave in Arwen bits. Fix Army of Dead. Scouring of the Shire? ← NEW HOBBY

Lost Ark Initiative. No more Indiana Jones warehouses full of stuff that could change the world. Study it. Figure it out. Can it help humanity? Is it reproduceable? Should it be given away, or sold? Or shot into the sun?

(Build sun-gun as disposal for Things Man Was Not Meant To Know (Yet). I’m pretty sure there are a few items like that.)


(Note to self: Do we actually have the Ark of the Covenant somewhere?)

Young Heroes Initiative (contact marketing, fergodssake): structure a sepearate (?) entity within QF to assist groups like Menagerie, Irregulars, those kids with the wings in NYC, etc. If they want it. Let the focus on school and the bad guys, not so much on how to get airfare, how to transport the team to hot spots, fixing armor, etc. How much of my time? Others who can assist?

School. GED, remote PhD? In what? Everything? How much time to dedicate to learning theory vs making fact? (Do I *want* to be another Doctor Quill? Maybe just Jason is enough. Did Franklin have any doctorates?)

Or, school is for more than mental education (or physical). Social education. Girls. Friends. Experiential connections to the rest of the world. DO NOT BE A RECLUSE.

Can I invent calorie/cholesterol-free chili cheese fries that don’t taste like ass? SOUNDS LIKE A CHALLENGE!

Talk to Mom. Mother. Whatever she wants to be called. (Do we have any grants out to her? Should we? Does she need any?)

Catch up on Marvel movies. Rewatch. Include Hulk? First one? Include MAoS?

Hecate. Anything I can do on the business side to make Hecate’s life miserable? Ruin her credit rating? Buy up something across the street from her house and make it a loud construction site for several months? Can I buy up the paper on her house and foreclose? Does she have a house? Is that petty?


Adam. (Weirdness with Sol and Keynome?) (Check in again with family.)

Leo. (AWKWARD! Still a hell of a guy best choice for M leader) (needs any help?) (Summer?) (Can’t believe he hasn’t punched me.)

Grow a beard. NOT one of those Civil War era bushy things. Just something neatly trimmed. DAD HAD A BEARD NO BEARDS. Man-bun. Mustache. Long hair. Shave head. Ugh.

Harry. (So many changes in his life. How can I help? Dad problems?)

Charlotte. (O.M.G. Center of stuff, Vyortovia, Pandemonium, Armies of the Dead. Getting kind of cranky, too. How do we help, how do we want to?)
(Never did get that kiss. Just as well?)

Summer? (Alycia prerequisite?) (still friends, even if not other stuff for right now, maybe kinda?) (HOW IS SHE DOING?)
Schedule something with her every week. If she still wants.


DVR recordings beginning to impact QF computer storage farm, even with AI commercial excision (Note: release AI commercial excision as a download to public, take that Subway, yeesh) Maybe need to select some shows for recording rather than non-stop recording all cable channels 24x7. Even the index is beginning to have problems.
Dad. Not over yet. Sepiaverse is a world of suffering humans, some of them duplicates of the people here, plus Iceland. Needs help. Not just relief supplies, but sustainable foundations for civilization. Solar panels. Replicators. Medicine factories. Stun guns. Transportation, from hovercraft to mules. Cows (no more goat milk!). Contact UN.

(Turn-off / re-skin Dad AI.)


Iceland! How to get back without Keynome? Contact UN, who is working on this? Relief efforts there, too. Where else in S’verse?

Vyortovia. Don’t really want them in the Sepiaverse Earth, don’t want them here, can’t just exterminate them.
Negotiations going to suck. Am I still invited? Do I want to be?

_Take over Dad’s room. Now I know he won’t be using it. (Box up his stuff, just in case.) Redecorate? At least reupholster conversation pit (salsa stains).

Develop a cola that tastes like Coke, has no calories, and doesn’t fuck up body chemistry, can be reduced to a powder, given away, just add water, define caffeine level desired. Nobel Prize, here I come. Or huge lawsuit.

_If a hyper-genius were to tackle a problem that could most change the world for the better, what would that be? Cold fusion. Gerrymandering. Guns and violence. Climate change. Nuclear threat. Tribalism. Pollution. Greed. FIGURE OUT AND HELP. Other SGHGs? ← NEW HOBBY

Council of Jasons? (If there’s a Jason in every universe – okay, need to crowdsource this – let them find me, save my time for ↑ other stuff on list. ↑)

Too much to do. Find way to add three four hours to each day (time machine? Localized field effect - ugh, relative aging. Look in warehouse?)

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HALCYON CITY - Jason Quill, son of famed adventurer and scientist Dr. Byron Quill, was found dead in his home this morning. Police identified the cause of death as gunshots to the chest and head. A Valentine’s Day card and two plane tickets were found torn up and stuffed into the victim’s mouth. HCPD sergeant Nassir Amari is reported as saying, “we’re treating this as a crime of passion at this time.”

Jason Quill was a member of notable super-team “the Menagerie”. Current team leader “Link” was quoted as saying “honestly this isn’t very surprising,” but declined to elaborate. Team member Summer Newman sobbed uncontrollably but could give no statement. Other members were noted as shrugging or nodding vaguely as though they understood something. AEGIS director Craig Costigan said, “we have a suspect and will be sure that they’re placed where they belong, among other miscreants and dangers to society.”

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