Journal Entries

I’ve added four Handout entries in the Roll20 Journal for our game:

Roguish Feats – Summary tables from both rulebooks (Core and T&O) with descriptions and notes about the Roguish Feats, since the character sheet doesn’t allow a pop-up of them.

Travel Moves – The main info for Travel through the Forest and Travel along a Path, something we have to look up every time we do it. I’ve done the options in tabular format, to make it clearer what the trade-offs are. (I parse tables more easily than paragraphs.)

Combat Moves – Because sometimes you just want to see what is possible without popping up a move text in the chat. Includes Core and T&O moves.

Clearing Harm – The guidelines for clearing Exhaustion, Injury, Wear, and Depletion boxes, both the core info and a few extra items. The easy answer to “How do I get rid of Exhaustion again?”

For all of the above I’ve included page numbers to the actual rules, since those have both the definitive verbiage and plenty of examples. If you see anything I’ve done wrong, please let me know (or you can fix it yourself; Mike’s given everyone access to these).

If there are any other frequently-inquired-after rules that could use a similar treatment, let me know – I’d be happy to do something up. (This is also a way for me to learn the rules.)


I copied equipment tags & connections into Notion to keep track when I’m doing advancement planning, but those probably don’t need to be put into handouts. Other than that, the clearing-harm section is the other thing I made a copy of, and it’ll be nice to have a copy of that in Roll20. Thanks for the work!

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