June Brigman [Background]

June Brigman created this illustration for a map of historic Oakland Cemetery

Best known for her work on Power Pack, she also drew this Masks inspiring angsty New Mutants

author: Margie K.
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The classic New Mutants is yet another great inspiration for Masks shenanigans. Warlock the Outsider (or maybe Newborn), Rahne the Transformed, Doug the Joined/Beacon, Amara the Nova (or maybe Outsider), Sunspot the Star (or maybe Bull), Cannonball the Bull … all good stuff, with plenty of soap opera.

As long as nobody tries to get our team into common uniforms …

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“You guys I made us matching armor with Concord type scarves!”

“God dammit, Link…”

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Sorry, can’t exclude this panel either from the teen angst comic book New Mutant goodness. Though it’s Sal Buscema, rather than June Brigman, on the art (though still Chris Claremont on the writing), and makes Amara perhaps into more of a Doomed.

author: *** Dave H.
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So is anything from the Liefeld era or later worthwhile or should I just read the earlier stuff? That first panel is great, I can see “GOD being a teenager is rough” on half the faces.

author: Bill G.
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New Mutants is a mixed bag. The early stuff is pretty solid, but it’s Chris Claremont, so it goes on particular melodramatic / cute-tastic / obsessive jags at unpredictable times. Liefeld amps up the 90s costumes (and the big explosions and big guns), introduces Cable, and feels very Image-like (for obvious reasons); it loses, though, from my recollection, a lot of the “teens” feel (except as a weird gun-punk Teen Rebels vibe).

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I was a fan of volume 2 (which eventually became the New X-Men somewhere around 2010) but that’s probably because it was my first X-Men book more than the quality of the stories–though the kids going to Limbo to resurrect Magick was a fun little adventure.

author: Mike
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