Margie's Scoundrel Concept

Just so that there’s equal billing here, for people to ponder and play with. @Margie went through a chunk of character creation stuff tonight, and here’s what she has so far.

Header: Bay Campbell / “Kei”

General Notes: X is an archaeologist. Their passion is for artifacts that build knowledge of the Predecessors – they are not a treasure hunter but a knowledge hunter. They are less interested in a chest full of gems than in a picked-over tomb with a scrap of titanium sheeting in the corner with a few characters of Ur writing. X resents that most finds are stolen away for other reasons – wealth, tech secrets, cultish prophecies, or whatever darksome thing the Hegemon is planning. Knowledge should be free, and X is going to free it.

Heritage: Imperial – X’s family was impoverished Hegemonic nobility that valued study and knowledge. They pulled all their strings to get X a scholarship to Khalud Academy on Shimaya.

Background: Academic – Having graduated, X took further degrees, and currently is employed as an adjunct professor at Khalud. They’re usually assigned to field work (they do provide the Academy with most of their finds), but occasionally is roped into teaching. Students love them, fellow profs hate them, particularly because X hates politics in all forms.


  1. Pleasure – Hunting down artifacts, in particular bits and bobs of stuff that’s sitting in obscure back-alley shops.
  2. Weird – Exploring the Way


  • Insight - Study - 1
  • Prowess - Scramble - 1
  • Prowess - Skulk - 1
  • Resolve - Attune - 2
  • Resolve - Sway - 2

Starting Ability: Serendipitous (crew starts with +1 gambit on pool reset)
Special Ability: Never Tell Me The Odds (generate gambits on desperate rolls)


  • Special Friend: Rhin, a Smuggler
  • Special Foe: Ora, an Info Broker (who usually brokers info on what X is up to)

Why is X on the ship? - Because it can take them places they wouldn’t normally be able to get to.
Why do we have X on the ship? – Because they are such a persuasive and charming individual that they can open different sorts of doors than our Speaker can.


On seeing our ship for the first time: “it belongs in a museum!”