_Last time, True Believers, the team met its greatest adversary yet: Tasha Starr, a local TV morning show host. Some of her questions took us aback, others were very probing and even ignorantly malicious.

And then, all havoc broke loose, as Iconoclast decided she was going to bring down the whole super-structure. We tried to disabler her as best we could, but had no idea how much she was willing to hurt her down to fulfill her mission.

Damage to the building was averted by Mercury, twirling around her to suck away the air. He stopped, the air clapping to fill the space. Mercury was exhausted, and Iconoclast looked like she was on the ropes._

Link assesses the situation, scanning the area to see if anyone needs help. Detects civilians, Mercury, Jason – but spots something on the ground: a shadow that is moving towards Mercury, and getting larger: someone (a large someone) dropping out of the sky.

Link tries to use his grapples to grab the attacker off-course – as Jason (alerted by the figure shouting “PHOTOBOMB!”) uses his nanobots in a stream to push Mercury the rest of the way out of the way.

But that move kind of torques off the attacker – Troll – who lands on his back, imprinted on pavement, saying lots of … well, trolling things. The impact and weight rocks Link a bit, and Troll lobs some pavement at Link.

Link tries to nab the rock with the grapples and swing it back at Troll’s head. It’s enough to avoid being hit – but Troll is now even angrier, quips – and leaps at Mercury.

Concord, who was just stepping out of the studio, intervenes to create a cosmic bouncey ball around him, with Jason’s nanobots tangling his feet (“Troll! You’re blocked!”) to trip him in. Troll goes bouncing harmlessly around the area. “He was acting like a little kid, so I put him in time out.”


Link calls for Otto to join him. Pneuma is hanging back, waiting for the call.

Mercury is back to his knees – and Iconoclast is recovering, too.

Ghost Girl has been sort of stalking us – and sees what this infamous woman is now now doing. She’s in the shadows, her element. “That’s a very unladylike sound, young woman.” Then her mouth OPENS and she lets out a fearsome banshee scream – with Concord boosting her ower with his own. Iconoclast is struck with fear.

(Ghost Girl is also struck with fear by the intensity of the effect.)

The attack also causes one of Iconoclast’s arm speakers to explode. She does something with a control on her arm, and the sound increases dramatically – shattering her arm. She screams (presumably, as we can’t hear it) and collapses, as the walls of the buildings around begin to shatter.

Jason tries to “foam” the nanobots as thick as he can on them, hoping not too many are destroyed, in blinding pain …

Link: “Don’t try to wrap it up, just break it!” Pneuma runs forward, red dots over the frameworks, motioning like pushing down in, but Jason already has a plan – he pushes himself and …

… but things are very bad. Jason is covering it as fast as he can, with Mercury running forward, as the sound is reduced … grabs her to run her out …
Concord heads off to take care of Troll.

Ghost Girl encourages Harry.

Jason pushes himself beyond his endurance to get the nanobots to extend beyond his normal range. [DOOM TRACK!]

Concord sees that the bouncy ball is slowly but surely breaking up …

Mercury runs toward the prison. It’s far away …

Link is running after Concord and Troll (telling Pneuma to keep an eye on Jason).

Jason has managed not to take any damage from the onslaught – but only by pushing to generate nanobots faster than they could slough off. But Mercury is hit harder as the nanobot foam sloughs off – and then a blast smashes into the pavement ahead of him.

Link catches up with Concord as Troll breaks free. Troll looks enthused.

A voice says to Mercury, “I’ve spent the last three days isolating these nanobot signatures. And who the hell are you?” As Alycia Chin deactivates all the nanobots around Iconoclast, and extends a glowing gauntlet toward Mercury …

LINK feels closer to the team, particularly Concord.
CONCORD great closer to the team, particularly Link.
MERCURY feels closer to the team, esp given how Jason saved him.
GHOST GIRL drifts from the team, horrified that Jason has seen her being a monster.
JASON drifts from the team, traumatized by what Mercury “forced” him to do.

author: *** Dave H.

author: Bill G.

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author: *** Dave H.