Quick goings-on between issues!

  • Link is now on twitter! He also DMed PowerPony, the helpful civilian NPC. We’ll see if Doyce sees fit to turn her into a recurring element.
  • Jason had an unplanned chat with Alycia (or a remarkable facsimile).
  • Jason went on Twitter to ask some well-known experts about this too, and got noticed by the wrong person.
  • Jason and Link had a conversation about Jason’s Doom, and how his Nemesis is able to track his nanotech.
  • OOC we have a move on the table for giving the Internet Influence over you.

[Link took an advance, changing stats and bumping one up.]
[Jason took an advance, “Been Reading the Files”]

(“Deja Brew” is the coffee shop chain.)

Alycia sees Jason trying to rebuild a family, playing Little House on the Prairie: Mundane + 1, “You’re not that bright, are you,” Superior -1.

The Action!

Concord has been catching up on school projects. And his parents have been hassling him about that interview – good job protecting the people, leave the villains to other people. (And Mom shifts his Savior up, Danger down.) (Upper middle class family – townhouse.) He’s been sneaking off to fly around and drain some power. Lately, it’s been feeling like he hasn’t been doing enough draining. That’s worrisome.

Link had been going about normal business. After the conversation with Jason, he’s having a panic attack – “So, just go ahead and fix that nanotech that my genius Dad invented” thing. Hasn’t been talking with folk about that – Pneuma is intentionally staying quiet. Otto doesn’t know quite what to do – “How about a drive along the coast?” Or playing catch. (He’s emancipated; living in an improvised lab under a junk yard.)

Ghost Girl - went home and talked to folk at the graveyard about her scary manifestation. Her friend says not to be concerned about how _others_ thought about it. Dr Infinity and Magus Eberard throwing down – that’s the temporal energy (etc.) that lead to the graveyard being so … active.

Harry is off at school Monday. (Flashing back to his dad talking with him about the interview, the battle … and how impressed they were.) He’s still feeling conflicted. (Apparently Iconoclast was captured, left htere by herself, taken back to Kill Devil Prison.) And in class – teacher leads a round of applause for Harry in class.

Concord flying that weekend. Runs into Ghost Girl hovering in mid-air. They chat about Adam’s powers. They test whether GG can do anything about Concord’s excess power. Aura: Compassion and Sacrifice (a bit). They’re flying higher, and as long as she’s with him, it’s okay. Adam hears voices. (GG thinks of how the ghosts hear whispers, too.) Don’t go alone! Go see it together?

Harry – now knows that Iconoclast was captured. He drops a note on Jason’s tray about it.

Meanwhile, at Halcyon High, Link is seeing Adam sitting by himself. Adam retells the story of the weekend. The voice … words … an alert! An enemy of the Concordance is coming! Judgement is coming! And then he was falling. Link is very … encouraging.

Jason texts everyone to come to his place tonight. Pizza. (Dammit, how do I find

Jason (over the weekend?) tries to reestablish communication with any functioning nanobots from the Harry/Alycia encounter. To learn more about what she said / did / how she tapped in.

Adam – “I can’t go back up there right now. I can’t fly right now.” Because last time he almost fell to his death. Because when he’s scared he can’t fly. His powers are weird (pushes the tray over so Link can take his fries). Link tries to comfort him in his “mechanistic” way.

Link gets Jason’s text. And also a request for meeting from his AEGIS handler.

Harry gets Jason’s text. And a blocked number asking if you still need the other safehouse.

Right after the text … Jason gets a download from the AI …

  • 24 hours from Harry running off compressed into 5 seconds. Alycia is wired to the 9s with gear. Almost sure it was my pushing the signal. Also saw Harry disappear – lightning? but not lightning? – interacting with his speed field, and he vibrates out of focus. Alycia checks some things on a screen flies off.
  • Then seen the prison guards pick up Iconoclast.
  • Then some AEGIS people come in taking readouts, talking to Harry’s dad.
  • And about 10 hours later, full night, 3 in the morning … bright lights come down. AEGIS? No, hover platforms.

  • Land around the area. Bunch of guys in uniform in an unfamiliar style, bronze and leather, high tech, sleeveless with long coat, stylized logo on breast, checking it all out with the whole area where Harry was at and vanished, over the nanobots, but mostly paying attention to where Harry was. Then they head out over the sea.
  • And Jason has been reading the files … only information these folk is from the news – files absolutely nothing on them or their leader – uniforms match that of Vyortivia, ruled by the Dread Queen. (Is there data missing …?)

Wrapping Up

  • JASON: Grow into image of self, manning up against Alycia.
  • LINK: Moving closer to team (Concord).
  • MERCURY: Grow into image of self, feeling more like a superhero.
  • GHOST GIRL: Moving closer to the team (Concord).
  • CONCORD: Moving closer to the team (Ghost Girl).

author: *** Dave H.