Masks-616 #01 - "When Starts the Home Room?"

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Home Room!

Joe is in the back.
Mette is left, near back.
Kiln is left, back.
Alex is right, middle.

[Exercise while away for filling in the seats – names, questions.]

Interview with a Headmaster

PoV shot from the headmaster. Door opens, and wizened resolute frame of the school administrator stands there. Next appointment is here.

Gestures with pointy nails.

Synch and Joe and Alex and Kiln and Mette, each stepping into the doorframe. Individually. “Just a few questions before classes get started next week.”

J - turning sideways, ducking, and Mrs Schwartz makes the door frame expand. Standard button on doorways at PA.

K - Looking around.
A - Putting up with how bad the school
J - not the first time talking with him, but still very apprehensive. ***
S - Judgmental.
M - Knows how to stand at attention, look past people, not scowling, calm. Takes a chair.

HM - Thanks, just a few questions. Clipboard with a single sheet of paper, very low tech vs all the screens and keyboards around him.

HM - Your name? Superhero identity? Pronouns?

S - Roderick Reynolds. Sync. Short for Synchronous. He/him.
… 1st day of school, when you wake up, where? In a bedroom, suddenly wakes up. Before anyone’s alarm goes off. Superhero posters all over the walls, but the room hasn’t been used much lately, dusty.

A - Alex Shelby. Can’t be Commander Awesome, so Gemini. They/them.
… [dorms are considered secure enough for AEGIS]. 4am, beeping of computer systems, gets to it right away, downloading, coffee.]

M - Mette Jones. Doesn’t translate well. Dragonskip, kinda sounds like the right word. Co/co.
… Dorms. Single. Stretching and isometrics. Also, getting to the bathroom before other girls do.

K - Just Kiln. No last names like you have. Not really any super-ID. They/them.
… dorms. Not waking at any set time. Room is sparse. Miscellaneous odds and ends around. Old stuff, new stuff, partially disassembled tech. Sword and shield propped against dresser.

J - Joey Moore. Mighty Joe Young. He/him.
… alarm beeping. Beeping. Beeping. SMASH. Wake up, look around, start. Dorm. Institutional. Oversized bed. Not a lot of stuff. In fact, pretty much nothing. Computer (school issued). A few xeroxed papers “welcome to Phoenix Academy” stuff. Pull out drawer, on cargo shorts with very elastic band, phone. Trying to put together backpack.

… [HM - “How did you get your powers?” but he’s talking to Sync]
S - rattles off about theorized mutation of the metagene. [From a professor’s paper.] (We see him weaving through crowds.) (Text message … “Phoenix Academy students be advised that transportation to the island has been delayed, find alternate route.”)

HM - “Other than the encounter on the docks, have you had any other experience as a hero.”
A - “I had an ordinary childhood” (Apartment exploding) “I was bitten by a radioactive raccoon …” (Having cybernetics installed.) “Finally, I have some strengths, and thought I’d give heroism a shot.” (Private security fire fight) [HM writes for a looooong time. Pause. Then flips over page and writes more…]

“Who do you admire amongst the known heroes of the world, past or present …?”
M - Flying Freedom! (golden age strong female superhero.)

“What do you hope to gain from this?”
J - I want to meet people. (not wanting to push way through crowds … and nobody is looking at him because they don’t want to stare … and in the cafeteria, overthinks things, breaks a plate, but when he’s not thinking about things, juggles a half-dozen plates.)

Clock ticking.

What’s the first class fo the day and why is not having the ferry in a problem?
L - Algebra 2. Mr. Brick.

Joe getting more nervous as 8:30 approaches … the map … no way to get there from here arrow …

What distracted you from leaving your room in time?
S - Somebody was wrong on the Internet.
But now have to make a good first impression, so that they can slack off later.

What kept you from getting out of your room in time?
K - Time demons. Shield and sword glowing. Steps out into the hall, and with the sword and shield, chidden by Best Girl. Hides in his katana space.
Flames in hand instead, and gets chewed out further. Gets a pass to take stuff back to the room. Stuff needs to be in your locker. Or your room. Oh. My. God.

M - None of these heroes wouldn’t last a second in space. Constantly caught in the slow lane. They are talking about MAKE-UP?! Going to be late, everyone’s fault, so … walk on the ceiling
Unleash Powers -> 7!
Leaving a wake of chaos in eddies of microgravity behind her. Mussed hair, dented lockers, a teacher spilling coffee … but learning a lesson that being on time isn’t a big deal for some folk here.

J - Can’t be late. Get over the crowds inside, go outside, bounding, leaping, climbing buildings to get there.

S - Ferries are down! Really have to go to school? YYyyeah … and, besides [news feed] Powertronic will be talking at the opening ceremony! (Shaking hands with Hellbinder, and Hellbinder is looking straight at YOU.)

HM - Whom do you look up to, as a hero, past or present?

S - Powertronic! Checks phone. Runs to the top of a building, hop onto some parent’s QCar. Drop in. Takes them a second … Goth kid who was already mortified, “You must be one of Tiffani’s little friends.” Tiffani Mercedes DuQuesne, “Gothwitch”.

S plays into it, “Oh, yes, I’m in Tiffani’s home room …”

K - Chaos lies before you on the way to class, like wandering through old ruins populated by devolved brutes. All is in disarray. Teachers with coffee on them. Phones rebooting (“I hate Qphones!”). Bully shoving a nerd back.
Steps in. “Seems it’s almost time for class.” “Yeah, I know what time it is, dweeb. And now you’re making me late. … Are you saying I’m lying?” Hunter Duncan. “You some kind of underclassman, talking up to people?” “Well, you are tall.” Oooooooh. Hunter grabs his shirt.

Cold look of death. To keep him off the other kid. Savior -> 7!
Defend successfully … Influence over the nerd. (TBD) But escalate the situation.
“Hunter, going to be late for class.”
“After school, out on the track field, or everyone’s going to know you’re weak.” Walks off.

Oh … hey, and in the same home room.

Into the Home Room

A in there early. Mr Brick has rolled in a freestanding blackboard.

Who is already in?
1a - very big, flannel, suspenders, glasses – Roy. Professor Hulk, as a lumberjack. (Sasquatch. "The Mighty Larch? Sequoia.) First Nation guy. Big smiler.

“Ms Shelby, thank you for being here early. No advantage, except for a chance to study in advance of the first day’s test.”

Last person into class: Sync, but before the bell rings.
Gothwitch beat him to class.

K - close to end.

J - runs interferences to makes sure that Mette gets in before him.

“Quick assessment at end of class. Class will move very fast. No excuses about giant robots, men, women, cars, or anything, etc. Welcome to Phoenix Academy.”

Yeah, he’s pretty much a super-villain.



@insomn14 Do you have a link I can grab the recording from?

Sorry Doyce, not yet. I’ll get on that tonight or tomorrow (not feeling well at the moment, so taking it easy with anything that takes any concentration, and I need to clip the beginning and the end of the video).

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No worries!

Video is finally up, though I think youtube is still trying to process the resolution.

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