Masks-616 #11.9 - "20,000 Figs Across the Sea"

Last Time

We have an identity! A team! An advisor!

Before the Credits

Mette … had researched under the statue.
Alex hacking and finding the tunnels and path to it … and cues Joe on how to take her on a tour.

Joe’s being mysterious. Badly.
Tunnels under the island, Joe’s been given directions. Drones with LEDs blinking.
Small talking. Awkwardly.

“So great, being mates. I mean, team mates!”

Great we have club status, so we can have our activities sanctioned.

Tunnels. Old, 1920s. Graffiti. Different times. Sub-basement Edwardian tunnels. Other times. Rarely intersect. Geological and temporal weirdness…

Roddy … watching all this on the screens in Alex’ room. Tendies for Alex.
Kiln stealing tendies.
Throwing red-hot Cheetos at the screen when ham-fisted dialog takes place.

((“How do you know we’re a team? We’re the ones who get to laugh at ourselves.”))

Mette - Image of where the craft is, but no idea of the tunnels going to it.
Figured out where Joe is taking her. Joe is playing it coy. Mette has spotted the drones.
At least one case where she spots it before he does.

J is being gallant about helping over chasms.

M isn’t used to creepy-crawlies.
Thin line of one cobweb … Mette passes under, but right in Joe’s face, flailing, and then into a whole sheet of cobwebs

“Don’t you hate when you --” and into the mess, sputtering, step into a larger space where she is already standing …
… looking at the ship.

1950s futuretech.

Ethercraft. Can go anywhere (but not well).

“I think I have an idea of how we’ll get around on our missions …”


Pacific Ocean
Off the Coast of Costa Rica
Two Days Later

Mette has dictated that … NO TACO BELL ABOARD.

(She knows about confined shipspaces.)

Video for teaching children about Safe Space Travel.

“See Dick dog the air lock. Dog, Dick, dog!”
Mette has a copy with her.

Ship name: “Excelsior” (because we’re all crammed in there like packing materials)


  • Slow and clumsy (at short ranges / normal space / tactically)
  • Unarmed


  • Regenerating
  • ???

The ship surfaces …
Hatch opens.
Mette: And that’s why I said no Taco Bell … RODDY.
Roddy: I regret NOTHING!

Alex - satellite internet and wireless mesh drones deploying from the ship.

Everyone else piles out …

The ship … control, it’s actually not dissimilar to … Mette’s ship tenders?

Tech precursor to the space tech.

Forested section of Costa Rica.
Not near the beaches.
Rocky (volcanic) area.

Where is the Dig-Dug target?

Mette offers future-shoes … not crocs, but vibram toe-booties.

Joe declines.
Kiln sticks with the velociraptor-hide sandals.

Strangler Fig Trees. Lots of them.

Kiln … recognizes them.

((Hey, Joe … rain forest! / Um … New World monkeys are tiny. And have prehensile tails. And tiny))

Kiln - these kind of trees were used for … surveillance posts. And nutrients. Festival to celebrate the first harvest of fruits.

Kiln clambers up to pick one of the fruit. To try to figure out how to cook traditional foods of their sort.

Joe - Fig trees giving Joe the wiggins.

The Trees Are Alive.

Barrier. Reaction to Joe.
Unleash Powers: 5!


Menace. Mindless Menace.
Take a Powerful Blow. -> 10!
Attack the tree! Tear, rend, teeth, crush! Hulk out!

We’ll find out what happens … next time!


The figgins.


I’m also going to add that I think it’d be neat if the strangler figs were originally meant to act as treant prisons or anti-treant weapons. Makes me wonder if Joey’s flagged as part-tree.


Yeah, that would make Joe feel even better …

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