Masks-616 #13 - "Butterflies are Free-ky"


Provoke --> 7!
Team to the pool?
Or take a condition!

Alex’s words pull Kiln up short … and maybe even fall out of a tree (drop clumsily to lower branch). But does stop and follow along.

Alex and Kiln are heading in the direction Alex’s direciton.

Not the trees, but vines and other parasitic plant life. Just like the strangler figs. Evil plants, coming his way.

Joe will be there in 4.5 secs, Mette in 8 secs, plants in 5.5 secs.

Roddy: Yell to Joe, “Joe, help me get these things to hit each other!”
(Roddy Direct Engage, with a Team from Joe) … standing strong.
Savior --> 11!

  • Resist/avoid blows
  • Opportunity for allies

Vines, deep rich, leathery green. Can’t hear or speak, but … sense of rage, air and humidity intensify. They mostly stop trying to get to Roddy, hearing tearing sound of earth ripping up and branches breaking. Vines are constricting and contracting and pulling trees over to collapse in …

(So Roddy has pissed the plant life off enough that it’s willing to kill itself.)

Direct Engage, Bull in A China Shop, Danger +1 Rival --> 10!

  • Grip from trees
  • Avoid blows
  • Take Roddy away from them … thrown a 100m away.

R “I knew this would be a great plan”
J “What plan?”
R Riffing off Dr Fryth, Applied Mythology, right? Fighting stronger things?
J “Whatever. Don’t fly too close to the sun.”
Grab, throw far.

And that removes Angry. Something important. Feels good, having IMPACT. Normally can’t do that. This time … can. Satisfying. Fulfilling. Something successful.

Mette: Oh, no, he’s smashing! Oh, yeah, saving Roddy. Wait, is he saving Roddy?

Colorful diversity in the woods of leaves … no, wait, really cool butterflies.

Like a coalescing tornado of them, landing on Joe as he’s smashing about. And they keep coming. And coming.

And … actually … lifting him into the air. Almost like he’s in zero-G, with no anchor point, nothing to thrash against.

[Mike: Dammit, we pissed off Palamedes. Someone call Daphne!]

Defend Joe --> 8!

  • expose to danger
  • Influence back over Joe!

Joe lurches enough and yank to throw himself clear of the effect keeping him aloft. Tumbles dexterously.
And the field shifts to Mette … not bearing her aloft, but the sound all goes echoey. Like a emergency anti-vac bubble …

… same kind of weird “I’m in a jar” acoustic sound. Not being taken away, just being locked down.

A flat, female voice says, “There are a hundreds more species of butterflies in the tiny country of Costa Rica than in all of Africa, Joseph Moore. You should exercise some caution before you arouse the ire of this place. Why are you here, and why are you harming --”

Voice is audible in the area.

Kiln has a weird sense of deja vu from the tone and timbre.

Alex: Assess the Sitch --> 10!

  1. Biggest threat? Heat signature. Energy signature, warmer than the forest. Humanoid form in the undergrowth amongst chaos that seems to be doing … something to Mette (and also to Joe?) … power signature.
  2. How can we take care of this quickly? It hasn’t been a lethal attack yet, and it’s a hell of a large signature. De-escalate?

Alex calls out distance/direction. The plants had been everywhere, and self-motivated. The butterflies were working in … concert with this thing?
A few spots where vines are rallying back … and the butterflies are setting on them, causing the plants to wither.

Roddy: Oh, huh. Joe was smashing the trees.

Alex - get Roddy and Kiln along to have a conversation.

What they see is a stone construct.

Kiln: It’s a temple guardian! Always referred singularly, because a temple only ever needs one.

Bubble around Mette pops. Drops down a few inches. Kind of famililar tech?’

Temple Guardian’s eyes widen, seeing Kiln. "What kind of trick is this?
Kiln: Uh-oh, temple guardian!
So probably near ruins?

TG: His name is Joseph Moore. He is on our recorded annals after accessing one of the temples in what you would call “Africa”
Roddy: No, he’s Mighty Joe Young, and he’s my bestest friend from class.
TG: You attacked, damaged, destroyed one of the guardian trees, you awoke a hunter I had immobilized centuries past. (Migraine) (Like Roddy’s teachers do.) It’s been centuries. Millennia. You’ve come smashing through to some purpose, because Joseph Moore is here, though he seems physically attack.
Alex: Who’s on what side?
TG: Leathervines are unexpected. The trees – they are obviously part of of the temple. You
Alex: Tell him about it.
TG: I only know he accessed the temple for regenerative purposes.
Alex: Is there someone like you at the African temp
TG: whuh? How did you access the temple?
Joe - I … died?
TG - wait-what? I am the G of the T. I am Tahi, “Summer” - we should talk, follow me.

Mette: Investigate the Timeline --> 12!!! Can ask the GM about the figure or aspect and they will answer honestly.

Kiln’s past, Joe’s present, her future.

Joe’s big thing was in the east edge of the Rep of the Congo.

Hmmm. That’s near the Great Rift Valley, where some of the earliest paleontological hominids have been found. It’s also the place in the DRC where new stories call out, “Oh, hey, drug running terrorists, rebel armies from Congo or fled from neighboring countries, etc.”

Her ship took off from Kinshasa, Congo. Connections …

So we have …

Temple. Tahi/Summer. Much to discuss.


Some “choking vines” from our Africa trip several years back.

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