Masks-616 #25 - "The Wild Dogs Cry Out in the Night"

Last Time

Last time, lots of revelations of the past, and mods the Temple Guardian had made. All kind of pursuant to the TG “going native,” prioritizing the Tribe over the Temple itself.

Throw down. Deal with Fluvis. Bring him here, tackle him.

Love Letters!

Mighty Joe Young,

It’s time for you - and your tribe - to be tested.

You find they are not badly equipped for this.

Roll +Superior.

On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1, but know that the tribe will make an demand of you, when all this is over.

Spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

  • The tribe gives you a useful piece of ancients technology that will allow you to use any ability (flight, telekinesis, whatever) from another playbook, once (choose the ability when you spend the hold)
  • Consult the temple’s storehouse of knowledge to ask the GM a question about the current situation
  • Clear a condition through the comfort of knowing you’re exactly where you need to be


==> 8

Hold 2


You can feel the timelines converging. Everything is usually such a mess, but things are getting clear, now, for a moment. Like the calm before a storm, or like the silence right after an airlock bursts.

Somewhere, the corrupter was drawn toward the current incarnation of Fluvis.
Somewhere, everything Powertronic thought he could control slips from his grasp.
Somewhere, S.U.R.G.E gets a signal he’s been waiting for, for years.
Somewhere, Aliud sneaks after the being she thinks of as her father, and walks all unknowing into hell.

Everything is happening. You can see it all.

Roll +Savior. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend a hold to save someone from the role your Memories tell you they’re doomed to play.

On miss, select someone to save by trading places with them, or save yourself from their fate and Take a Powerful Blow.


==> 7. Hold 1. Save to some someone from their role.


Your eyes aren’t everywhere, but they ARE everywhere you need them to be, right now. Isn’t that lucky.

You’re online via satellite uplink. The HHL tower backdoors are still there. Roll Before We Get Started to see what’s gone down, in addition to the benefits of the move.

Then tell us how you set the bait on the hook for the enemy.

==> 8

Hold 2 under BWGS.

Prepping for Battle

Golem is under restraint. P’tronic trying to do something about that – trying to free Golem from his infection … and maybe some of that power can be channeled, what can go wrong, I’ve got this, and it will so improve my own capabilities, woot!

Building an Iron Legion, cannibalizing the Tower, arguing with Blackbird, blowout with Sigrun and an explosion takes out some cameras and he’s the one that gets up …

Gnega showing up, ignoring P’tronic and tries to do something to Golem, and … atomized, turned into a swirling cloud of dust … ending on the Iron Legion bots, though P’tronic didn’t seem to notice, and Golem is out and having a chat with P’Tronic, and they shake hands and P’tronic goes back to work …

… searching for … us? Museums where magitech brought back … temples in the wilderness … frustration …

Back at the Phoenix Academy … SURGE sees something mid-workout. Disables some AEGIS Lojack restraining bolt, heads out of the building, toward the city … a more slender figure following him.

A - Are we in the best place?
J - My people are here. And we’re ready.
GW - We have steady ground under us here. I get to go by feelings sometimes.
M - Agree. This is the convergence.
K - Yeah, I mean, I’m ready. [Trying to ignore the whole destiny thing.]
J - Any other defensive systems we can bring online?
A - [The Moment!] [Short promo video, “This is your life, Powertronic,” simulcast at PA and the HHL Tower. Roddy. HHL. Fluvis. Things you did. Here at the Temple Site, come on down for a live appearance!]

Powertronic is on his way. With his fleet. The other HHLers are locked down. Fluvis is calling the shots. Zooming in … activating … “DO YOU HAVE THEM? SUMMON YOUR LEGIONS!” … Legions heading our way, bearing Golem aloft.

SURGE on the ground at the tower, looking up, zooming in on P’tronic. SURGE’s body morphing, powering up, flying after the Legion and Fluvis.

And a glowing blue … field … lifting up another figure, also in pursuit.

J - We should be outside.
Grogun - The sense of the temple extend to the surface. Though much of that is … for concealment.
J - What arms do our people have?

K - [Glowing blue blades]
Grogun and the a few others, a more proper weapons and defenses.

Others, tomahawks (of gorilla size) of stone infused from the temple. Spears. Nets. Slings.
A - [Orbital death laser coming online] ==> 12!


J - [Get the tribe, and the team, rhythmic thumping thing, scare the attacker, bolster our side.]

You’ve Got a Head You Don’t Need ==> 10!
They’re all chanting … and Joe is beginning to understand. And understanding it. “WE ARE HERE FOR THE KING! THE KING IS HERE FOR US!”

A - Tracking. Grabbing their recharged gear.

Tahi - Down in the temple, Alex headband, trying to coordinate with the Temple tech.

A offers R the Orbital Death Laser control. R accepts.

M - 21st Century Studies ==> 12!

  • Who here is most vulnerable to me? – Powertronic, because he lacks knowledge, and you have it. They can be diverted. [Not Fluvis. Fluvis isn’t the Rook … he’s the Black Squares] Her mythos is based on the Powertronic story. Understand the book, understand the author.
  • What does the future know about this situation? – The future is an unreliable narrator. This is when the Great Revelation came to the Leader about what needed to happen (leaving the world behind) and how it could be made to happen.

K - Investigating the temple, digging out the special armory stuff.

Working with J, getting the good stuff. Rack of blaster-spears, send out to folk.
Tahi - K, go to the top of the temple aboveground. I have opened a door.
Mound. Inside … control center for several turrets.

Get R into the controls, too.

Here They Come!

As the attackers cross the Africa coastline … a rumble, a stampede rumble, gorilla tribe tenses, Grogun turns to Joe … “They’re sending their shock troops.”
The forest begins to move …
J - Stand ready! Bugs are coming!

M - Disrupt the signal. Defend! ==> 9! J has the Temple amplifying … use one of J
s Holds. ==> 10!

The fight with the bugs … almost a warm-up. The tribe is enthusiastic … happy to unleash.
J - Don’t get cocky, kids!

Bugs are uncoordinated, wandering about, not communicating.

Then we spot the armored figures in the sky. A hundred or so?

J - These are the main enemy. Keep cover until you can attack.

K - [Magitech pop-up turrets]

Shoot them to draw them down … Provoke ==> 5!! Roddy assist. A - have protocol info on the suits.
Power Suits are taking evasive action. Almost better than P’tronic. And don’t want to give up their altitude advantage. As though someone else was controlling them.

And A flicks a switch, and the bugs (at least the smaller ones) swarm toward the armor.
But … total Provoke ==> 7! So … “stumble”. Scattering without coordination. +1 forward.

==> 11!

They rise to the bait, and do what I want.
PT - C’mon kid, banging rocks?
J - rocks are bigger than your balls, man!
PT - (He’s been motioning, some bot coming with him, but not as many as he thinks). (Puts hands on hips for his big Chest Cannon Thing.)
J - (Leaps up toward him)

A - In the area.
M - Pulling back, turning to this, watching for the other characters (Aliud, SURGE),

Cut to …
The turret controls.
Roddy, Kiln. GW … runs up, “Nice job … where’s Golem? I don’t see him out there!”
K - not showing up the turret scan.
Three looking at each other that … we don’t know where he is!


Post-Credits …

J - Image of Myself - +Superior -Savior
M - Image of Myself
K - Image of Myself
R - Image of Myself
A - Image of Myself

“This is your life” was my nod to “the HHL gets canceled”.

Aside from drowning Fluvis in protocol override signals, Alex also plans to actively hack at Powertronic’s own tech. They may end up going on the defensive, to keep the temple’s systems uncorrupted as well.

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