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Part 1

It’s been two weeks since the Derby battle with Hannibal Lectric…

We're all receiving ... love letters?[The players all receive love letters from the Editorial staff.]

Jason has found a search answer that Alycia Chin is in town … and was either involved in Lectric’s attack on the Derby, or perhaps (as well?) in a plan to break him out. Low-level EM pulses have been detected around Freescott Prison … maybe from the missing EMPulser that’s been stolen from the Quill labs, which could make such low-level codes (that Lectric could detect), or could on 12 black out the city!
Link [missed a bit.] Unfortunately, someone saw Otto take off from the car show and fly to the battle – and knows that there were a bunch of high school letterman around that car beforehand who might now be in danger.

Adam [missed a bit] got advice from the Gales not to reveal his identity while at a public event.

Mercury knows about Link’s background, and helped hide LInk’s AEGIS connection from his family. But Concord has been the focus of a lot of attention from Mercury’s family – and distracted them by sicking them on Adam’s parents (who are “so worried / shocked!”).

Jason – got word that there was a new challenge for the team. Josephs, of all people, recommended undertaking this new challenge. Could be dangerous, but encouraged Jason to get in touch with the rest of them – and promised to provide the resources of the Foundation (at least to some degree).

A great first step in this undertaking … A daunting and challenging team challenge coming up with a lot of trepidation about it.

Concord was the one who texted Link in Link’s story.

We haven’t been all that actively meeting together yet. Jason does invite everyone over to his pad. Harry and Adam enjoy the FPS game that Dr Quill prototyped (Jason is concerned that he’s actually shooting aliens somewhere). Link comes over to make sure his secrets haven’t gotten out yet.

Nobody knows how to text Ghost Girl.

Link keeps putting his feet up on the table. Pneuma knocks them off. Jason glares.

We’re debating the challenge / fight. Tactical lead, free safety, etc.

Jason suggests Link tackle the foe toe-to-toe. Harry isn’t sure he can handle it – Concord? Concord thinks he can handle it. So maybe have Concord take point, Jason and Link as backup, Mercury as floating trouble-shooter.

Ms Josephs pops up on the TV. “It’s time to head out. Good luck.”

Link’s not worried about his secret with Jason – dude is pretty private, according to Pneuma. Concord isn’t likely to recognize him …

We are gathered, coming up on the target, waiting in the dark for the signal to strike …

… our contact gives us the high sign, 3 2 1, points …

… and we see an over-made-up morning TV host, Tasha Starr, with a Today Show window out on the street, complete with people holding up signs.

Part 2

Jason drops into Celebrity Interview Smile Mode.

Concord stares deer-in-the-headlights at the camera.

“Who are the best friends on the team?”

“Jason, how does this compare with your family for adventuring?” (Flicker) Well, they were … after all … my family.
“Are you 18 yet?” (Awwwwwws of disappointment.)

(She’s checking her notes. Clearly not prepped.)

“So why did you leave the Six for Science in Zurich.” - First, it was in Vienna. Second, I wasn’t really on their team, I just met them there. They’re a … close-knit group. But I wish them well.

“Link, any chance to see the man under the mask?” - Nope.
“Really smart – a second-generation genius?” - Yup.

“Harry, how does it feel to be going out with a bunch of noobs.” (Not those words) – says he’ll carry the weight for the team.
“Are you the fastest in your family?” No, Dad, Silver Streak, still the fastest. [She laughs falsely.]

Concord - you are so cute! I want to pinch your cheeks.
Question about being mentored by Gale family.
“What are your powers?” “You can make things?”
“Are you a flyer?” Yeah, I can fly.
“Force fields?” Yup.
Jason interrupts – maybe better if we let the *bad* guys find out what he can do, he says with false jocularity.

“So what are your weaknesses?” Jason intervenes again.

“Ghost Girl – she’s a spirit from the past, from the Revolutionary War … what’s her least favorite thing here? Has she run into any descendants?”

“Concord … don’t you think all the violence around superheroes is hard for someone your age to process. Are you a good role model for younger people?”
Jason steps in again. Concord is a key member of the team. We’re all watching out for him, just like he’s watching out for us. After all … that’s what makes a team.
[Defend] Drawing approving nods. Gains influence over Adam. “Well said!” (Golf clap.)

“Quick break! When we get back, we’ll be talking about … girlfriends!”

Feedback in the mic … sound starts to vibrate the window … about to shatter … female voice reverbs through … “ACTUALLY, THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!”

(“Thank Christ” Link says into a live mic)

Part 3

Mercury shouts “Get down!” and grabs Tasha the Interviewer to get her out of the way. Exposed to danger.

Concord throws up a force field to protect the studio crew behind us

Through the open door of the window … Iconoclast! “We are here to stop this endless cycle of heroes … control by generation of heroes … abuse and misappropriation of power …”

Link engages grappling lines, gets out there, and body-checks her while she’s declaiming. KAPOW! (15!)

She lets out a set of feedback vibes – and people are covering their ears and running and doubling up, staggering out of balance.

Jason bounds forward, armoring up, to interrupt her before she can act. He grabs her headphones away, even as the sound cannon effect hits him, and his nanobots, which fills him with a sense of sudden fear as to the danger he’s in.

She sags for a moment, then she gets pissed, visibly furious, and the sound intensifies. Blood trickles out of her ears. People are being badly effected, and buildings are shaking.

Some of the audience inside are fleeing; Tasha is crawling away; camera crews are rolling.

Mercury shouts to the crowd to get out, then runs forward to do the run-around-her-remove-air-pressure defense on her, to remove the sonic attack on the others. It’s something he’s trained on, but it means he’s taking damage directly has he runs around her. He takes the powerful blow, manning up because he’s seen his mother do it a hundred times …

… when he stops, there’s an audible “slap” of air rushing back in.

She is on her knees, arms down, on her last legs … and Mercury looks nearly as exhausted as she…


  • (Link feels more welcome; he gives Influence to Harry)
  • (Jason feels more welcome, because Concord let him help you.
  • (Concord feels like Jason helped him out in the interview, feeling more welcome. Jason gets influence – bumping up Superior, dropping down Danger.)
  • (Harry feels like his self-image has changed, proving he can be a super-hero. Savior up, Mundane down)

author: *** Dave H.

EDITS: Link [missed a bit.] Unfortunately, someone saw Otto take off from the car show and fly to the battle – and knows that there were a bunch of high school letterman around that car beforehand who might now be in danger.

BECOMES: Link was nearby at a car show, attending in civilian guise with Otto. Several other Halcyon High students were there too, wearing their letterman jackets. Hannibal Lectric’s attack was just a decoy for some other villain to work on a caper - a fact that Agent Waters of AEGIS revealed to Link later on. This villain saw the Halcyon High students, saw one of them get into Otto, and then saw Otto transform and participate in the battle. This unknown villain now knows one of the heroes at the Derby attends Halcyon High.

author: Bill G.

@Bill Perfect, thanks.

author: *** Dave H.

Note to self - Iconoclast’s declaiming actually DID something that hasn’t actually come to pass. Yet.

Great summary! Thanks. :slight_smile:

author: Doyce T.

Oh, and for the record - the GM knows that Ghost Girl is actually from the Civil War, not Revolutionary - I purposely had Tasha get that wrong.

author: Doyce T.

@Doyce – I assumed as much, since clearly Tasha hadn’t done her homework.

Actually, Jason’s kind of suspicious of her, given her probing questions about Adam’s powers, etc. There might be some future investigating done about her.

Added question: I intentionally took the Love Letter revelation option about Alycia as part of my struggle against my Nemesis. Does that mean, end of the session, I can mark a Potential (vs marking a Doom Track)?

author: *** Dave H.

@dave - Yes! mark potential.

author: Doyce T.