MEGALOS ep. 10 - Out on the Town

Previously …

Back in Foothold. Much worse the wear for something the Empire Custodian was doing, which shifted the foundation of Foothold, doing damage to the lower parts of the city.

Checked in on the Foundation to confirm building was okay.

Professor is working on the elemental tracker.

Carabas, having helped with rescuing townsfolk
Auoy - trying to get the device from Miss Nanset

The quake was a bit mysterious – flash of light, then destruction.

A Series of Unfortunate Die Rolls (for some of us)


tries to find out info about the flash of light and what happened. Fail, fail and fail. Nobody is interested in tolerating his witty banter.

Some folk are … on edge. And C notices a familar face, while coordinating some efforts – Loretto, the expedition leader from the small island we recently rescued (the frogs and skellipedes one).
Disaster has impacted opportunities.
Friend says you’re an assassin.

Have heard those rumors.
If so, might be available for 70 libra. (Every 10 is an IP) (An Extravagent Meal would be 20 Libra) (call it $500) (a modest but reasonable sum)
Try to find out more about it.
Motion into the alleyway.
… Arlight functionary named Jarod, works in the Mission Control, dealing out contracts to expedition parties. Had an agreement to give him some kickbacks for good contracts – and now holding it over their heads. (C vaguely knows who this is – head clerk) Want to get it taken care of before he insists on the money. In the next day.


  • nobody’s in immediate danger.
  • nobody needs anything.


Looking to get whatever it is the Professor needs.

Checking out More Arlight guards than usual. Blame for skyquake? People saw things … a flash in the upper city. Speculation abounds.


Miss Nanset’s shop. Did you bring me my plants?
oops. No, not yet.

Do you know Barry?
Oh, hey, saved your nephew, Steven. With some of Barry’s help.
That idiot Barry, took my Steven into the Mists, didn’t he?! Exasperated sigh.
Share stories about how we embarrassed him.

Oh, the Professor wants the device now? Yeesh. Want my blood, too?
No, no, fine, I’ll get it for you.

A picks up things. Then sees someone enter the shop – another Ildashi.
Difficult to gauge their age, status.
They ackjnowledge presence. A quietly appraoches.
I was led to believe that nobody here had seen an Ildashi. (Definitely an Ildashi.)
Not many know her here.
Going on an expedition to the unshrouded lands. Historian. Things with writings that have Ildashi writing. Research that will return to the Weeping Isle.

Learn Check ==> They have just recently showed up and have no idea what they are doing. Like the Americans from “The Mummy” – looking to hold it over the Empire, having proven their superiority.

Miss Nanset brings the device back.
Oh, Ahmando - let me grab those elixirs.

Ahmando turns away, the conversation ended.
Auoy inquires as to their residence, so as to avoid/not-avoid them.
At an inn, nicer part of town. Not accepting further guests this moment.


What to do with the hostage.
Treat him as a grad student? Offer him a job … giving the Aarons a break.

Turning in the ship. Maybe guards will be preoccupied.
It’s a madhouse.
Several other imperial ships, scarred iwth battle damage, coming in.
Guards carrying messages, folk on radios. None of the desks are manned.

Seirus will check out messages. Inpect ==> 2 hits!
Some of the messages talk about Imperial ships being in a fight with some pirates. But they sound like … Atlantean ships. Hopefully not … after … him?

Oh, hai, found this abandoned Imperial ship! Civic duty!
Talk ==> Strong Hit (2)! I am a non-threatening concerned citizen! Maybe one who needs a finders fee, maybe somewhat clueless, thus completely innocent in being here looking at papers.
Ask for more reward, or get more info? Definitely more info.

Really going to appreciate getting a ship back in the docks. Need to hunt down pirates! Into the Mists! The Custodian has a plan!

50L for the airship. Two-thirds of an assassin!


Getting into trouble … time check!

Does Gwin need anything? Nope.

We know roughly where the blast came from – Main Tower of the Upper City, where the Imperial government sits.

Xeric is climbing up there. Great Move and Sneak. Will be Sneaky about it. ==> 2 Hits
Climb up with no issue. Avoid a few foot patrols. A mech walker.

Inspection …
Seems to have used tech similar to what the Prof pulled from the temple. Similar to the Giant Muko Projection Device (which the Prof miniaturized) – this is even bigger scale.

Xeric considers Muka an elemental being.
Containment systems are keeping it trapped, or keeping it alive.
Seirus previously informed … yeah, escaped elemental bad.

Xeric retreats from the Tower, and lets the rest of us know.

Next Time

Think about where to go from here.
Think about downtime actions. Or resting.

Hold off on XP another session.

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