MEGALOS ep. 11 - "Fit for Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils"

Previously …

We’d returned to a Foothold in ruins.
We helped out.

Carabas – offered an assassination opportunity.
Seirus – the foes the Empire were standing off against were Atlantean.
Auoy – had an encounter!
Xeric – climbed to the top of Imperial Tower and found they Empire was experimenting with elemental weaponry.

We meet back up at the Expedition HQ.

Hanging Out

Carabas looks pensive in an badly damaged chair.

Xeric – corrupt elemental, powered a cannon, thought folk should know.

Auoy – interest in finding artifacts related to protolanguage (“Ikem”) of their people.
Objects that demonstrate the language predates some of the core languages.

Seirus – asks questions of Auoy.

Carabas – so someone asked me to assassinate someone, but it’s not an imperial. Is that … bad?

Auoy - speechless.
Seirus - how much (from the context of grant proposals)?
Xeric - don’t put the responsibility on us. also means someone knows who you are, and we associate with you.
Auoy - concerned about who knows their identity. Not worth the risk from pragmatic perspective. From an ethical perspective, people who hire assassins aren’t good.
Whether it’s the Imperial govt or not.

Meanwhile, Back at the Elemental Device Discussion …

Elemental device – both dangerous, infringines on our research into that, and Imperials doing weapons bad.

In poor condition from having been fired and needing a lot of work, and the elemental is still within it.

Get containment device from Prof … take the elemental … and … do what?

Also, probably a fight.

So first a containment system … talk to the Professor. Who is not far away, yelling at the Aarons who are helping him with an experiment.

Interupt without causing a BOOM.

Need to contain an elemental.

Brings out Muka’s containment vessel. “This place is … oddly familiar.”

… how many like Muka? 8, for the 8
ice water wind lightning fire earth … plus major polar crystals

Tell prof we potentially know of location another elemental, but need containment unit like the one he has.
He is curious.
Carabas steps in with Talk (and the Cloak) ==> 2 hits!
Get him focused on how to duplicate the containment unit.
We all step back …

Takes about an hour.

So we go do Downtime action.


But first, go check with Miss Pendleton if we got paid.

Auoy – repair Mist Diver Suit.

Mist Diver Suit
A heavy suit made to protect its wearer against the warping nature of the Mists. While not 100% effective, it still increases its wearer’s toughness.
Heavy Outfit ◯ Life Support Systems
Defense Bonus: +2 , Armor HP: 20, Soak Bonus: +1 , Inventory Points: 4
Heavy: Disadvantage on Move & Sneak tests.
Life Support Systems: Increase maximum Recovery and RB by +1.

Carabas – Play some solitaire (Grit). Back when helping around town … picking up a few things … Quicker than the Eye ==> Hit.
As he’s helping, some folk are seeming to be very grateful. Carabas muses over this, and takes advantage to nab a few things.

Xeric – scavenging for a few resources / crystals for new armor.

Seirus – scavenging some culinary resources.

The Plan!

There were people working on the wreckage. Probably day and night.
Have someone with us to do the extraction, while the rest of us protect them?
Bypass the tower to get to the top.

Mech walkers at base of tower; small contingent of guards atop.

Xeric climbs tower.
Rope to bring people up.
Block door.
Rope back down, or else we shoot a flare for Gwinn.

Time Trial Scenario!

Next Time

Yeah, we climbed the tower okay.
Now things get interesting.

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