MEGALOS ep. 12 - "Up on the Roof"

Last time …


Searched around Foothold to investigate stuff.

Xeric brought a plan to thwart the empire.

Let us get a-Thwarting!

Plan: zap the guards, whiole someone gets the elemental running the cannon.

Carabas leads the assasin-- ah, ambush.
Quickness Cutscene! ==> FAIL
Um … Wanted Assassin ==> FAIL

On the guards before they knew what hit them. Stunned!

Round 1

Split the party!

“Stop the interlopers!”

Legion Decanus takes cover. (bonus on nesxt 3 attacks on)
Mooks dash forward.
Rifleman shoots at Seirus -
Rifleman shoots at Carabas

Xeric at Rifleman. 20 physical! And wounded.
Cloak and Dagger - 9 more. Not yet injured.
Blade Twist! - 1 more. Sic.
Soul Eater - vs Dodge 7 - hit. Now injured.
Darkside Release finisher - 3 piercing.
Takes down the Imperial Trooper change, and the one to the left.

Carabas - Phantasm to kill one Trooper, Phantasmagoria to kill another Trooper, and Weapon thrust (plus Grit) to get another one.

Seirus moves in – Naganata, vs Rifleman. Spinning Leap - More damage!
Hail of Spears over to Xeric’s square – 2 hits!

Auoy - Liquefaction … wounds everyone.

Xeric does 3 to Rifleman.
Carabase does 5 on Rifleman
Seirus does 1 on Rifleman
Auoy does 4 on Rifleman.

Upper Rifleman shoots Auoy. 4 Piercing.
Lower Rifleman shoots Seirus. 4 Piercing.
Decanus stands alone.

Round 2

All slow.

Wounded Riflement … Decanus does.
Rifleman shoots Xeric in the face, and Strong Hits.
And blows up the barrel.
Imperial Troopers come on.

Rifleman throws grenade.
1 hit on Auoy
1 hit on Seirus.

Rifleman - roll vs Sick 15. Still Sick.
Rifleman - roll vs Wounded. 1 hit.

Carabas – takes down the Imperial Troopers that just joined us. Then a stray attack on the remaining Rifleman.

Xeric - combo strike. Hits! Kills the Rifleman.
Attacks the next Rifleman. Soul Eater.

Thank Goodness the Fight Is Over!

Foes defeated!

Collect the Elemental!

Auoy … Strong Hit! It’s utterly frigid aether courses against the edges of her skin, her breath fogging up. Very cold containment disk.

Now it’s time to escape!

The Great Escape!

Group Move Check
Yeah, that didn’t work.

We get net 3.
Carabas fails his Exotic Catling

Seirus fails his Hunted Historian

Xeric fails his Strong as an Aurochs

Seirus’ rope snaps, before hitting a balcony.

Imperial Walker announces that it’s seen us.


Carabas fast … takes out the troopers, and damages the Walker (and Afraid).

Walker bombs our square vs Auoy and Xeric. ==> 13 damage, and Afraid.
And both are Target Painted (Exposed)

Auoy Liquifaction. Cleanses Xeric of Afraid.
Drain Blood ==> 1 gets through.
Save vs Exposed. Fail.

Xeric - Carving Strike, teleport to Walker, Hit! Adds to 20, so 25 dmg.
Blade Twist – +1 dmg and Sick 15. Immune to Sick, but additional Wounded.
Carving Strike 2nd Strike, auto-hits. Net 17 physical. Injured!
Leader … advantage on Wounded … 18
And heals.

Strike on Basic Attack. 14 damage.
Undertow vs Undertow.
Kills him!

Is the Fight Over Now? Great! Let’s Skedaddle!

We continue down the tower, fleeing …

The arriving bad guys look upward and then go that way.


And the Empire is now looking for us.

Auoy opens the containment unit … 4-5 foot long, glowing in blue light.

Fade to … blue.


So … 1-2? Esp. with nothing the past few sessions. 2 it is!

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