MEGALOS ep. 13 - To the Temple

We have descended back into Foothold … and in the distance we can hear explosions and sirens.

Auoy decided to confirm that we we had was what we wanted.

Blue light silhouette …

We Proceed!

Geometric forms … finally decides on …

Blue dragon serpent … glitching … and we can see the eyes are not really focusing … voice as a staticky whine …


Auoy: “Are you okay?”

Reassure it … let it sleep …
(Foza … the Guardian of Ice)

Emitter … figure collapses back down into its elemental shard.
She is sure she extracted it perfectly, so …

Carabas is watching for trouble …
We have only a fleeting head start.

We are pretty sure that they don’t specifically know it’s us.

Go back to the Ice Temple to try to help Foza?
Go to another Temple ahead of the rush (the Prof’s Elemental Compass!)

Which means we need the more Emittters.

So … back to the Epedition Lab.

The Lab

The Aarons are working on crates and boxes from the Fire Temple.


Also we see … our guy! Secutor Kavo, soon to be one of the Aarons.

Secutor Kavo

He’s ditched some of the uniform.

Prof wants to see us. He is very excited to see us.

Auoy demurs.
Let him inspect the disc. Slots into elemental computer, starts running.

Pulls out another emitter container, to Auoy. Another large disc, with a screen. “The Compass!”

His Goal: gather information! publish a paper!

Carabas: also wants to know about the Ice Temple.

And we might be tracked here.

Prof looks at us, dismisses Carabas, eventually decides on Seirus … hands off Muka’s emitter. Seirus says they will keep it safe.

Other priorities? Prof will need to examine the Temple when found. Cannot lose such hidden information!

Use Barry’s old digs as a place to hide out or use as waypoints (and the team at the lab knows where those are, so can refer to them).

Any thoughts of how to help Foza?
Control Crystal has been removed. Unclear if done by mistake, or intentional. Huge amount of injury. Don’t reactivate the Ice Elemental – any strain could cause it to be unleashed from its bonds.

So, where to?

As we’re ready to head out … Aeryn approaches Xeric, gives some magitek grenades.

Nobody wants Carabas to have one.

We want to stay low on the streets.

Carabas sneaks to find a path … with some grit, gets 3 hits.

Leads the group through the streets. We evade most patrols … but still manage to get around the few we have to get close to.

Carabas notices one of the groups has a Pyrocaster officer along with. Xeric recognizes them from long, long ago. …

Pyrocaster Azure

Seirus restrains him. Carabas rolls his eyes at their noise. Auoy argues him down.
We bypass.

Gwin has the launch under repairs, but not at the normal yards … descend downwards, towards the Mists, away from the Impies.

Smugglers Cove

Small entrance through the rock face of the island – smuggler guards.

Seirus is nominated (Carabas sighs) as the most level-headed and likely to know the smugglers. Exotic foods.

They know him. No spice shipments in yet. But can always spend money.

Misty cove. Smaller ships, being pieced out. Gwin’s ship is down there.

Seirus Inspects to see if there are any Atlantean ships. ==> Nope. But do spot someone in the crowd … a shady imperial? no, wearing the uniform, but they look … Atlantean! The clothing is not worn quite right. Seirus gives wide berth.

Gwin is yelling at a smuggler. They eventually deal. She comes over to us. Will be leaving here soon.

Seirus is staying out of sight.
Carabas sees all sorts of contraband and objects of dubious provenance, but mostly to do with airships.
Xeric buys a leatherworking kit.

“We’re ready to ship off. Take a deep breath.”

We head out

Dive through a wall of Mist, back to the open air.

We activate the compass…

… and head NNW

Xeric works on the leather stuff.
Auoy crafting armor - rest actions allocated.

Xeric tells Gwin about the person he noticed. Waits for a time while she’s taking a brief rest. Xeric barges in, tells her.
Gwin’s not sure Xeric can take him. “The Wizard.”
She withdraws a bit at the news.
Xeric is sure he’s fucked it up.
… Bond with Gwin? And, yeah, stressed that.

We Rest

Auoy and Xeric doing armor stuff, harvesting stuff, etc.

Carabas - plays a game, point of grit.
Seirus - borrows Carabas’ cards, in exchange for a nice meal later.

The Island

A sprawling island, structures, of separate pieces, spiraling upwards and downards into the Mist. A good place for … next time …

End of Game

1 XP, so … Level!