MEGALOS ep. 14 - The Gauntlet

Last Time

Heading off to a temple. A tall, spreading temple floating in the Mist. No apparent structure holding together.

We can hear Gwin noting she’s never seen anything like this

We Are There

Gwin pulls in closer. The structure flashes with a pale green light.
Mass of light coiling up around the tower – serpentine – and enveloping the tower is an elemental dragon. It looks down at all of us, before beginning to uncoil.

“Competitors! Challengers of the Temple! I can smell the scent of the Fire Temple on you. Congrats! And we get to deal with Tier 2! Let me take you to the right part!”

We four feel light and … we are all turning transparent … and we are swept in the wind we are one with …

… landing on one of the floating platforms (as everyone wishes they’d taken the Fly talent).

“Hope this goes well with you. These things are always too spectacular. It’s been so long …”

It coils down into the mists …

The Gauntlet

… and the platform begins to descend.

As we pass by structures … creatures land … Air Sprites (minions) and Umbral Wraths.

Turn 1


Air Sprites … minions. Attack.
Umbral Sprite … overcharge. Ouchies on Seirus, Auoy, Carabas.


Xeric tports to Umbral Wrath, and whacks him repeatedly (1 point of Grit spent). Injured. Chains to two more sprites.
Carabas dispatches his remaining sprite, Phantasm + Fog of War on the other Umbral Sprite.
Auoy healing!
Seirus - Zapping Umbral Wraths.

Second Boss

UW 1 blows up.
UW 2 … Shocking Rave, zapping Seirus and Auoy.


Xeric and Carabas and Auoy and Seirus take out Air Sprites.
UW 2 … Taunted, autoattack on Seirus
AS on Seirus, Auoy, Carabas

Turn 2


AS - Etheric Spark on Seirus, Carabas (double hit), Auoy.
UW - Overcharge on Seirus, Carabas, Seirus


Xeric vs UW 2. Chain. Weapon twisting. Explodes.
Carabas to middle, take out AS, self-heal.
Seirus - move, restore seals. Wounded goes away.
Auoy - HEALING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! 14 hp pool. To Carabas and Seirus, with a bit to herself. Surge, so take down AS (and self-heal). And take COVER.

Auto attacks

Turn 3


Xeric - Power Up.
Auoy - take out an AS.
Carabas - Phantasm, and Fog of War (2 ASs down)
Seirus - Undertow. (AS)

“you’re doing great! you’re almost there!”


Floor 5

4 new AS.

Xeric - AS in his square
Auoy and Carabas take out two more.

Turn 4

Kuma appears, coiling around the platform.


Xeric - womps all over Kuma.


Kuma can’t deal with Xeric, so … shifts to other side. Eyes on Seirus. 6 Piercing. And now EXPOSED.
AS goes for Seirus. Failed vs Ward.


Carabas - Phantasm, Fog of War, Phantasmagoria.
Auoy - Conveyance thru Seirus and out of Kuma, Drain Soul STRONG HIT 3!!!
Seirus - Hail of Spears (Grit!), Basic Strike. Heal 3, and Barrier.

Elite 2

Kuma - Dazed. Guardian Overcharge! – minor damage of Auoy and Seirus. Teleports away, save vs. Sick.

Floor 4


Turn 5


Xeric - Kuma taken out, and the two AS with him.
Carabase - takes out two more AS.
Auoy - Blood Alchemy to do some healing and recovery recoveries.
Seirus - power up, Astrals!

Floor 3


Kuma! Two heads! Opposite sides! (single HP pool)

Turn 6


Kuma moves – gets dazed. So is Carabas.
Guardian overcharge – between the two heads.
5! Failed on Auoy.
(He’s now reflecting conditions put on him)

AS – Dazed, dead.
AS – vs Seirus, vs Ward, misses.
AS – vs Auoy, 1 hit, Umbral.


Carabas - BOOM! And Barriers. And drop another Phantasm. Afraid. And Afraid. And save from Afraid.

Xeric - More hitting, Sick.
Seirus - Pull the Kuma to the north with Undertow. Taunt. Spinning Leap on Kuma. And inflict damage on all other targets, including the Air Sprite. Basic Strike, 2 hits. Save vs Taunt.
Auoy - Liquifaction, pass thru Kuma, cleanse Carabas, Wounding 5. Drain Aether - Slowed plus hits. Save vs Slow.


Kuma - Wound 2.
Guardian Overcharge - hitting nobody. Teleports.

Floor 2


Kuma – but Afraid of folks

Turn 7


Carabas - Phantasm + FoW
Xeric - Bonk bonk on the head. Takes Kuma out. Finish the AS to the south. Heal to full health.
Seirus - Undertow on Sprite. Take him out.

Ground Floor

A projection of Kuma appears. “You guys did great!”

“You’ve definitely earned this!” Mark of the Air Temple appears on our hands.
“One more and you become Champions of the Umbral.”

He notes the disc with Muka is very Astral.

Carabas convinces Kuma to leave with them (with a bit of help from his Elective Focus).

Auoy tries to use the disc. Seirus tries and fails. So does Carabas …

Kuma announces: “A new challenger arrives.” His display fades out, containment gem drops into platform, closing up, as the platform begins ascending …



Next Time …