MEGALOS ep. 15 - Are We The Barries?

It Begins …

As we ascend up the platform …

Kuma’s elemental core has retracted back … we can see the holographic form wrapping around the temple …

Carabas notices streak through the air. A flare. When claiming a dig site for our own.
And then we start to hear a familiar hum as a pulse goes through us, a beacon going off.

We reach the top … emitter crystals powering up … Kuma finishing his intro … and …

Four individuals materialize …


Seirus: buzz off

They are questioning why there was no beacon.
They appear to be basic explorers.

The Test …

And … they think we’re Raiders. Threatening …

Kuma swirls up … “All right, so, there are other people. I can’t start the challenge …”
((( Insert KUMA image here, once he is giving a Journal Entry we can see, but don’t harass Mike about it. )))

Kill the newcomers?
Something else?

“After we do the thing, we’ll take everything we can and sell it to the empire.”

Carabas tries to scare them off, with Auoy as a prop / glowerer. ==> Strong Hit!
They are scared … but can’t back off.
Auoy suggests they withdraw, while we deal with our spiritual discussion.

They do so.

Later comment from Mike …
So some role reversal there, where you guys were like Barry and the other guys were like you.

Heading Out

We nab Kuma, head off platform, head to ship …

Carabas: “You will be rich as kings!”
Xeric: “You’re just lucky we didn’t want to kill you.”

So, now … goals.

  • Get the last (?) dragon? (retooling the compass, talking to Kuma)
  • Keep them away from the Empire.
  • Keep us away from the Empire.
    … or …
  • Dig into the Empire/Atlantis conflict?

Or do the last, while focusing on the first.
Does Carabas want to go to Atlantis?

So, where might Atlanteans be hanging out and doing things?

Seirus tells their tragic backstory. Making it as academic as possible.

Grew up that there was nothing ever good about the surface. But that there are Atlanteans above AND working with them … is cray-cray!

(Found a government secret, and had to run away.) Why would folk fleeing from a repressive regime work with a new repressive regime?
((Carabas has comments …))

Hmmm. Barry had Atlantean money …


… finishing Xeric’s armor …
… Auoy wants to investigate tattoos …

The latter gets the time while heading to Mist Miner Island.
Can tell, from the blood of the ancients … everyone with marks from the Temples … elements … Xeric umbral … Carabas more air … Seirus water … and she herself is naturally affinities, and the others, are pushing umbral (wind and fire bessings) (rather than astral). What effects will it have?

And that’s when …

It’s announced we’re reaching our destination. Mist Miner Island.

Waved in … docked … Gwin is not happy for the guidance.

Travis, the brave one, appears. “Hi. Welcome back. Why are you here?” Brings us to Barry. Still repairing damage from our last visit. Barry is giving directions.

Not ready for a slumber party.

Seirus shows coins. Barry: oh, yeah, Adam from a guy in a card game.
Helped out some guys who were looking for directions to Foothold (as a major population center). Also, water-affinity islands (SCUBA gear).
Give coins back to Adam (except a couple).

Adam runs off to show off (oooh! aaah!)

Empire has been paying for elemental tech.
Oh, and robots. Found lots of them.
And it sounds like Barry twigged the Custodian into the existence of the temples.

Barry wants a shiny sign to hang off the island advertising their services.

or maybe

Gwinn wouild like more portable sleeping accomodations. Or … maybe a bigger boat!

Next Time …

… Atlanteans!

Xeric: I prefer leaving behind Imperial wrecks

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