MEGALOS ep. 16 - Atlantis Attacks!

Last Time

We slipped away from some adventurers claiming the Air Temple, but managed to get Kuma, Guardian of the Air, making 2 of the 3 Umbral Sigils, and “only one more is needed” (… for what?)

Visited Barry & Co., getting a lead on the Atlanteans that Seirus had seen at Foothold. Heading to the Shrouded Lands, where Barry said they’d be.

We Travel

Gwinn indicates we’re in the area. Can see in the distance a small archipelago of islands, with waterfalls.

Carabas – by one island, see a small handful of airships, rigged up to some dock. And as look, recognize some from the Foothold docks. In fact, one of them …

… is an airship belonging to Miss Nanset.

The others eyes are drawn by C’s gaze … and then we notice smaller vessels peaking out from under the Mist.

Seirus hears their native tongue – and a bunch of small craft with pairs of Atlanteans come alongside, leaping onto our deck!

Atlantis Attacks!

Round 1

Player Fast:

Xeric - AoE, takes down the Minions … and then seeks cover.


Aether Guardian lash. Big hit against Carabas and Seirus … and AGONY 5. (May not regain HP; 1st heal takes off)

Triton Elites charge into our zone, Whirling Strike … and doing extra damage vs Agonized folk.

Hullbreachers fill the gaps!

Player Slow:

Auoy - Liquifaction, slides into the tail. zone. Cleanses us. then the HBs in teh main zone, then one in the tail zone. All are wounded.
Ether Drain on the Guardian. Takes down other HBs, plus damaging the Guardian.

Carabas - step to Gwinn, drop a Phantasm, and the center zone becomes a Fog of War.

Seirus does a bunch of dragging and taunting and attacking and slowing.



Triton Elite attacks. One moves up toward Gwin.


Round 2

Fast Attacks

Xeric – attack against Triton Elite by Gwin … teleports. Massive attack on the Triton Elite (wounded, injured). Darkside release … chain to Guardian, and then to the other Triton Elite.
Carving Strike …

Carabas stabs the last out of the Triton Elite, then Mind Blades down to the main deck.


Guardian Torrent Blast at Seirus.

Triton Elite smacks Seirus with a Piercing Strike.

HBs charge aboard!
One swings at Auoy, tagging her.
Other attacks on Seirus, Carabas, and actually hit Xeric.

Player Slow

Seirus - AoE on everyone. Another attack on Guardian. Exposed. Taunt TE.

Auoy - Conveyance - healing, attack …

Enemy 2nd

Triton Elite … is Dazed and Damaged and Injured. Whirling Strike … Auoy

Round 3

Player Fast

Auoy, Carabas, Seirus … then Xeric takes him down hard.

After the Battle

A deck covered with defeated Atlantean warriors.
Seirus IDs them as members of an Atlantean Legion,

Oh, they have a Trident we could loot.

What you folks picked up.

Atlantean Trident

An Atlantean Triton’s weapon of choice. It is strongly built and is infused with water aether.
Heavy Weapon ✧ Melee, Reach, Reliable
Weapon Dice: 2, Damage Bonus: +7, Range: 1
Reach: Weapon gains +1 Range
Reliable: Tanks and Support gain a +2 bonus to Auto-Attack damage. Strikers instead gain a +1 bonus

Next Time

Hard questions are asked!


A question for @fragolakat before the next game: Tritons are the name I’m using for Atlantean elite soldiers, but what would we can their version of a general? As always, declining to answer and leaving it to someone else is always an option.