MEGALOS ep. 17 - The Lost Dock of Atlantis

(Now with fewer pictures pasted in!)

About that Trident …

The Trident has the Reliable mod, and a slot for an additional mod.

Xeric takes it.

Questioning the Prisoner

Auoy does some spooky blood stuff.
Carabas does some detailed questioning, Talk with Advantage and some very Elective Focus …

  • Part of a group assigned to a Triton commander, Thornith, who wants to take over this minor outpost, to use as a further base to retake Atlantean lands lost to the Arlith Empire (e.g., Foothold).
  • Their primary vessel was taken down by some underhanded use of some Atlantean technology as a weapon. [ The Ice Beam? ]

Unclear if this is Atlantean BS or a clue a clue.

(Can flash back to more questions later.)

Seirus doesn’t recognize Thornith’s name. Yet. ← gain grit!

So … do we stand with the Atlanteans? The Imperials? Get between? Or flee?

Seirus - Tried running. Didn’t work.
Auoy - Deem the Atlanteans the more primary threat?
Xeric - Sounds good.

Go and get the ship of Ms Nanset?

Sneak in?
Can we disable a ship? (Yeah, Mist Stones, below-deck)

Auoy - Attune → Strong Hit 3! … can use their elemental cores to drain the Mist Stones on the ships … Foza, with their broken core.

Finish up Xeric’s Stealth Armor …
Knight’s Shadow
Studded leather armor, well-oiled and worn with long strips of light-eating cloth that make the wearer all but invisible.
Medium Outfit ◯ Silent
Defense Bonus: +4 , Armor HP: 5, Soak Bonus: +1 , Inventory Points: 5
Silent: Gain Advantage on Sneak tests.

As getting ready for heist, Gwinn brings up that will need a Mist Stone refuel (or swap out).

1 IP will get a 2 gal. bucket. Auoy spends … Small Magitech Container. Start with unpopulated ship …

It’s a HEIST!

Carabas - Guard Patrols
Xeric - Lookouts
Auoy - Dragon Containment Unstable
Seirus - ___________________

They came on with Mist Skiffs (Jet Skis)

Mount up and ride off!

Cut Scene!

Xeric leading with Caution. ==> FAIL, but Grit to get 1 HIT. Barely manage to notice that another patrol is also returning to the island; we dip out of sight (they are distracted by the partially disabled airship coming along with them – an Empire patrol ship).

Get to the island … very interesting.
Seirus - large basalt pillars.
Not a lot of cover. Water Aether in the area.

Dock in the distance. Dock is repurposed out of the basalt columns.

Carabas leads a Quick entry to the docks, barely getting there and out of the way as a group of Atlanteans carry away the spoils of their capture, including Imperial Guardsmen.

Being taken to an Atlantean camp … might Miss Nesbit be there?

Carabas goes off to Sneak!

1 success - to the camp (but not back)
2 success - to the camp, and can get back
3 success - to the camp, rescue, and get back.

Sneak ==> 2 hits plus Quicker Than The Eye ==> 1 hit.

There are a lot of Atlanteans here. Like … a Legion of them.

C finds the prisoner pits. But does not find Miss Nanset. But … do see … a familiar blue argyle of Aaron. Attract Aaron, pull up … let’s explain once we get to Tea and Cookies. (And has to avert him going to into the mess tent.)

Get back.

He was looking for us?!
Wants to tell his story … but we’re on a clock.

Auoy makes the Aaron C’s responsibility.

Auoy and the Mist Stones … do it Cleverly!
Talks the dragon with a long explaination what to do.

Clever ==> FAIL … Blood of the Ancients ==> 1 Hit!
Foza is not doing well already, and close to becoming uncontained.
Drain, but containment is dodgy.

Control panel is unintelligible to Auoy … but Seirus recognizes it.
Seirus pulls out cautiously …

Alarums … but not excusions …
Auoy gives a dragon magic boost …

Aaron is super-excited.
The Arlein Custodian took the Professor into custody. And found some of the elemental tech. Fortunatley, were able to load up Miss Nanset’s ship with most of it.
Aaron rushes below deck to see if it’s still there.

Inside the ship smaller than expected, as Xeric and Carabas go below decks. Aaron is good at inventory … almost all the elemental equipment is still here … it’s the gear used to interface with Magitek at dig sites and the like. So the Atlanteans may be know about the temples as a source of power, but not the nature of that power.

Cut Scene

Professor is arranging for escape of their team (the Aarons) to the Shrouded Lands. Sends them on assignments while he starts disassembling the lab.

Did the Professor have a contingency plan? Auoy Clever ==> 2 Hits!

Waves over Aaron – go to Miss Nanset, she owes a favor. When you make contact with the Field Team … be sure you get them this for their locator beacon. (Small crystal)

Cautious (Xeric) ==> 3 Hits!
The Aarons see a patrol of Imperial Guards outside the lab. Red flash of light … out walks an imperial captain (Pyrocaster Azure) … along with two guards, holding hte prof, and broken staff. Cavo pulls the Aarons away.

Back to the Present

Aaron hands the crystal to Auoy. “For your locator beacon.”

Let’s deal with that Next Time

  1. Thwart the Atlanteans ← where are they going? are they creating weapons? can we find someone higher on the food chain? find an Atlantean spirit-channelers?
  2. Get the professor ← locater
  3. Xeric needs to punch the Pyrocaster. ← others want to help.
  4. Keep the Impies from getting any more dragons.


2 XP (it’s been a while) … LEVEL UP (with 1 XP left).

Level up to level 5 by next time.

2nd Artifact slot!