MEGALOS ep. 19 - A Frantic, utterly Unrestful, Interlude

(( New enemy rules! Let’s see how badly we do! ))

The Imperials Cometh!

Fliers from the following ship … mooks alongside getting ready to board …

A six-round Hold-Out!

Turn 1

MC Fast

Xeric - attacks … afraid! … attack with Atlantean Trident, jumping to their ship.

Seirus - Warrior aspect. Taunt Secutor. Spinning Leap … nab a grit, so one hit. Strike … 3 hits!


Air Trooper moves into Gwin’s zone! Strike at Auoy - 2 hits!
Other one does the same, at Carabas … miss! Ha-ha!

Secutor at Seirus - miss!

MC Slow

Carabas - Fog of War, Phantasm, Mind Blades

Auoy - Drain Blood - hit! Soaks, but get regen. Liquefaction. Wound 5. End up on the boat. Paroxysm.

Elite 2

Secutor is Taunted still. Magitek Grenade! And Xeric acts as effective shield. Nobody takes damage.


Turn 2

Ship is flying away … Secutor jumps to fore, as do Auoy and Seirus; Xeric jumps to the back deck.

MC Fast



Secutor vs Seirus. Damage, and Taunts Seirus!

Air Troopers Dazed!
One move to tip of following ship, attacks aback at Xeric.
One moves to the mid=deck, attacks Seirus.

MC Slow

Xeric - attack on the Secutor, injures and wounds. Darkside Release, plus Darkside Release, chains to the Airtrooper. Heal, and both are at Sick 15.
Carving Strike - big money. Soul Eater - 21 physical!

Seirus - AoE! 6 piercing to each. Secutor at Wounded 2.
Calling Bonus (Undertow). Injures Air Trooper. Both Taunted. Strike.

Auoy - Soul Drain vs Air Trooper.

And kills Secutor because of side damage.

Chiurgy, a bit of heal to Seirus (12 to Auoy)

Carabas - Fog of War, then double Phantasms.
Bottom FoW goes away.

Elite 2


Turn 3

Another Air Ship!
With a War Walker, and more Impy soldiers.

MC Fast

Auoy - Swooshes through the airshop. wounds 3 of the Soldiers. Remaining Soldier gets Empowered.


Air Trooper … dies.

Soldier - charges Carabas!

War Walker - targets the south square … Gatling Cannons. Damage to Seirus and Carabas, and Afraid, and Exposed.

Air Trooper … Wrist Gatlers at Xeric.

MC Slow

Xeric - Attacking Air Trooper. 26 physical. Carving Strike, Second Strike … and more and more and takes him down.

Carabas - Rebuld Fog of War, drop a Phantasm on the War Walker ship, drop another one in the Fog, taking out the Soldier. Save against Exposed.

Seirus - Calling Bonus. Two hits, Undertow … pull him over to our craft, and Taunted.

Strike! Take cover.

Elite 2

WW hits at Seirus – Slam! Misses due to Dazed. Strike also misses due to Dazed.

(( N.B. War Walkers are immune to Dazed. Remember that next time! ))


Everyone autoattacks the WW. Who AAs Seirus.

Next Time!


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