MEGALOS ep. 2 - Forged in Fire

Last Time

Last time – a small floating island, that had been hijacked by the Mist Miners and their leader, Barry. Defeated them.

Xeric had also collected Aetheric Core from their Mekkari servant, Blockhead.


Recover bonuses were already spent.

Xeric – Scavenge – for Culinary Resources.
Carabas – stands watch.
Seirus – Entertain. Gain 1 Grit, 1 Recovery.
Auoy – be Entertained. Gain 1 Recovery.


Xeric: Distrusts the catling’s assassin past.
Carabas: Is sure that Auoy is hiding some incredible secret, and is determined to find out.
Seirus: Carabas is a natural enemy (or at least keeps licking his lips).
Auoy: Have heard rumors of Seirus’ home.

So Now What?

Seirus - What were the Mist Miners gouging out?
Auoy - Simple to channel some of her core into unlocking the door.
Attune ==> 1h. Minimal energy needed, no impact. Door locks

Water has gotten inside. Opens into a large auditorium with a central dais.

The room lights up, with the AC coalescing to the dais, and a figure extends out of the gem there, growing ever larger, looking toward us, “AH. ARE YOU THE ASPIRANT.”
Carabas - “We all have aspirations!”

Muka – Guardian of Fire.

Seirus - an elemental intelligence, an interesting bit of tech.

Auoy - What is involved with being an Aspirant. Your temple has been long lost.
Trial and Reward – Temple of Fire … your core will be marked with the Energy of Fire.
The actual Trial of Fire … you must withstand the fire.

Everyone is game.

Fire flows out of Muka and to the sconces of our platform … and they animate. Into Candle Pups.


Round 1

Carabas - Grapple to Throw – Fail, but spend Grit and get 2x Success.

CP2 uses Aetheric Spark on Carabas. ==> 19 dmg … 6 get thru.
CP4 uses Aetheric Spark on Seirus ==> … 4 get thru.
CP1 uses Aetheric Spark on Auoy ==> … 6 get thru.
CP3 in the water … Aetheric Spark on Xeric, who uses Ferrous Farrago … none get past the armor (yet).

Muka shouts encouragement.

Seirus - Undertow, AoE 2 on CP2 and CP4 ==> 1 hit, roll bumped to a 21, 2 hits. 9 dmg.
Spend a Seal on River Wraiths, and Grit. 2 Fails, but brought up to 2 Hit, wounding.
And regain HP.
Basic Strike on CP4.

Auoy - Chiurguy for Carabas and Xeric. Plus Some for the Doctor.

  • Redistribute on CP4. 5 piercing. Injured!

Xeric - Attack CP4 - Carving Strike vs Dodge 12 – 2 hits. Two Throne surges. Damage and Wounded. Greatsword – kills CP4. Who exploseds
Greatesword vs CP2. Finisher - AC 6 dmg Piercing on CP2. Chain 3 more to CP1 and 2 more to CP3, and heals up.

CP2 vs Seirus ==> crit, so 15, 9 get thru. Save vs Wounded got it.
CP1 vs Auoy. ==> Misses. Save vs Wounded.
CP3 exits water, fail to save.

Carabas ==> 5 on CP2
Xeric ==> 3 on CP2
Auoy ==> 4 on CP2
Seirus ==> 1 on CP2
CP1 on Auoy ==> 3
CP2 on Seirus ==> 3 … Injured.

Round 2

Xeric and Seirus – fast
Carabas and Auoy – slow


Undertow, AoE 2 on CP1 and CP3 ==> with wpn bonus 1 hit, AoE 2 for 5, Taunting. CP2 is dead. CP1 is Taunted.
River Wraiths, AoE against CP1 and CP3 ==> 8 vs CP1, 10 vs CP3

Xeric: Carving Strike against CP1 + Grit ==> 1 Hit, 14 Physical, Injured.
Autohits vs CP1 for 12.
Finisher ==> 5 Piercing vs CP1, 3 Piercing vs CP3.
Healed 4.

CP1 dies from Wounds. Boom.
CP3 Aetheric Spark - vs Ward 12.

Carabas: Create Phantasm (damage), Phantasmagoria (more damage)
Use an Elixir to heal.
Auoy: Chiurgy. Sacrifice 1 HP. Carabas (3) and Seirus (7). And Some for the Doctor.
Redistribute - 5hp from CP3; Carabas and Seirus gets his RB.

CP3 vs Xeric ==> 7 dmg get thru.
Shattered Nemesis – teleport next to them, and they are Exposed.

Xeric: With Exposed ==> 8
CP3: ==> 1

Round 3

Xeric Fast:
Carving Strike - ==> 17!

After the Battle

All the smoldering embers rush back to Muka.
“You guys did great! Come forward and take your prize! Hold up your hand …”

Muka shrinks to tiny size, weaves through hands, a brief burning red glyph.

“Now you can do all the other challenges! At the other temple!”

What does the Energy of Fire do? Detectable by the other temple?

Looking for signs of previous expeditions, etc. 2 Successes.
Xeric and Carabas - Inspect (all fail) … but Grit.
Seirus - Inspect -(fail)

Auoy - Attunement.
Muka’s focus is the gem in his forehead. And it could be used to feel the bonds of the other temples; but it’s also the control element.
Leave it for the follow-up team.

“Have fun, Aspirants.” Shrink back into their gem, which sinks the floor.

So time to go back to the professor, and let the exploration crew see what they can uncover. We rest on the raft. And that’s a wrap.


XP 0-3 …
Set up a rubric similar to what Bill did for his game?

  1. Did you defeat challenging foes?
  2. Did you accomplish a major goal?
  3. Did you effectively work together as a team.

So … 2 XP


To Level 1!

  • Get 1 bonus HP
  • Another Cantrip (Witches), Counter (Thrones), something similar for the Invokers.
  • Advance one power.
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For relevant information on leveling up…

  • Invokers (Seirus) see page 92.
  • Thrones (Xeric) see page 124.
  • Witches (Carabas and Auoy) see page 156.