The Combat Continues!

(( N.B. War Walkers are immune to Dazed, Sunned, or Sick. Remember that this time! ))

Turn 4

MC Fast

Carabas blows up his Phantasms on the WW. All of them blow up, sadly. He gains all sorts of Barriers, then teleports over to protect Gwin.


WW attacks Seirus, missing but taking his last cover. Misses with doubles …

MC Slow

Auoy - Liquefaction on the WW. Wounded! Cleanses Seirus of Afraid. Redistribution, giving heal to Seirus.

Xeric - Carving Strike - First Strike … Grit, 16 + Wounded. Strike again 17. Injured! Darkside release, another 5 piercing. Soul Eater - Trident! Strong Hit! 18 phys.

Seirus - Naganata, Undertow, 11. Astral Invocation Spinning Leap, 2 hits, 15 phys. (Heal, and Barrier 1). Strike, 3 hits!


Autoattacks … kill the WW!

Turn 5

Someone on our starboard, 4x Soldiers and an Imperial Magus! Gwin is pulling out of here.

MC Fast

Seirus - Last seal.

New invocation! Taunt the Imperial Magus.

Carabas - drop a Phantasm on the boat, Afraid the Magus. Phantasmagoria the Soldiers.


Imperial Magus - Aetherblast! Big hit on Seirus, which he minimizes.

MC Slow

Xeric - Carving Strike First Strike. Miss. Cloak & Dagger First Strike. (With a Trident) - Woot! And gain cloaked. Chaos Form Second Strike. All Soaked, but Shielded. Blade Twisting, Sick 15.

Auoy - Drain Aether, 8, slowed and injured. Redistribute. Blood Drain.


Kills him!

Post Battle

Quickly cutscene to grab anything of use on the other ship …
Carbas - Strong Hit (4).

Gwin dodges through various islands, shielding us from the shots from the main ship firing at us.

Questioning Looks

Imperial Secutor captive.


Carabas sweet talks him.
Hit, and with Grit, a Hit (3).

What we need to know about where the Professor is, what they are doing there, etc.

  • They had found some anti-Impies in Foothold and wanted to crack down … and it was the Prof and his expedition.
  • Investigating anyone coming back with elemental tech.
  • Have learned the elemental power is more than just a power source.
  • Atlanteans have been making exploratory attacks on Imperial infrastructure. But not doing well.
  • The Custodian has grand aspirations of being adopted into the Emperor’s family.
  • Professor being stashed at the Imperial Tower.

So now what? Kill him? Maroon him? Keep him around as a resource for our cunning plan.

What about Miss Nanset’s boat we’re towing?
Sneak in with it.

Keep the dragons with us, splitting them up.

Auoy - Fire
Xeric - Ice (damaged)
Seirus - Wind

Next Time

Not getting caught sneaking into foothold!

… also, we get some stuff!

Carabas, while grabbing stuff from the boat, picked up 12L! 4 warsmith resources! a particularly intersting-looking weapon: a pair of guns (to Xeric)!

Paired Flame Throwers

A pair of aetheric firearms. Heavy Weapon ✧ Ranged, Paired, (2 Mod Slots) : Crushing, Umbral Weapon Dice : 2, Damage Bonus : +6, Range : 3

Paired : Ignore Multiple Attack Penalty with attacks made with this pair of matched weapons.
Crushing : Spend 1 Surge: 1 target of the attack rolls their Soak with Disadvantage
Umbral : Basic Attacks inflict Umbral damage instead of Physical

Plus a chonky Trident (Xeric will keep as a backup)

And we should rest … (James, especially.)

(Dark next week)