MEGALOS ep. 21 - Greasy Palms


Everybody recounts their advances going to Level 6.

Moving On

Going back to Foothold to rescue the Professor from the Custodian.

Rest Actions

  • SEIRUS: Entertains - Auoy regains extra Recovery.

  • CARABAS: Plays solitaire and earns us grit.

  • XERIC: Stands watch, all broody and quiet.


Xeric gets given a beacon by Gwin and made to promise to retreat if the Pyromancer attacks.

Aaron comes over to Carabas. Wants to go with us. Could be useful/help?
Hesitant in some weird way.

Talk with him, then mentally focus. “We have to know everything if you want to be part of the team.” fail, fail, but 1 Grit back to make it 2 Successes.
More and more frustrated … didn’t do anything last time. Wants redemption.
Carabas can understand redemption. Will agree to him coming along.
Enthusiastically and cheerfully starts moving things onto Miss Nanset’s ship.

Auoy - Secutor wants to chat. How to hurt the Custodian … poitically. Cooking the books on reports to the Empire. Auoy inspects, verifies.

The Journey Home

Gwin bows out, as we take Miss Nanset’s houseboat … her clunky, slow houseboat.

Foothold peeps out from the mists. A … golden sheen. The Detection Barrier. Lockdown.

Auoy on deck. And Carabas as the “mouth”.

Seirus’ goat.

A sea goat.

Secutor gagged and stuffed below deck.

Barrier crossing – a small pulse, field piercing … and Carabas is the one who spots the ripples … a gap in the ripples, down near Mist.

Auoy pulls toward the dock. Imperial Cutter, siren blaring, comes up on us.
Carabas waves back at then. Eventually they pull up, gang plank, come over to the ship.
Five on board.
Four more soldiers come over. So that there’s one extra.
Emergency. Lock down. Need to leave, 14 clicks.
Auoy turns to Carabas.
Carabas leans on Talk+Cloak.
Guard, hand on hilt, is hostile. Doe s not want to help. Resistance of 2.

He starts asking for identification.

Carabas has … classified imperial service ID.
Leader. “Catling, follow me …” up to the front of the ship.
Questioning separately in order to corroborate info.
Leader knows he’s an assassin.
Carabas hints he may be here on a hit, but not on an Imperial official, maaaaaaybe Miss Nanset.

Auoy being questioned, standard questions, standard SOP. Her ether slowly swirls more disturbingly.

They demand 50L.

Carabas tries 25. He comes down to 30.

Small chuckle. Other guard chuckles.
Hurts C’s pride a bit, but …

Leader whistles, calls everyone off.
Buzzes ship on their way out. Assholes.

Damage to town is being worked on. Hammering and ether-tool scent.

Into dock … nobody is expecting a vit. No dock workers.

We are obtrusive.

Soldiers patrolling the streets.
Stalls/shops. A few open, but little street traffic.

Tiber the Secutor. Ready to be let go.
Auoy – magical “mark…”

Intimidating deception … Talk. Diff 12. 1 Hit. He’s clearly shaken.
“That wasn’t the deal!”

Imperial records – Custodian has been downplaying the use of independent contractor / adventurers in the Shrouded Lands. Reports have been mostly the truth, but … the ones going to the Emperor have been doctored, painting the Custodian’s achievements far brighter than they have been.

Xeric and Carabas will take to the rooftops and sneak their way onward, watching the party.

End of Game

1 HP.

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