MEGALOS ep. 22 - Thank God I Take Notes (Such As They Are)

Last time!

Back to Foothold.

Talked with our kidnapped Secutor … about where we could find proof of the Custodian’s corruption.

Making our way through the city … looking for the Professor … and maybe some of the Expedition.

And we have an Aaron.

Xeric and Carabas will go by rooftop.
Seirus has a goat.

We’d come in on Miss Nanset’s boat, having been taken by the Atlantean partisans. Check in with Miss Nanset?
Or head for the Records to get proof of the Custodian’s dirty dealins.
Or head for the Imperial Tower to free Professor.

Here we go!

We go after the Records.

Xeric and Carabas are looking for patrols. The others look for stuff more visible on the ground.

Xeric Sneaks → all fails, but Exiled Wanderer gives a hit. Etheric Watcher drone! (resembling a giant flying eyeball)

Carabas Sneaks → Get folk moving through the level pretty well, to imperial depot, where records are kept before being sent out to the Imperial Homelands. Being repaired from the weapon discharge effects.

Adventurers patrolling as guards (some of the ones we past rescued). Also, working to do repairs.

Seirus - Inspect. STRONG HIT! Simple and straightforward entrance … but would need to get past the workers.

Auoy - approaching one of the adventurers we saved.

Dude is pissed because Carabas didn’t kill someone like they had bargained to.
Tries to chat up about their group and duties. Learn → hit: Everything is in shambles right now. Working like dogs under orders, Impies are being assholes.
Offers to do something – undo the shackle.

Carabas and Xeric can get to the opening easily. Auoy can also fly. But Seirus … fails on move, fails on additional trait. Debris falls as trying to make it to the hole. Not spotted, but an increment on the Imperial alert track. (But also a Grit!)

Building is combo radio station, mail hub, records …

Things seem … quiet.

Carabas, sneaking through … come to the main records office, where records are. At the desk is one Imperial – that naivete, looking for adventure just around the corner.

Librarian: if only some adventure would come seek me out

Poke a pen into the back of their neck. Like knife-point.
You are far to obviously intelligent for me not to take advantage of.
Main person in charge of missives.
Find the evidence Tiber was pointing us at.
Get office gossip! Including … the Custodian rounded up a few of their guards recently to reinforce the Imperial Tower upper floors. And their yacht docked to the top of the tower.
Leave them locked in.

We have the files. Weapon vs the Custodian, but maybe leverage on him, too.


  • Get the Professor.
  • Take down the Custodian in some fashion (free the dragon)

We ride!

Heading to the Imperial Center. Tower 4. Large staircases.
Who is leading the way?

Auoy when they have to take the elevator anyway

Xeric – a distraction with the drones. Take one of the crystal/elemental things (Muka).
Move → a success!
Dotting the energy signature out there, and pretty soon a lot of flying sentries signalling the alarm.

This reduces guard activity for the rest.

Path is empty. Too empty. People missing.

Climbing the walls.

Xeric running up the wall. Final leap, pull self up, peer to top.
A group of Imperial guards, loading onto a cloud raft … one of whom is Xeric’s Old Enemy, Pyrocaster Azure.

And when enough is loaded, the door of the tower opens up, still scorched, and so are escorted out the Professor and Miss Pendleton.


Xeric gives a yell –

– and the Pyrocaster smiles …

… and the rooftop explodes in flame.

Next Time

Save the Prof & Miss Pendleton
Take down Burny McWarcrimes


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