MEGALOS ep. 23 - Up on the Roof

The Long Recap

We’ve found elementals.

The Empire is looking for them, too!
Custodian, and his Pyrocaster Azure.

They’ve messed up Foothold. And made our lives a living hell.

And they’ve taken Professor Magnus and Miss Pendleton.

We’ve returned to Foothold, after an encounter with Atlantean Separatists. Foothold is under martial law, and at the central tower we found Azure loading the Professor and Miss P into an air ship, presumably to get help in tracking down moar elementals.

But First … a Talk About the Future

What still needs to be accomplished in this story.

Xeric needs to take down Azure (and anyone else). We’ve gotten some of his history.

Seirus has dealt roundabout with Atlanteans. But … solving more can be a bridge to the hypothetical sequel.

(Seirus has a goat.)

Auoy - have introduced another Nadashi (a prick). Wants to complete the set of temple tattoos.

Carabas - want something productive as a personal target - not necessarily selfless, but maybe doing something for others at the same time …

Meanwhile, Back on Top of the Tower …

Turn 1

Fast Turn

  • Xeric wipes out the minions on the right.
  • Auoy liquifies, wounds minions on much of the left.


  • Auoy’s targets die. Other Impy soldiers … take cover.
  • Magus steps up to them and blazing spell surge at Seirus and Xeric. Both are hit.
    ** Xeric teleports to Magus and exposes him.
  • Pyrocaster blazing spell surge, on Xeric. 2 hits.

Slow Turn

  • Carabas steps up, pulls out a Phantasm, and Phantasmagorias the remaining minions (and hurts and Afraids the Magus).
  • Seirus steps over and attacks Azure. Taunted. Astral attack, failure, but Grit! Gets a Barrier.

Auto Attack

Turn 2

Fast Turn

  • Xeric … Sick on both opponents. Attack on Magus. Moves over.
  • Seirus … attack on Azure. Bunch of hits. 20 damage! Taunt the Magus.


  • Magus - flurry of strikes at Seirus.
    ** Fails to save vs Sick
  • Azure - Desperate Power! Burning Rays
    ** Saves vs Sick.

Slow Move

  • Auoy Redistribution on both foes. Heals Xeric and Seirus.
  • Carabas - Phantasm on Azure, then Marionette the Magus over … who kills Azure (moves to Phase 2)


  • Magus killed.

Turn 3

Azure makes a noise … a gutteral yell. Pauldron and inlaid crystals flash with light. When we blink the light away …

And everyone is by themselves.

Minor damage from him after each. Attacks back … Auoy and Carabas are not high damage doers.

Turn 4

Turn 5

Turn 6

… as the Azure of each person is defeated, the person can try to “push through” to an ally, or get sent to a random other Azure. Seirus wins first, then coup de grace’s Xeric, then they end up over with Carabas where Xeric quickly defeats Azure, and everyone goes to Auoy. Xeric unleashes whoop-ass, and Auoy finishes it up.

… And everything returns to “normal”. He is sitting in the center of the roof …

At the start of each of his rounds … he tees up exploding explosions for the next round.

Xeric takes. Him. Down.
Pillar of blinding blue-white flame. Then a glimpse of a figure dropping to their knees in defeat.

The guards drop their weapons and attempt to flee.

C - We need to get Miss P and the Professor out of here.

Professor has made a breakthrough …

… but the Custodian know the secret, too. Using normal crystals.

Knows where the Lightning dragon is. He adjusts our compass, but really wants to see the Lightning Guardian.

Where to stash the Professor?
Well, the Imperial contingent is in disarray.

Experience. +2, so we are at 3.


… to Level 7

The Pink Confetti Flare Is The Signal To Start The Revolution!

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“Please, there are ladies present!”

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