MEGALOS ep. 24 - Picking Up the Pieces

Last time …

Defeated Pyromancer Azure!
Set off flare to signal that we had.

Rebellious attempt from folk who had been locked down / force labor.

Fighting in the streets. Airships (mostly Imperial) fleeing port.
A blur in the next several hours.
No Impies left in Foothold.
A lot of administrative folk taken captive. Soldiers fled.


Discussion of level-ups to 7.

Town is a bit of a mess. Some services are down. But … people seem less on edge.

Carabas concerned about the Imperials coming back.

Seirus rests. Good-bye story goat.

Carabas - back to the Institute … any info dropped while they were in captivity?
Prof is worried about the wreck of his laboratory – weeks, months, years to get back in order.
Also … the Custodian – adept scientific mind, though uses it wrongly. Ether tracking technology replicated for his own uses. The only people who knew where were piloting that airship (who fled when we defeated Azure).
Carabas uses Rest Action go get some info: not all the Impies left town; a few are still around, in mufti. Including the two folk from the airship.

Were supposed to radio in to the Custodian’s group to get coordinates. Gives C comm access code.

Xeric - check in with Gwyn, and peacekeeping / riot/looting-prevention.
Gwyn is kind of pissed off over his playing Batman. He … actually goes along with her. But continues to stay on alert, and Gwyn gets pissed and Xeric appeals to her and (bad rolls) she stomps away.

Auoy - crafting a new mask, to mark their success and the new life/growth from it.

Also, studying the energy tattoos.
Each tattoo seems to be part of the dragons’ essenses – marking the bearer, but leaving a piece of code.

Seirus - entertainment + recon. Looking for Atlanteans here. Finds one down at the cove. Takes him down with his spear when guy goes on a break. Recognizes Seirus – and thinks he’s an Atlantean enforcer / MP. Can’t attack the town now … try later once the fight is out of them … wait, who do you report to? Seirus bluffs mostly successfully. Sends him back to Atlantis.

Back to HQ …

Everything is a mess. Miss Pendleton looks overwhelmed.
Straightens self out when Xeric returns first.
Miss P seems despondent – what are we doing any more? Who’s going to pay us?
Xeric (successfully!) gives her a pep talk, encouraging her to stay at the job.

The rest of us arrive. Everyone admires Auoy’s new mask.

C passes on his intel. – a chance to maybe stop some of the pursuit from the imperials, and therefore take Foothold off the map some.

A wants to be sure we have devices for tracking the elemental sources, esp. the lightning source.

Custodian has a prototype weapon already, says the Professor. How best to counter it? Uses the power of the Guardian of Ice, so, maybe, counter it with the opposite end of the spectrum: Fire.

Records Hall. Carabas gives the identifiers. Give the story
Get here quick – too much resistance from the stupid Geyliths (people from Gell Morvar) infesting this place.
Receive coordinates. Oh, that’s … the Mist Miners, and Barry’s Island…

Will take the airship that was going to be used in the first place.

Some efforts at self-administration / -government have started. We are given permission.

As we are loading up … Carabas sees Gwen arrive. She’s pissed because he hasn’t invited her on the adventure.
C hadn’t really considered it. But, also, very dangerous mission …
She gives C a Xeric-esque look.

She stomps right up to Xeric.;
“You were probably right.”
She goes to prep the cutter.
Xeric, wisely, remains silent.

Next Time

Deep into things!

Heading into the Final Dungeon …

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