MEGALOS ep. 25 - Return to Barry's Island

Last Time

Got rid of the Impies at Foothold.

Discovered the Custodian and his troops had all gone to Barry’s Island … as we head that way in a cutter of our own.

And we find …

The island under bombardment from a dozen ships.

One Impy cutter shot down.

Do we have cannon to sneak in and take out engines?
Take a few random shots – Auoy sneaking up, Carabas aiming the cannon.
(Cut scene of times when Carabas actually used a cannon for an assassination, startled by the noise, etc.)

Auoy pilots in cautiously.
Carabas takes the perfect opening, The cannon lances through the underside, with large explosion. We pull back.

One of the other ships has taken notice and is coming around … Auoy fails to better maneuver in assisting …
Get off a volley with a Quick cutscene … plus quicker than the eye … plus Grit to get two hits needed.

Zip down to the Island … Gwin believes she can get clear with the ship.
“Make sure he’s safe …” Gwin and Xeric bicker about it, and then she leaves, quickly.

On the Island

A maze of trash here on Barry’s Island. None of it looks useful.

Energy tracker … points to the center of the island, where Barry’s encampment is.

Xeric and Carabas lead the Sneaky way. There were traps here, last time.
Xeric Sneak → 1 Hit

See a set of Mist Miners trying to set up a choke point / emplacement.
Xeric tries to jump in behind them, whazzup? Just does not happen, due to a shot by the besiegers blasting his face with shrapnel (loses an RB). “Nobody tell Gwin!”
MMs are panicky.
Auoy approaches more casually. Talk → 1 Hit
Help them set up.

There are Impy forces on the island. We head onward.

Carabas sadly chides Xeric, who then falls back.

Sneak → 4 Hits!

Find a place where the bombardment is avoiding … a handful of imperial soldiers, a couple of air troopers, and a pair of maguses.
Sneak attack on the bad guys …

Turn 1

The bad guys are surprised.

Auoy goes after the Casters. Carabas takes out the Soldiers. Seirus goes after the Air Troopers next to Carabas. Xeric joins in against the Troopers, damaging one, killing the other.

Turn 2

Auoy barriers up against the casters. Carabas drops Fog of War. Seirus goes over to the casters and whomps on them.

The casters get crappy rolls. The Air Trooper remains taunted by Seirus.

Xeric kills the Geocaster

Turn 3

Carabas marionettes the Air Trooper over next to the Frostcaster and causes him to attack them, setting up Seirus.

Seirus uses an arcana and nearly takes down the Frostcaster.

The Frostcaster hits Seirus but it gets absorbed; saves against sick. The Air Trooper flurries at Seirus and hits him big.

Auoy Drain-Souls the Air Trooper for a big hit, and kills the Frostcaster. Drains Blood on the Air Trooper, nearly taking him down. Xeric glares at him and he dies.

We all have to promise to tell Gwin that at no time in this fight did he get hurt.
We all did a great job keeping him safe.

After the battle …

… a clear path to Barry’s place. For next time!

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