MEGALOS ep. 26 - "Bugs, Mr. Rico! *One* of 'em!"

Last Time

Landed on Barry’s island. Made our way in, and across the island. A run in with Impie forces, including a couple of element casters.

We begin!

Great hall … and then a crack and the door opens – and the hugest skullipede we’ve ever seen … holding a glowing orb of pure core … BARRY!

Spits it on the ground, looming over us!

Turn 1

-All go slow
Mama Skullipede charges, heads back.
Xeric damages and inflicts Sick. Plus, of course, lots of other attacks.
Carabas drops Phantasm, Fog of War, and Haunt, making her very afraid.
Seirus is Judge Invocation. Steps in, does some damage, marking them.
Auoy tries to slow it. Mama cannot be Slowed! Bumps up own protection.
Mama tailslams Seirus.

Turn 2

-All go slow
Mama cannot be Dazed! Moves. Cannot push sick.
Auoy enters Carabas, exits by MS. Drain Blood.
… MS loses a segment! It explods, and Auoy gets Sick.
Carabas steps in, drops another Phantasm on him, which does more attacking.
Seirus steps in, Undertow, lots of damage. Pulls her, attacks, marked.
Xeric does much more damage, injuring MS and sickening her. Teleports away. She explodes, Sickening Xeric and Seirus.
Mama is moving faster! Swings around, injures Seirus, Carabas, and Auoy.

Turn 3

-All go slow except Xeric.
Xeric cuts its HP in half, and makes Sick.
She knocks away Auoy and Carabas, then reverses course.
Auoy Drain Blood (Afraid), Blood Drive (wounds, cleanses Seirus).
Carabas drops a P, which does further attacks – and then strikes for 22!
Seirus sprints into MS’s zone! Astral Invocation, whales on MS. MS blows up on Seirus.
MS charges Seirus, then Xeric, then Xeric and Carabas. Xeric makes it so he’s set up and MS is Exposed (more damage in the Autoattack)

Turn 4

Carabas and Xeric are fast.
Xeric whomp whomp whomp, also whomp, and sickens. Then more whomps. Set up whomps. And some extra whomps.
Carabas strikes again and kills the Skullipede!

After the Battle

Barry rolls over, and bursts bubble for himself and the Mist Miners.
They just came in and attacked.
Barry sold them some stuff from the Frosty Place.
Lightning dragon?
Well, yeah, kind of dragon-adjacent.
Core is still there. Have to go down the hole, down to the nest. Also lost a suit.
Yeah, this place was … a temple?

Sounds like Barry and MMs scavanged Frost temple, sold stuff to the Impies … and this place may be the Elemental Temple of Lightning.

And the Impies went down the hole. And a bit after that, the Skullipede came out.


Miners offer some high-altitude rebreathers (because mists will kill you).

Xeric is …

Need to save the lightning dragon.
Deal with imperials.

Oh, and find Blockhead (to operate the island defenses).

Helps 3/4 of us can fly, but can use the elevator …


1 XP, so ding! One more level before the end!


As mentioned in the Scheduling thread, it looks like we’ve only got three more sessions left in Megalos before James leaves for Europe in early August as well as some likely craziness associated with the Consortium preparing for that.

My current plan for the remaining sessions is:

  • (7/11) Penultimate final adventure stuff.
  • (7/18) Big blowoff final boss battle.
  • (8/1) Epilogue session to serve as a cool down and to wrap up everything that didn’t get addressed elsewhere.

Is this enough time to handle everything? Hell if I know! But I’m sure we’ll figure things out. :smiley: