MEGALOS ep. 3 - Maintaining a Foothold


New friend – Muka the Fire Elemental.

Loaded up in a Sky Skiff.
Back to Foothold!


In the nicer sections of Foothold, everything is nice and new and well assembled – a glorious spectacle of Imperial engineering.

We’re down in the more ramshackle section.

As Gwynn parks us into the docks …

Imperial dockworkers asking if we’re bringing anything back. “Anything to decare?”
“Only our bold and adventuresome natures.”

Back to the base.


Built into a support of a building above.

Prof. Magnus – lab closed off where tech bits are brought to.
Library - excited talking, quiet assurances. Aetherological Studies.

Power core – want to ID where it had been previously been, to track the “Bad Archaeologists.”

Check in with Miss Pendleton, in the lab with Prof. Magnus.
Prof Magus and Miss Pendleton

We sneak over to the Break Room.

Three Aarons around the break table – Aaron, Aeryn, Erin. Prof. Magnus’ go-fers, sent on Aaronds.
Tell them about the Makkari Core.
Want to look into where it’s been.
The Aarons ponder. Memory Scanner. Loaned over to Miss Nanset.

Miss Nanset is from Makkaria. Until the Great Downdraft, it was constantly plagued by mistborne creatures. Many of their warriors are now mercs in Foothold, and Miss Nanset came with.

(Carabas has met Nanset before. He had no time for her Chymical tomfoolery. Also, she’s allergic to him.)

Seirus sicks Prof Magnus on one of the Aarons. “He wants to know about the crystal dynamic differences since the Great Downdrift”

CUTSCENE: Clever! ==> 1 hit

Miss Pendleton sighs. Can we send an expedition? Great.
Mention anything of interest to the Aarons.
20 libra each!

Auoy hands over her report.


Life in the dorm is … meagre. Better than the streets. Ramen and off-brand cereal. 5L

Lifestyle Price (per 2 Rests) – 196

Subsistence Living: 2L, no healing
Comfortable Living: 15L
Living Large: 20L, plus 1 box of stress

Rest Actions - Handout! ( also p 196)

Investigating Blockhead’s internals?
Get back some item points?

Auoy - Coalescing … tool kit (3 IP).
Xeric - Scavenging items for Auoy.

Carabas - Game (cards) … 2 IP for Solitaire House of Cards game.

Seirus - Cooking a Meal.

Imperial Page leaving.
Nanset is peeved.
Auoy greets calmly.
Power core.
Nanset is cranky because air pirates are delaying a shipment.
Needs 10 Chymist resources.

Also need to look into further elemental initiation places.
Xeric snarks at Carabas about being an Imperial.

When Carabas was drunk, was rousted by Imperials to do “a job” – failed to con them otherwise, hauled out drunk, seen (and misconstrued) by Xeric. Runs same con on Xeric. Despair! - 1 Bond stressed (p 19) … his only one! He overreacts by over-spending on a meal for everyone (panicky about being observed by Xeric without knowing, about lying to Xeric, about not really remembering the incident).

Creating more bonds.

Auoy - water crystals from Xeric.
Health Tonic. Create test (15), needs 1 success ==> 2 successes!

Carabas Scavenges.

Everyone has rested!

Sky Pirates?
Blockhead Tracking?
Elemental Temple?
Why not all of them?


Someone elbow-deep in elemental tech.
“Sorry, Lord Custodian, we have people complaining about pirate attacks.
We’ve sent out patrols.”
"Call the Capital – have them send forces to wipe them out.

“I have something far more interesting …”

Auoy - Clever 3 + GRIT ==> 2 Strong Hits + GRIT => 4 SUCCESSES

  1. This is the Imperial Custodian of Foothold, Naxas
    Custodian Naxas

  2. He is fiddling around with one of the elemental temple emitters, the same sort that produced Muka. This one is for ice.

  3. Barebones pieces of his hammer and integrating in some of the elemental tech.

  4. Will probably run into more Imperials with elemental tech!
    drama music monkey

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