MEGALOS ep. 4 - Swamp Rescue

Last Time

Back at Foothold. Met with the Expedition, paid us for work, sent of folk to investigate more.

Down time.

Chymist Nanset … trade for work. Pirate pursuit?

Tired of ramen.

Back into the Swing of Things

Prof. Magnus et al. are at the temple.
Miss Pendleton – prof is very interested about this. Anything else we can find out? Let him know.

Nanset has a set of coordinates from the core. Looks like journeys from a home base and back.

Try to head to Barry’s? Sure.
We are loaned the cloud raft, with Gwynn to pilot.

Auoy - set a course based on Nanset’s information.

Down to the docks …

Queue up for exit procedures under Imperial Guards.

Another citizen from Foothold walks past … “Oh, Xeric, headed out to the mistlands?”
Lastin – something of a rabble rouser and possible rebel.

Passes on word of some Lighting Aether Crystals that the Imperials have been bringing in. Passes on their heading. Not far out of the way of our trip to Barry’s.

Standard questions from the Imperials.

Gwenn gives us a wave.

Off to Barry’s!

Chit-chat from Gwenn.
Carabas ignores. In the distance on a passing floating isle … a purple pillar of smoke.
Carabas points it out.
Gwenn – emergency flares.

The Rescue!

An expedition is over its head, fighting Skullipedes and froggies.

The expedition leader (?) trapped in a ruin with treasure.

Turn 1

All Go Slow.
Monsters nibble.

Xeric heads for the ruins. Whacks the Skullipede → Strong Hit!

Carabas - steps in, Phantasm, Fog of War.

Seirus - Blinkstrikes over to Xeric’s Skullipede, but his Naganata misses, earning GRIT. River Wraiths wipe out the ones in the river. Strikes at the Skullipede, and also fails … but GRIT so does damage.

Auoy - liquefacts over to the distant 3, wounding the three frogs and (uselessly) cleanses the victim.

The Skullipede takes some damage from the Fog of War. Tries to grappel Carabas, but at disadvantage.

The other Skullipede body slams Seirus and Xeric. Strong hit to both of them. Lotta damage, mitigated by Xeric. And good Soak rolls.


Turn 2 – MOAR TOADZ!

Quick: Another Phantasm! Strike at the Skullipede

Frogs move into the first zone. Two are destroyed by Phantasms, the remaining one tries to tongue Carabas, but misses.

Skullipede – Rending Maw at Carabas … HIT – armor soaks it all.

Skullipede body slams Seirus and Xeric again … and misses. Strike at Seirus, and hit. Saves against Seirus Taunt.

Slow Turns:

Auoy - Liquifaction carrying the bad guy. Go the Fog Zone … cleanse Carabas’ wound. Wounds the Skullipede and the Frog.

Seirus - Teleports bad guys to them - Outsider’s Claim – doing 13 to each, and regains health, Naganata.

Xeric - Strike with Sword. Another strike. Darkside Release, doing a bunch more damage, killing one Skullipede. And another strike, killing the last Skullipede.

Turn 3


Auoy - Redistribution on one of the frogs, healing Seirus. Carries a person out.

Xeric - Grabs a gold, and runs to next zone.

Skullipede – Body Slams 2 zones away.

Frogs move and die.


Carabas grabs both guys and yoinks them out.

Seirus grabs gold and gets to cover.

Skullipede attacks Xeric.

Xeric auto-attacks Skullipede.
Skullipede and creepy joint frog

Turn 4

Quick: All. Time to get out of Dodge.

Xeric - Kick in the head and launches himself to the ship. Hopefully impressing Gwenn. But FAIL (because Gwenn was paying attention to getting folk aboard.

Carabas blows the Phantasms on the way out.

Seirus looks longingly at the gold left behind.


Expedition leader – tall woman named Loretta. “Thanks!”

7 libre
2 IP
box: a paired of throwing daggers seething with umbral power.
… light weapon (3 wpn dice), ranged, paired (ignores multiple attack penalties), vampiric (regain 1 spent recovery if have damaged 1 foe in encounter)

XP: 1

Next time

Barry, Is That You?

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