MEGALOS ep. 5 - The Return of Barry!

MEGALOS ep. 5 -

Almost done with the tutorial phase.

Still to come …

A Particular Kind of Character!
Big Flashbacks!

It Begins

Large, dim room.

Barry’s voice: At last I’ll have my revenge, and get back Blockhead!

Earlier …

We come along a cloud island full of junk. Discarded stuff.
Oh, look … Barry’s Mist Miners!

Oh, look … some junk is moving.

Oh, look … it’s a cannon!

Seirus does something Clever, examining the junk pile.
So we dodge slightly and get a glancing blow from the lightning bolt.
We’re still going down …

After the crash …

Need to keep the mole folk off the ship.
Xeric - Cautious ==> Fail!
Strong as an Aurochs Strength … Fail!

So, long and protracted battle. It’s their home turf, after all.
-1 Recover.

Carabas Quickly recces the island … Hitx3! Find a building that seems to be the central source of power.

Cut forward toward building.

In the building: stacks of junk being examined, disassembled.
Mist miners without their signature masks (they scamper away).
Aha! Central generator!

Figuring out how to disable – until Barry calls from overhead. “So you’re the ones in that ship … you take my robot, now you come for me! Now were ready for you! Steven! Hit the switch!”

Arc of lightning!
Seirus: looks like the focal point.
Lightning hits down a hole … and here comes the Big Robot!

It’s a BOSS!

Round 1

Quick -
Carabas – summon 1 Phantasm, summon Fog of War.
Auoy - Liquifaction, move through their square, Wounding B2.

Boss - Dazed - NOT!. Also Wounded.
Flyby … 3 Piercing on C, X, S.
Blast Wave at Seirus.
… Xeric EXPOSEs B2.
Saves vs A’s Wounded.

Slow -

Xeric: Greatsword. Unfortunately, his Elemental Core
Second strike. More damage, more Wounded.
Finisher - 6 piercing!
Soul Eater.

Seirus: Dancing Plague, Naganata … EXPOSED.
Panikos - umbral attack. And it’s … AFRAID.
Basic strike AND Taunt and some GRIT. ==> 10.


B2 is dead, falling into the pit.

But …

B2. upgraded, comes from the depths!

And eight Mekari Scanners come with him! And four more Mekari Constructors on the ledge with us! Eep!



Quick -

Carabas - Add a Phantasm, and Phantasmagoria.
Auoy - Liquifaction through the Constructors are across from us.

Enemy -

Wounded Constructors drop. The others …
One on Auoy misses.

The other four come in … Stumbling Charge
Carabas - hit but all soaked.
Xeric - missed.
Seirus - missed.
Carabas - hit for 3.

Blockhead flies to the corner.
Magnetic Core – damages C, X, S, and then pulls us into the corner.


Xeric - Blackfire Blast vs Constructors. Grit – hit! Zaps them all.
Seirus - 3 hits! 17 dmg, EXPOSED! More hits. Lost seals.
Normal strike … now 10. 3 hits! And Taunt!

Boss 2

Magnetic core on cool-down.
Coolant leak at Seirus. 9 get thru and SLOWed



Auoy heals.


Coolant Leak at Xeric – Damage, Slowed.

Carabas - Summon P, Phantasmagoria, get bonus from EXPOSED, so 8 piercing.

Xeric - Yes, it’s injured. Soul Eater - damage. Then Dark Side Release - 5 piercing for Finisher, and heal. Then run north.

Seirus - Flurry of Strikes, with Advantage. – B2 shudders, and its rockets send it flying, upward, through the ceiling, knocking Barry’s observation dome down into the pit …


That’s a Wrap

Healing from Auoy.

Loot the base! … NEXT TIME!

XP … 2 … which lets us level, and gives us artifact slots!