MEGALOS ep. 6 - Phat Loot



Talents –
Paroxysm? - AoEs people on Drain powers.
Familiar? - Adds +1 on one die of any d20 roll.
… go for Paroxysm
Sorcery – Blood Alchemy - regain Recovery when Sacrifice hp.
Advance – AoE heals increase.

Artifacts - Badger’s Gloves increase Create test.


x +2 HP (24++2 = 26)
x +1 Sorcery spell (to 3) ------> Psything Mind (AoE 3)
x +0 Cantrips (still 2) --------> (next at lvl 4)
x +1 Talent (to 2) -------------> Telekinene Technique (all melee wpn +1 range)
x +1 Artifact slot ------------> Cloak of Whispers (Dodge +1, advantage on Talk test)
x +1 Advance to Call/Cant/Sor → The Pledge (dmged are AFRAID)


Invocation - Warrior - fly and attack and advantage-if-taunted. Plus an Advance for AoE.
An AoE doing piercing and Wounded.
Talent – Warrior-Priest - skip the first stacking attacks penalty.
Artifact - Bonding Rune - Armor!


Focus on Ass-Beating.
Talent - Executioner, more bonus, surge, damage/

Cloak and Dagger strike: teleporting. cloaked.

Bonding Rune on weapon – adding damage,
Redid counters: Blade Twisting

Moving on …

So exploring the base, scavenging …

initially starting together, but get distracted …


… feels bad about looting stuff. Looking for “worthless” stuff that might have been taken from someone.
Cautious (Cutscene) ==> 1 Hit.
… things taken from all over the Mists. One thing draws attention. Big old family-style quilt hung up on a wall. Great! Any indication of where it’s from? A scent … Foothold!
(Will probabably gather stuff to craft

Knight’s Shadow
Studded leather armor, well-oiled and worn with long strips of light-eating cloth that make the wearer all but invisible.
Medium Outfit ◯ Silent
Defense Bonus: +4 , Armor HP: 5, Soak Bonus: +1 , Inventory Points: 5
Silent: Gain Advantage on Sneak tests.


… distracted by the bright shiny …
… but also watching Auoy for her secret!
Clever (Cutscene) ==> Fail
Electively Focused ==> Hit
… so something was all wrapped up in the cloak … “keep this out of the light”
It was a Polar Crystal (Dark subtype), which can be used as an Umbral ingredient. Keep it out of the light!


… Looking at how the stuff here tells where Barry’s team has been. But also with an eye toward crafting.

Clever (Cutscene) ==> STRONG HIT!
also … what sort of secret is revealed? Accidentally drops guard, bumps into something, makes a show of emotion. … wait, there are EMOTIONS IN THERE! (So why is she hiding that? And why? And what else?)
… a small workshop, including the Badger’s Gloves.
And a large bulbous suit being assembled. Diving suit?
Could maybe make …

Mist Diver Suit
A heavy suit made to protect its wearer against the warping nature of the Mists. While not 100% effective, it still increases its wearer’s toughness.
Heavy Outfit ◯ Life Support Systems
Defense Bonus: +2 , Armor HP: 20, Soak Bonus: +1 , Inventory Points: 4
Heavy: Disadvantage on Move & Sneak tests.
Life Support Systems: Increase maximum Recovery and RB by +1.


… Looking for stuff from (or influenced by) their culture.

Clever (Cutscene) ==> STRONG HIT!
… things left on a table. Money from back home … string of shell money
More than he’s made in an entire year.

(NOT sand dollars)
Also … foot lockers, see some more of their tech stuff, including …

Arcanaut Magitek Breastplate
A large protective chest piece with a variety of internal magiteknical compartments and systems that can synthesizemedicines & store your gear.
Medium Outfit ◯ Cargo
Defense Bonus: +4 , Armor HP: 10, Soak Bonus: 0 , Inventory Points: 7
Cargo: +2 maximum Inventory Points (or +3 for Light Outfits).

Together Again

Meet back up in the battle chamber. Discuss what we found.
Auoy describes the clues she’s found about where they have been (all outside the beaten track).
Keeping an eye on the Giant Hole.
And Auoy.

Auoy notices the Mist Miners are coming to talk with us.

Carabas greets them.
Hi – you guys won, we’re cool with it, but … could you get our boss back?
Hole → bottom of island → Mists.
We get it Barry didn’t come back. But we’d love to have Stephen back.
Why work for Barry? Because he’s a leader. And he pays us on time.
Xeric volunteers. (So as to lord it over Barry). Go on his own?

Minions are happy.

Big disc!
Plummeting DOWNWARD!


Atlantis airships (which resemble old-timey submarines with balloons along the side) …

Multiple Atlantean ships against a big imperial Yamato-ish ship.

Let them fight!


Notes for Next Time (Handy reminders for me to do ahead of the next game.)

  • Look through everyone’s new abilities and see what new conditions and statuses I need to add to the indicators (Sick, Cloaked, etc).
  • Read through James’ Atlantis notes and see how bad I’m butchering it with the inclusion of Atlantean sky pirates (even if my original idea doesn’t work, I’m sure I can backport something in its place).