MEGALOS ep. 7 - Rescuing Steven (and also, sigh, Barry)

The Descent


Gwin has got to get the airship and and running to get out of there.
Will she work with the Mist Miners?
Yes. She is definitely the bossy sort.
Forceful Cutscene ==> Strong Hit!

Diving under the base … once had structure, but time and the mists have eroded that.


Way deeper into the mists than anyone else.
Danger from such prolonged exposure … with possible changes.
Who has been deepest into the Mists?
Besides Seirus … Auoy.


People don’t go into the Mists much.
How affected? Someone I knew?
(An assassination target fled into the Mists … then came back later as a horrible mutant and attacked him.)

Deeper and deeper …

Watching for Steven and Barry … watching for dangers …watching the dangerous terrain …


– more used to this, from a wild realm. Don’t fear the effects of the Mist. Blood of the Elders to seek the best path to take.
Attune check ==> Hit!
Avoiding the Worst Path.

Seirus – investigating the architecture and alls. Who built this, or when?
Inspect ==> 2 Hits.
Can recognize a lot of this. Predated the civilization of the temple we’d visited … and in better condition than the architecture upstairs. Very Old, Very Attuned to the Magical Elements. Before the tech of the temple.

Xeric – Watching for structural damage to help bridge gaps, shore up sections and make a bridge for others.
Move ==> Hit

Carabas – very, very intent on watching for opponents.
Watch ==? STRONG HIT (3)
Spots creatures in the darkness and shushes folk as they approach to sneak past.

Creep, creep, creep …

And signs that someone came through here … recently.

Fist indentation in the wall.

Pass the well-maintained parts into where nature has taken over.
Growths of elemental crystal.
Sounds of struggle in the distance …

Bright golden aura … Barry!
Vs large mist creatures.
Barry is struggling to hold them off.


Turn 1


Carabas – Phantasm … Phantasmagoria … clear out the minions from that first square.

Seirus – Outsider Form … Blink Strike on Skullipede … and taunt the other. Then Umbral Seal vs Eye Bats in zone 5; kill the 2, and pull their bodies over.


Barry sees us …

“You! Fish dude! Get Steven out of here!”
Throws the unconscious Steven over to Seirus.
Barry moves into Zone 1 and taunts.

Skullipede 2 rending mauls Seirus. ==> Strong Hit - wounded and dazed!
Skullipede 1, taunted, rending mauls Seirus ==> 2 Hits -

Strangler in Zone 6 - Slow. Sprints to the rest of us. Others move around.

Eye Bats dive bomb Carabas.
==> 6! Soaks
==> Misses!
Two others go after Barry. Feeding Frenzy …
==> Hit + Hit


Auoy - Liquifaction to Seirus. Wounds the bats and strangler in Carabas and Xeric’s zone. Cleans up to 3. Takes out Seirus’ Daze.
Drain Blood on a Bat … Drain damage.
Paroxysm …

Xeric - Heads north a zone, teleport … Greatsword ==> Big dmg on Skullipede 2. Sick.
Cloak and Dagger - Damage. Teleport.
Finisher - AC die, 6 piercing, chain to the other Skullipede, and to the Strangler (kills).


Skullipede - AoE Bodyslam vs Xeric, flying over there.
(Seirus punishes)
Other Skullipede bodyslams in the zone. vs Seirus and Auoy.
==> Hits!
They fail their saves.


Carabas - take down a Bat.
Seirus - on Skullipede 1
Xeric - on Skullipede 2
Auoy - on Skullipede 1

AA back on Carabas and Xeric and Seirus.

… and more Eye Bats appear.

Turn 2

Fast Moves

Auoy - Liquifaction over to Xeric. Cleanse on Seirus (take out Wounded) and Drain Blood effect goes off.

Seirus - 3 piercing.
River Wraith against the Bats in Zone 2 - Hit 2. And used a seal, so heal. Takes them out.
Teleports behind the Skullipede, attack Fails!


Barry dashes over and grabs Steven.

All the remaining minions die.

Skullipede 1 - attacks Seirus. Rending Maul ==> Hit.

Skullipede 2 - attacks Xeric. Bodyslam Auoy and Xeric ==> Damage!!!
Wrestling … Auoy. Super-slam! Exposed!

Saves … fail.



Carving Strike and move vs Skullipede 1. Fail = we now have Grit.

Cloak and Dagger - more damage.
Not injured.
Blade Twisting. Sick!
Soul Eater ==? Hit
Finisher - 2 piercing, 2 to the other.


Skullipede 2 - Bodyslam into Carabas ==> Fail
Saves for 1 Wounded.

Skullipede 1 - Bodyslam vs Seirus and Xeric ==> 1 hit.
Seirus injured.
Saves for Sick.


Seirus - 2
Xeric - 3

And more bats appear!

Turn 3

Xeric vs Skullipede 1 ==> 2 Hits ==> 21, very dead!

Auoy runs, does some healing.

Seirus runs (after shoving Barry)

Carabas runs.

Bats dive-bombing Xeric. -
Another sprints toward Auoy.


AutoAttacks …

And everyone else escapes.

And …

And flee through the tunnels and up the stairs …

And we get to the magnetic platform, starts rising up, mist pulls away, the bestial chomping sounds dwindling away …

The Mist Miners are happy to see Steven back … and, kinda, happy about Barry.


2 XP!