MEGALOS ep. 8 - It Belongs in a Museum! Or Blown to Bits!

Last Time!

Minion-pressured to delve back into the mists to rescue Stephen. (Also Barry.)

Faced off vs mystic deep creatures.
Came back … mostly intact.

Mist Miners are very grateful.
Barry is also very grateful, and sees us as potential friends, maybe even people he could ask for favors.
(Xeric gives him many looks.)



Gwin has gotten the cloud raft up and going.
Can get to Foothold. Or maybe touch bases with Prof Magnus at the other island.

Rest while in the air.

  • Carabas: Plays a game of solitaire.
  • Xeric: Standing Watch (also trying to impress Gwin). Worries about the gaps in his memory. Rolls with 1 Hit on Watch.
  • Seirus: Join in with Carabas’ game. Or makes fun of it. Or just asks lots of questions to annoy the fuck out of him.
  • Auoy: Side trip for food resources, cooking a nice veggie dish.

Xeric spots … the island with the elemental temple. And there’s the professor’s cloud raft. Also … an imperial clipper!

Xeric wants to sink them.
Gwin is startled.
Auoy wants to investigate.

Return to the Island

Docking on the side of the island.

We approach.

Prof Magnus in an argument with the leader of the Imperials, who are picking through the crates that he and the Aarons have gathered. There’s an Imperial war walker watching all this.

The Impies are taking all the stuff, and asking for IDs.
They spot us. “Active Imperial investigation going on. Move along.”

We move along.

What does it take to sabotage?
Auoy might know. Carabas might .

Looked like they were trying to take boxes of stuff … whatever ones were closest.
Impies usually have some pretext for action. Though they could be bribed.

Who are these Impies?
Carabas - Watch ==> (many bad rolls, add Grit) ==> 12, 1 Hit.
Leader of group referring to self as a Field Captain. But it’s a Secutor … a protection detail.

None of them are in the craft.
Carabas sneaks on. ==> with Advantage … all Fail. With Quicker than the Eye, Fail … Grit ==> Hit!
There are things missing. No seal with patrol area, etc.


Let’s ambush 'em!

Sneaks! Use up the rest of the grit.

Cut around the entrance, come to the side of the temple … and can see that there are more of the Impies than we’d thought. Squad of riflemen.


They are surprised, effectively stunned in Turn 1 (one less action).

Turn 1

Xeric - Hops in, misses, cloak and dagger, then teleports to cut them off. Remaining minions are Empowered.
Seirus - Steps in. Hail of Spears. Takes out the Minions. Taunt the War Walker.
Auoy - Passes through … wounds the Troopers.

Troopers die.
Secutor shouts out to … someone? Grabs a barrel.
War Walker - picks up a barrel. Still taunted.

Carabas - Steps in, summons a Phantasm (makes the Walker afraid). Blows the artifacts in the zone.

War Walker stomps, jumps to Auoy, doing damage.
Secutor - moves into the zone with Seirus and Carabas.

Auoy vs War Walker
Xeric alone.
Carabas and Seirus on the Secutor.
Secutor on Carabas

Turn 2

Seirus - Undertow - War Walker ==> Hit. Dragged in. Taunted. Damaged (mostly soaked). Invocation ==> Fail. Add Grit. Taunt Secutor.
Auoy - Liquefaction.

Secutor - Dazed, 3 piercing. 3 for wounded. Injured! Elizir nebulizer goes off. Also Icy Veins protection. Grenado! Strong hit on Seirus, less on Carabas (whom he fears).
Trooper - grabs an artifact. Dashes to the next zone. Carabas OAs and kills him.
War Walker - Is NOT Dazed. Wounded. Grabs a barrel – Seirus OAs. Stomp - jump to Xeric’s zone, but kicks Seirus on his way out, and recovers from his Wounded, but is still Taunted.

The Imperial Riflemen (minions) appear. Boltmuskets - 1 Hit on Seirus. 1 Hit on Carabas. Two hits on Auoy.

Xeric – Hits, wounded, injured. … and kills two of the Riflemen. Another attack. Takes down the War Walker! Grabs an artifact.

Secutor is still Dazed. Stabs at Seirus, Hit.

Carabas and Seirus on Secutor.
Secutor on Seirus.
Rifleman attacks Auoy.

Turn 3

Carabas - Summon a Phantasm (on Kavo), Phantasmagoria (on Kavo)
Xeric - Blackfire Blast vs Rifleman

Secutor - wants to surrender.

Seirus accepts his surrender.

"Wasn’t going to die for that idiot – definitely not for some trinkets.
"What idiot?
"The custodian. Knows nothing of what an Imperial magistrate should be.

Abandoned post, headed back home, so … pirates.

Pick up the questioning next time.


1! DING!

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