MEGALOS ep. 9 - A Tenuous Foothold!

Last Time

Recap of things people took for their characters last time.

Last time, dealt with an Imperial Patrol who should not have been there, doing things they shouldn’t … and took the leader captive.

An Interrogation

Seirus and Carabas interrogate the prisoner.
Carabas – use Phantasm to make him Afraid … then Talk (with Advantage) ==> STRONG HIT (3)

Who is this Custodian?
… booted out here to the hinterlands. Now has a big scheme to get cool old magitech, for his own good. Teams, gathering up caches of crystals while he tracks down elemental temples.
Secutor and the pirates were heading back to the Empire to stab the Custodian in the back.
Custodian is back in Foothold, working on his damn machine, using bits other teams have gathered, and then his locators.
Using crystals to locate the appropriate Elemental Temple.
Lackey? Had been hiring mercs, but now using someone the Empire sent down, a mage. Tall, dark, silent type. Unclear if the Empire sent to assist the Custodian, or if they were turned.

What has the Custodian found so far? Weird elemental tech from a dig site. Probably the ice temple.
So there are four undiscovered elemental temples left.

Meanwhile Auoy and Xeric are with the crew. The Aarons are very grateful, and would give Auoy a kiss, but are terrified of her.

What were they looking for? Professor – just a normal Imperial shakedown.
Little disc, with a version of Muka in it.
What does the Prof know about helping us track the other elemental temples? Prof thinks he can do it with Muka.

Auoy – Attune (fail); Blood of the Ancients (Fail). Grit ==> 1 success.

Prof wants us to follow him back to Foothold to perform the research, so that we can stop their shakedown.

Secutor came here to … steal from a place flagged by a Beacon. The Empire can track those.

We will turn Secutor in for a reward.

Load up cloud raft. We have our own.

Oh, right, the Impies have a ship. And crystals!
Ship – bring to an illegal dock to have the Impy bits
Or … let;s just turn it in as evidence and maybe get more reward.

Meanwhile … (cutscene)


Crystal array set up. “Ready for Test Fire?”
“The Circuit Breakers may break!”
“That’s what they’re for!”

Pulls the lever.

Gun mount rises out of tower, aiming at the shipping.
Pale blue light, a bit like a dragon … freezing airships in blocks of ice.

Back to Foothold

Cautious Cutscene Roll from Xeric – 1 hit!
(damage to Foothold is minimized)

Sky darkened, flash of light, then back to normal.

Gwinn calls, but nobody answers.

Xeric - using Drive to help untangle traffic at ports.
Xeric flying between ships.

Seirus watches. ==> 1 hit
Carabas tries to get pilots ordered … Fail … Quicker than the Eye ==> 1 hit
Xeric gets advantages from those rolls ==> only 1 hit.

Eventually get to the dock – which is damaged from all the shenanigans.
Prof runs off into the city, telling the Aarons to get stuff to the office.
Carabas choke-holds the prisoner, and we all go running off after the professor.

We make our move rolls, esp. Xeric.
Lots of damage – beams missing, bricks fallen, some collapsed buildings.
Prof gives us some 3-ring binders to evac out important stuff.

Next Time …

What are we focusing on?
Protecting the prof’s stuff?
Talking with neighbors?
Finding out what happened?

No XP this time.