Last Time

Link and Adam had a crazy day at school, including giving Otto some romantic advice (!), and ended up at AEGIS to talk with Vector – who was sent from the future, blew up the Quill living room because that happEned in history all the time, and could steal the Heart Machine.

Lurking suspicion that “Bot” (the one who sent him back) didn’t expect the plan to work – as much as would allow Link to question Vector, and send the Heart Machine back to the future.

[Link takes a Powerful Blow – 4!] Leo realizes that this tech cannot be misused. So will build a new machine (Phoenix) that can defend itslf, reproduce itself, and needs to be befriended to give access to the science.

Facet is in holding – update on her sitch. Adam is interested. But AEGIS isn’t prepped for you to see someone else on immediate notice. Plus, she’s lawyered up some.

Jumping Forward a Few Days

Love Letters!


It’s been almost a week at Gardner. With as many schools as you’ve attended, it’s crazy that a new one would put you on edge. And yet… How’ve things been going? [Danger 6!]

* Gardner crawls with supers and the so-called elite, and with you as one of the faces of the Menagerie and recently dropping your Mask on YouTube, you’re an easy target for every wannabe with an opinion. But you rise above it - you know who you are, you know whose opinions you care about. Tell us about someone trying to make an example of you, and how you shut them down.

–> Some teen tech genius, not on a team, millionaire at age 15, sold my inventions kind of guy. Leo shows up in ratty clothes, and dude shows off in front of Leo. Leo isn’t interested. All the other people are into the helecopter rides on the guy’s personal autogyro. White- vs blue-collar showdown, and Leo;s just not doing it.

[Teen inventor for Link’s love letter: Pietro the Plasma Prince. He’s been chummy with Stingray in the past, and the two cooperated on technology, so that’s what set Leo off.]

With everything else going on, and Vector’s Revelations, school has been seriously stressing you out - you snapped back at Trace during practice, loud and hard, he left before you could figure out how to pull things back, and now half the team is gunning for you to take his place as captain. Trace was too positive/chummy about Pietro (they’ve cooperated on technology in the past).


It’s been the longest week at Gardner you have ever. experienced. All new classes, and all of the sudden people are, like, “expecting big things” from you. Joy. [Superior - 5!]

* Your dad is the big priority right now. You break through on the whole speed-reading trick, and use the recovered homework time to coordinate a team visit to the hospital. You get a +1 to Provoke your mom into allowing the attempt (Concord) (which also has to happen).

–> Concord!

Andi’s seriously starting to wonder how a speedster can be so slow to take a hint. Lose influence with Andi and take Guilty. Time to make with the apologies…


New schools are hard. New schools when you’re trying to balance the power of the Concordance and a Keynome inside your chest (sort of? somewhere? it’s Weird…) is REALLY hard.[Freak 10!]

* You’ve figured out (with help) what you need to do to help out Harry’s dad. Store 2 Burn that can be used only on affecting Silver Streak’s condition.


The boys (and girls?) are all back at school, and all the ghosts are calling you “General” (is that a good or bad thing? seems to depend on the spirit in question), they know what happened in the Sepiaverse, and are waiting (or dreading) to find out what want them to do. [Savior 8!]

You attract some dangerous attention.

* You’ve got a solid theory on how to find all the wounds in the world, and just need [teammate or NPC’s] help with testing the theory.
–> Lucius!


School is torture. Not literally, of course, but… okay, maybe literally. Still, you’re doing your best. You think. [Mundane 9]

* Almost (or entirely) by accident, you’ve made a friend/admirer/worshiper our of someone at Gardner. Who is it, and… what the heck happened?

Daphne Palin. Leaving class. Save me! Huddle close.
This guy, so convinced we’re fated from another life to be together. I’m pretty sure not. You’re a lifesaver. We should hang out. The 3-Presidents project?

Things To Do This Week …


Having the discussion with Harry’s mom, at her house. Without Dad there, Mom’s been throwing herself at whatever work she can find. Dynamo of PR and public stuff, more zombie trying to go off to sleep at night.

Wants to bring Concord in – powers include mind stuff.

Mom plays on the guilt thing – Dad ran into the Vyortovian mountain to clear a condition from admitting to his son he’d done something bad.

[Provoke 11!] She rises to the bait and does what Harry wants.


Plan: Goes to the coffee shop, check in with daughter, ask after daughter, does he have a minute to chat?

Lucius is up in front with the customers, throwing in comments – shooting down conspiracy theories, shooting down the skeptics.
He sees Charlotte, raises eyebrows, “Miss Palmer, isnt it?”
Polite chitchat.
Leads her in back. Kitchen. Stairs. Restroom. Small room in back, former parking, now a … sun room? Small talk until coffee brought. Jaycee gives her the fish eye.
Discusses with him the Vyortovians. One of their targets was around her cemetery.
Lucius was well known for getting supernatural stuff done, but didn’t join group pictures on the steps of city hall. The Grail Knights are kind of behind the scenes protectors of the universe. Armiger is one of the few to have a public name.
A portal is rarely a pleasant, welcome experience. Knights are willing to assist regarding the portal.
First person she thought of to either help directly or point her down the right path. Her concern is over the apartment building.
They head off for a walk toward the cemetery.


Daph snags at lunch. Head to the library after lunch?
Calls Parker on her tiny burner Android phone. “I want to go to the library with one of my peer cohort. Mom.”
Diamond-forming rubbing the bridge of her nose. 5 pm?
“That’d be swell!”

Daph: “You talk to your family weird. Don’t do that do me.”
Daph: “Spoilers there may be boys there.” Finger-guns Alycia.


Waters – he’s gotten approval to pay a visit as discussed. Approval for you, me, or both of us.
The more the better.


Keri wants to hang with him.
Little sister’s (Jordan) top preferences: Super-Chica, mercury, Yellow Power Ranger.


Harry sees Adam and Keri chatting together at lunch.
So in the meantime, is going to go chat with Andi. Telekinesian gives him Last Rites beforehand.

Awkward wave.
How’s school been?
Really? Fine. How’s all your extra time before and after school been going when lots of things have clearly been going on? Sorry, that was super-bitchy, your dad’s in the hospital. Okay, you’re super-busy, and I’m not good at … stuff. So what I’m asking –
Are you not busy?
Not really. Why? People to fight?
I still owe you a movie. I was thinking … just the two of us.
Y’know, I’m just –
[Pierce the Mask! 7! --> What do you want me to do?!]
[She needs to feel more in control, less at Harry’s mercy.]
Harry lets her pick where to eat (and he’ll pick up the bill).
Sure, Friday. We;ll go to a movie after. If you can. Should be fun. [Walks off]
Telekinesian pops up – She has chili spray to put on her food – and he gives him a blessing.
Harry might want to check out A10’s blog about her food prefs.

End of Day

Harry and Adam heading to hospital.
Link heading to Otto
Alycia heading down toward library with Daph. There will be boys there.

GG heading out into the cemetery with Lucius.
Charlotte takes him over to the dead spot by the crypt.
First time he’s had someone show him their gravestone as a way of introduction.
Ghost friends active and visible?
Yes, they are definitely aware of her.
Lucius asks about the wound, boundaries of the dead spot.
None of the ghosts go there, except GG.
Draws his sword along the ground, along the demarcation. Can feel it against the sword, cold, something missing …
The other ghosts gather – the sword, a point of purity. GG can feel it as a lightning rod.
GG gets closer to the sword – feeling power from the sword.
Lucius: “Oh.”
She grasps the pommel. A current, a charge. Pregnant potential. like a distant lightning storm. Almost liquid …
GG Unleashes Her Powers to try to direct / control the flow. [14! Kapow!]
Sword doesn’t let it go, it knows its identity.
Wet touches – the spirits touching her.
There’s energy that comes from the spirits and goes through her into the sword, which channels that into the wound. Doesn’t close, but shuts quite a bit.
What have I done?
I’m not entirely sure. (And he sits down very fast.)


LEO - Image …
HARRY - Closer > Concord … Harry: +Mundane, -Freak
CHARLOTTE - Image … -Mundane +Freak
ALYCIA - Image … +Savior, -Danger
ADAM - Image …

author: *** Dave H.