Glowing field – Harry Unleashes Power at it [Unleash Your Power! 11!]
Field is self-powering by the figure inside. But Harry can tackle it from the outside. Do what Uncle Chase does, smashing into it (and randomly able to manage to hit it). One of the struts flies over his head. The ball goes out, and a figure rushes past at high speed. Bots tense up to pursue …

[Directly Engage! 11!] [Resist/avoid, and take their mobility away]
Tries to hit as many as he can before they notice him – one sent flying, one starting to track as hit but goes down, the third starts to wheel …
… they go after Harry, all around the room, tearing the room apart … taking the debris and throwing it at him.

Harry legs it – phase and get out. [Unleash Your Power! 11! Again!] Got away! Calls Alycia on comms. Any reports coming on anything that seems speedstery?

Back at the Base

Alycia uses her 2nd Assess the Sitch from last ep - how best tracking speedster activity?
Vector comes up – Harry and Bot came up with a satellite thing to track him/them. Still working – heat map of the city, and there is a Speedster coming straight for us.

“We have an incoming speedster.”
“I’m on my way.”

Everyone’s there.

  • Alycia gets against about a wall. Batons out. Least obvious target.
  • Leo suits up, as does Aria. Otto will be on point.
  • Concord will be the MOST obvious target.
  • Charlotte stands close enough to JC to pull her into shadow.

Cameras – show a whitish streak approaching. Proximity alarms. Slowing down – speedster outfit, white Moses beard, confused looking around. Eyes widen at Concord, starts to speed up … spots Otto and Aria … Charlotte eyes-like-dinner-plates gaping terror full-on skidding to a stop and backpedaling.
Charlotte tries to reassure.
Leo places in-between. [Provoke! 8!] [Err - gain a critical opportunity] "She’s not who you think,
“You’ve got to get away! It’s going to eat everything! You don’t know! You don’t know what she is!”
L - We’re from the past.
GG - Fades into the background.
Concord - Glides down to Charlotte, “No, look, everything’s good, nothing to worry about. Future is weird, but we’re from the past where everything is normal.” [Both contribute Team, so Leo is at 10]
He looks like Silver Streak, but not. Emaciated. Long hair. Suit all beat up. Long, if wispy, beard. Future!Harry.

That’s still her, still it, you don’t know what I’ve seen, we can’t …
Harry intervenes. Time Travel! Stop!
But I gotta tell you, but if you’re going back …

Intro to Aria

Went back to the house … needed to get Dad’s gun … I can’t tell you why … then I was stuck a couple of … hours?
Vector - 10 years, man.
Oooookay. Wow. That’s not … that beard’s going to create some drag. A trap? Goddammit, Jason.
(Alas, Dad’s gun got disassembled by the Vectorbots.)
Intro to Alycia. Comments about lightning and the Sepiaverse.

JC and Charlotte

No clue what that was about. Maybe I ended up on the Jason side of things.
No – not unless you’re being way sneaky about it. You were around, back when Marcus was around and all – you were there for the Christmas thing. Yule Cat got Armiger and Animal. HHL fighting on the island, and that went poorly. You were around a few day, then you weren’t.

The Vs blew their bomb in the cemetery a few days later, which expanded the wound, weakened the barrier.

So this Charlotte went exploring … to the Sepiaverse … and didn’t come back?

(Concord/Sol left after the Yule Cat fight. For reasons that didn’t make the news, maybe. Like his family maybe got killed?)
So then it’s Jason and Harry. And they weren’t that tight. And Harry wouldn’t have kept Jason on as much of an even keel.
And Harry might have seen Charlotte raise an army of the dead in the Sepiaverse.

Harry, et al.

If Harry is reluctant to ask questions, Alycia certainly will.
Both Harrys are careful about what they say.

So what did happen to Jason?
Future!Harry - yeah, can talk about that. You’re not just from past, but another timeline.
(Alycia’s happy to take a Sports Almanac)

Rook had recruited from some other people who hadn’t participated in the Yule fight. Black hats and gray hats. Rolled out all of them during the second battle. Troll, Facet, some guy with tech copy of Iconoclast’s sonics, Stingray, Pietro the Plasma Prince, Super-Chica, Sablestar, Farlander, and tons of Rossumbots.

The Vs got the Keynomes, but Rook’s troops minimized the damage and produced a sense of security

(Farlander took off after the Keynomes were gone) (big falling out with Super-Chica several years later; back to Dominican Republic) (Stingray’s suit got destroyed standing up to Rook a few years later).

Harry had ducked out for a while, then sought out Bot.
HHL out of it / MIA.

A - So what’s Jason’s role?
F!Harry - Rook has been solidifying control and influence. They basically run this city. Products shipped everywhere; maybe 10% of the city doesn’t work for them in some way or another. Quill is the genius face of it, with Rook on the business side [Wozniak and Gates]. It must have been Quill who built the trap for me. Gun - captured from the Neutron Prince. Energy dampener. Won’t tell what he wanted to do with it. Nothing to do with Jason. Or Leo. Or the Concordance.

We need to close the Wound in the World.
Call Charlotte back.
What do we need to close the Wound.
C - Need to have a conversation with Charade to understand stuff she was doing. Maybe easier to do from the Sepiaverse side, given the probability restrictions. Still need to figure out how to power this. Last time used a lot of ghosts to close it a little bit, with Lucius help. (“How?” asks JC --> shard of Excalibur)

Spirit energy is antithetical to / healing of the Wound.
When did Charlotte feel the most powerful? Raising the ghost army in the Sepiaverse.
What did she feel?
“Aggrieved dead … your living kin are in danger … strike them down, and vengeance will be yours.”
Vengeance against the changes in probability.
Could the spirits of the LIVING help right this wrong?

Charlotte - Pierce the Mask to read Future!Harry [Pierce the Mask! 9!]
F!Harry always reacts with fear/terror (subtly) when the subject of the Sepiaverse comes up. Not an instant death sort of thing – just had a really bad experience.
Makes sense that he went to the Sepiaverse – knew it was possible, so could do.
F!Harry (“Silver Aged Harry”) (FTM “Future Timeline Mercury”) seems most comfortable with our Harry.
Harry – anything we should know about the Sepiaverse?
FTM – There is already no way that you can go back to where you were and not have what you’ve seen here change about how things go forward. Going over there is going to make your timeline different.
If what … Charlotte says is right, and she can use ghosts to attack this thing from the other side … she won’t lack for power over there. It’s … all ghosts. And she’s right in the middle of them. As far as I could go. It’s not something you ever get to just close your eyes and not see. … I went to see if she could help, and I couldn’t even ask. I couldn’t bring myself to get close to her. … I don’t think she intended me any harm, it wasn’t like that. You don’t run into a tornado. …
- knowing she hadn’t disintegrated Mercury. Vibrations!
- reverse-engineer inert Nanobots for calculations (and the formulae that Jason included in their memory)
- This thing allows dimensional jiggery-pokery. But vibratory shift is all I need. Use of the Wound - Jason was making portals – punching a hole. Use the spot that works instead.
Had to be smart about it, instead of … Jason.

[Alycia - Always Prepared [unleash power, instead with a Gadget, so Superior] ]
(Gadget - some “dead” nanobots in a vial. Can’t revive, but can read the information of what we did.)
[Unleash Your Power! 7!]
Leo - offers to help … Insecure [I need HIS help?] ! NO, I don’t need any help! So it’s a stable thing (when I choose to invoke it).

Who is going through?

  • Alycia (oh crap father)
  • Charlotte
  • Harry
  • JC

Who is staying in this dimension?

  • Concord - prefers to stay here to assault Jason’s base, where Sablestar is.
  • Leo (& Co.) - staying there to punch Jason in the face


  • Alycia - Closer to the Team (Charlotte - invited in to help!) --> +Superior -Mundane --> Superior is maxed so GM says Guilty (false sense of confidence!)
  • Leo - Closer to the Team (Charlotte - including in plans!) --> +Mundane -Danger (Mundane locked!)
  • Harry - Own Image
  • Charlotte - Closer to the Team (Concord - of course going to help her!) --> +Superior, -Danger --> Danger is at minimum, so GM says Afraid This plan, how can it work?)
  • Adam - Own Image (getting more dangerous)

How Worlds Diverge

For the want of a nail the shoe was lost,
For the want of a shoe the horse was lost,
For the want of a horse the rider was lost,
For the want of a rider the battle was lost,
For the want of a battle the kingdom was lost,
And all for the want of a horseshoe-nail.


author: *** Dave H.

Wiki recap: Things get a bit two Harry.

author: Bill G.

Bill G. said:

Wiki recap: Things get a bit two Harry.

Ahh, puns! The highest form of humor.

BTW Bill, I think a little aside between Adam and Leo is needed before to two go out for the all out assault on Quill & Rook. There’s probably a lot to unpack since I don’t think they ever resolved each of them blaming themselves for what happened to Sol and, given Adam’s current mindset, he’s probably not going to be on the same page with whatever they wind up doing.

I have sometime in mind for this, so as long as you’re down I can post something on the forum for this tomorrow.

author: Mike

Sounds great, please kick off when ready.

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