Two More Dawns, Two More Days, Two Days More

Two days to get things squared away and prepped.

Harry and Adam

Alycia – Who do I want to see some of those two days about? Harry.

Summer – Who else is involved with this, there with Harry? Adam.

Adam – Where are you? Harry’s house. Adam stopped in.

Harry – What are you doing? (Besides eating.) Downing chips like there’s no tomorrow (ironically). Playing video games – Mario Kart. The CPU is winning.

In between, talking about mundane things … family, school.

Adam – Not talking about … how do I explain all of this to my parents, even though that’s what he came over to talk about.

Harry – Not talking about … leaving the Menagerie.

Adam brings it up, “Hey, Harry, how do your parents deal with all the weird stuff going on? Does the weird stuff become normal after a while?”

H - Yeah, you can only see the city get invaded so many times. The bar gets raised. How are your parents taking it?

A - I’m worried they’re not going to like the latest. I told you guys first.

H - Want me to talk to them with you, or for you, or just stand behind them and make funny faces?

A - Might help to have a friend there.

H - Always got your back.

[Comfort & Support -> 13!

A - Am I scary now?

H - Dude, you’re playing Princess Peach.

// Harry clears Guilty //

[And that was a Triumph move - +1 fwd, mark potential]

Summer and Charlotte

Summer and Ghost Girl over coffee with Nono. “There’s so much in my life going on right now!”


Charlotte is drinking hot chocolate. Not her normal thing. Nostalgia. Thinking of the gazebo with Everard.

Charlotte and Harry

Charlotte spending time in the Grove with the statues. Keeping them company, being with them, trying to reinforce their presence.

Who walks in? Harry.

She’s obviously upset, but trying to put on a good face.

H - goes over, sits down, munches on some chips, and offers some without saying anything.

Mari - He really does offer food all the time, doesn’t he? Wow.

C takes a chip. Makes a face. Looks at the bag. Give a quirky smile. Lays a hand on his leg. Enjoy the grove.

[C&S? Team Move?

[C - share vuln. Wanting to help people, not worried about hurting self, but seeing friends hurt. H - but we’re gonna help them. we’re gonna make it so this doesn’t happen. and you’re helping them right now. C - that’s why I’m here.]

What should C focus on doing? H - Don’t worry about other people, I’ll make sure they stay safe. Do what you need to to help our friends.] [C +1 forward, +1 Potential]

And All The Rest

Harry and Andi talking, ending with Andi punching him lightly and make-up hug.

Adam … Link and Jason getting everything prepped.

A-Team montage. Molecular lathes. Welding torches. Whirling computer tapes. Labs. Pointing and gesturing. (In the background, a Phoenix in bot form, crouching, then holding onto a rafter, and watching the arc welder parks) Cans of Coke. Leo messing with / supporting Jason.

L - So, you guys talked about

J - spit take Coke onto arc welder. Turns in wide-eyed shock.

Adam drops off the keynome. (Leo gives him a fries coupon) Leaving, the 3 Cs are watching. Raise hand, they fly off.

Charlotte - drop by, need anything tying it to the ghostly dimension?

Leo - creating a synthetic portal. Need to shift the keynome partially into the ghost dimension.

Jason - theoretical science and welding.

Jason and Leo tap in and out talking with Summer. Both are being protective of her.

Aria is rolling her eyes.


Alycia - montage of A-Team, military prep from Aliens, as well as Ripley going down the elevator.

Parker yelling at techs: You provide it.

Leo offers her use of the suit. She aborts the snark, and thanks. but asks to be run through the Timespace Unit. Treats her as a peer. [She takes notes.]

Love Letter


Two pretty long days, around the house, with everything feeling kind of awkward.

You can rewrite the universe, but can you fix this?

Roll +Mundane. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

[–> 7!]

  • Your mom is waiting when you get home from school. Dad has Jordan at taekwondo or gymastics or swimming or something. She asks you to help her bake tahinni/cinnamon sticky buns, and as you’re wrapping up, he dials up the Concordance Agents and has them come over. “Mom, we have to have a talk, some friends are coming over.”

Mom invites them in.

Explaining the Concordance to Mom. “Can’t we discuss this normal?” “Mom, this is part of me now.”

[C&S on Mom --> 5!] Nope. Nope. Not happening. Not in my house. You’re all going to have to leave.

They shift back.

If this is the way its going to be, ignoring my wishes, bringing in this danger, we will have to talk.

+Danger, -Mundane

Last second - Adam goes over, gives Mom a hug, “Good bye, Mama.” Blips out.

Ghost Girl

In a way, parts of this Disney World remind you of home. Your original home; the one that’s part a dream and part lie.

The home the Magus took from you and replaced with a cemetery. It’s time for a reckoning. You just need to decide what you’re going to do.

–> YOU need to stop this! Swap Freak and Superior. +1 forward to Provoke (stacks with Influence bonus)


This is a big one, without a doubt. You’ve had two days to prep, and your tooled up right to the eyeballs. The team’s united, the target is clear, the mission objective is… well, still a little hazy, but two of three is worth a bit of celebration. You’re ready to be a hero. On your terms.

Roll +Danger. On a 10+, two. On a 7-9, one. [–> 13]

Choice 1. (2) Keynome energy is about reality. Controlling reality. And the robots are particularly attuned to keynomic energy, being irradiated by it. Sooooo … Leo’s Time-Space Stabilizer, powered by a keynome, can pick up on that radiation to actually lock them down in space-time. For a while. I … would do it permanently, but that might do something to Adam.

Choice 2. (3) While I’m at it, I want to turn up the keynomic gain on the TSS to 12 to give Infinity the mother of all headaches.

We’re out front of the park. Flickering effects.


Charlotte wants to ‘have a word’ with the Magus. You can practically see flames in Alycia’s irises when she talks about Doctor Infinity. But it all hangs on the machine Leo built, how it interfaces with the keynome… and whether or not you can parse the instructions, keep up with Leo’s explanation of space-time, and not freak out at his “some of getting this to work is going to come down to feel.”

Time to be a hero. Time to be a Newman. Roll +Freak (you can use The Mask for this session, prior to the roll). [–> 8]

  • No no no no NO! You messed it up! Wait, you can fix it! Maybe! Take a condition - and tell us what you have to do to keep the device functional.

[Core drone with Leo’s machine; Body separate] [–> Insecure!]

We’re Going to Disney World!

Image result for walt disney world magic kingdom entrance plaza

Doctor Infinity and the Magus appear in space – pop in and out … C can see the Wounds being formed, a sewing machine needle in one spot. 2-3 times before they stick.

Image result for sewing machine needle gif

A sees them in and out dozens of times.

And more slowly, coming in the skies around are the starfish-bots. They don’t even start moving before Radiance activates the machine.

Surge of energy.

Radiance - I’m calling a time out!

The octobots freeze.

Alycia - fist pump.

Then Alycia remotely pumps up the keynomic frequency gain to give Infinity such a headache.

image Magus Everard [a. Michael Lee Lunsford; w. Brendan Conway]


Magus doesn’t look half-melted at the moment.

Back to the Love Letters!


One more big showdown alongside the Menagerie. Two days to get ready, which is about two days more thinking than you really want to deal with. Lots of thoughts bouncing around your head. You’re not really a planner. But… maybe you need to change that?

–> Faster than a time traveler. Swap Mundane and Superior. You can use your Moment of Truth to turn any (or anyone’s) 6- result in the fight into a 12+.


Leader: Charlotte

Mission: Keep what happened to our friends from happening.

Trust: Of course. Her compassion to the statues. Her ties to the Magus.

Ill-Prepared: Anything but!

4 Team.

Back to the Magic Kingdom!

Dr I gestures imperiously. Orb appears above the hand, shove it toward the Alycia/Summer cluster.

Adam - committing to defeat a Terrible Enemy [Game Face] Burning with Determination. [Defend --> 11!]

keep safe, so … clear Guilty “Hey, I didn’t let this happen again!”

The time bubble interacts with the barrier Adam threw up – enveloping the bubble, then shrinking around it.

Magus is raising his staff to look through the glass of the stone of his staff. He’s standing 20 feet over the kiosks entering the park.

Giant Charlotte – Magus Everard, this stops now. You and this thing have caused enough damage over the worlds. You are not harming my friends or this world anymore. Fix it.

Image result

(Explain how she was created by him, how their paths have crossed in the future, this is what You Will Do)

(Channeling her inner Galadriel + “speak to the help” voice)

Image result for galadriel gif

[Provoke -> 14! KAPOW!]

Casually extends his staff toward her, and it’s MUCH closer, touches her at forehead chakra … voluntary possession, riffling through her timeline to experience it.

Harry - Dr I is straining against Concord’s entrapment of her time bubble. Magus E is engaged with Charlotte. What do you do?

Distracting I? Or saving the crowds shooting photos with camera phones?

Throwing hot dogs. Then rocks. Then trash cans.

[Provoke! -> 12!]

Dr I drops the bubble, and instead flings a dozen tiny bubbling time bubbles, one at each of us!

Then they start flickering … trying to leave, or making little micromoves within a limited space.

And then throws out more time bubbles.

Magus pulls back from his connection. Blinks. “Well, damn. That’s --” And Infinity’s time ball hits him in the side of the head, and he goes down screaming, his face melting.

Charlotte tries to reach out and do something with the time bubble goo, shunting into the shadow realm.

[Unleash Powers -> 8!]

<the goo floats through the shadow realm, eventually resting on a surface, glomping together into the gross growing goo we’ve run across before>

Alycia can tell these are just a distraction except for the ones at Everard. They pop when the get beyond the effect of Leo’s device.

Summer (away from the device) is using light barriers to deflect. As is Adam.

Adam runs over to help Charlotte.

So does Harry – slow the Magus way down.

Infinity stabilizes long enough for Alycia to see her squinting at … Summer

[Assess -> 10!]

Who’s in the greatest danger? squinting at the device.

They wind up with a piranha swarm of time bubbles.

Alycia cranks it to 11.

Now they throw them at Alycia.

Summer – Defend at 12+ with a condition. [-> Afraid!]

[clear Insecure]

Electrons! Blue glow! Aurora! Ozone! Thunderstorm!

And, crap, nothing is protecting the device.

And Dr Infinity is smirking triumphantly (oddly familiar). She teleports, and phases behind other-Summer, at the device.

Harry hurls himself in front of the device [Defend -> 9! ]

Alycia shoots Dr I in the face with an explosive rounds. [ -> 10!]

Harry is blocking her as she phases in.

Summer and Alycia both see something. Unexpected. At the same time. When Infinity is attacking blindly, on muscle memory. Those attack moves are …

… Link’s.


Interestingly, most of this could be just cut-n-pasted, but wherever there were two pictures side by side in the original in Roll20, they got pasted over as two duplicates of the second picture here.

That’s thanks to Markdown’s features being a subset of what HTML is capable of, so when the editor gets the HTML paste and does the conversion, it’s on a best-effort basis. The stuff I’m talking about adding (support for styling and positioning) won’t help with that, you’d still have to put some work into formatting a page here that came from elsewhere.

Given that I do most of my long-form drafts in a text editor and cut-paste them over into Roll20 (or, now, Discourse), I’m more than used to having to spend some time on final edits and polish. :sweat_smile:

Waaay after the fact, but I don’t think i ever mentioned it:

Alycia never did get around on-screen to using the cool wrist-cable-projectors that Leo gave her as his graduation parting gift. She did have a plan, once, to use them, in conjunction with getting up to the hovering Doctor Infinity in this episode. (The monorail track was involved in the visual.)

The plan was aborted once Infinity was back down at ground level, but, just so @garrett knows, the cable things were not forgotten, just never quite opportune for use.

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