Microscope: Leo's Future

Well, I’m going to do this and see how it works out. Anyone who’s interested in joining in can do so.

The goal here is “play through the future Leo tries to create, using the Microscope rules”.

Miro shared whiteboard: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_kuci-oA=/

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I wasn’t in Leo’s game, but I am interested in playing through the future to see what happens. It’ll be neat to see the results, so you can count me in.

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Current progress: Bookend History (Microscope p. 12)

I’m interested in starting with any of the following Periods:

  • A Generation of Machines (light)
  • Anti-Robot Racism (dark)
  • Diaspora (dark)
  • Foundation of Newman homeland (light)

Any others?

I’ll be doing this in the one-shot time slot this Saturday, starting at 11am Pacific. Anyone who wants to drop in and have fun messing with the future should do so!

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We finished a pass through the history, covering a few different focal points.

You can see the shared Miro board above for the full details. Some highlights (chosen arbitrarily):

  • The HHL eventually fell apart, due in part to disagreement about Fez Newman and his all-robot superhero agency
  • The Hamden Act, limiting robot rights, and the subsequent riots involving Rock Newman trying to rescue civilians
  • The diaspora and the Carbon Brotherhood, where humans and Newmen try to figure out what happens next
  • The Everlasting Lotus philosophy, where robots grapple with the questions of immortality, and the sacrifice of a Newman hero saving a stadium full of human beings being a pivotal moment for that
  • The evolution of Otto’s separatist child, Rock, and their adoption of a succession of less and less humanoid bodies
  • The founding of the Antarctic City, the Battle of Titan, and Club Pluto