Monday Witch One-Shot

Just wanted to compile some info ahead of Monday’s playtest of Bill’s FitD Friendship Witches game (don’t know if you have a name in mind, Bill, so forgive me for forgetting it if you mentioned it elsewhere).

Main document is here and playbook abilities document is here.

Looks like to get started the group needs to pick a Coven (city witches, forest witches, or school witches) and each player needs to pick a playbook. I have no strong preference, so feel free to pick whatever you want. It’s going to be an interesting* experience no matter what you guys decide on.

*And by interesting, I mean weird. It’s going be hella weird.

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So that people don’t have to plow through the playbooks, here’s the rundown.

The Idiot

You don’t know much about the magical world, because you’re new to it (you came from a mundane background, your magic was suppressed, etc.) Or, you’re just an idiot. There’s some kind of magic you’re bad at. Maybe all magic. You make up for it with pluck, wits, or some special ability.

Magic From the Heart: when you Yell or Feel in support of naive optimism, you gain potency. When you Resist in the name of those ideals, roll +1d.

Touchstones: Harry Potter, Atsuko Kagari, Sae Sawanoguchi

The Nerd

You know everything there is to know about magic, naturally. You need everyone else to know you know. You’re awesome at actual magic. Your interpersonal skills might be lacking.

Know-It-All: when you assist someone else by correcting their mistakes, only mark stress if the roll yields a Bad Outcome. When you Resist the consequences of a friend’s blunder by intervening, gain +1d.

Touchstones: Hermione Granger, Diana Cavendish, Frida

The Buddy

You’re mostly just here to have fun. Casting spells and doing magic is neat, but you’re more interested in supporting your friends. Your special thing is that you never give up when the chips are down - if all is lost, everything rides on you.

I’m Here: when you share something personal, like a story or souvenier, with a friend, and they respond positively, you both clear 1 stress. When you assist someone in a way that references something you’ve shared in the past, and they use Friendship on the roll, you don’t mark stress.

Touchstones: Lotte Jansson, Ron Weasley, Nanaka Nakatomi

The Underdog

You don’t wanna be here you don’t wanna be here you don’t wanna be here… Cowardly, hesitant, or simply cautious. Clumsy slapstick. Your special thing is reserves of bravery or strength that come out when you’re forced to face your fear.

Stand Strong: When you bumble into a situation, you can resist a consequence that would affect another character or the entire coven, and gain +1d doing so. When you Study something, you can always ask “what’s the morally right action here” and the Mentor will give you a good answer, even on a failure.

Touchstones: Neville Longbottom, David, Takeo Takakura

The Hothead

You’ve got a grudge against someone or something, or just a chip on your shoulder. Your short temper gets you in trouble, but can also inspire people. Your special thing is pushing through obstacles or doing the impossible.

Better Faster Stronger: when you Duel or Scurry to upstage a rival or impress an audience, gain potency. Gain +1d when you resist fear or intimidation.

Touchstones: Draco Malfoy, Amanda O’Neill

The Weirdo

You know or practice a type of magic that’s unusual (alchemy and poisons, gadgeteering, fantastical creatures). You’re obsessed with it, and/or it occasionally causes trouble for those around you. Your special thing is that your unique magic style comes in handy when nothing else works or when things get weird.

What’s a Nargle?: when you Study or Theorize about magic, gain +1d, but you can only explain it to the rest of the coven in confusing ways. When you expand the lore of the world by sharing a strange story of magic relevant to the current situation, mark Friendship.

Touchstones: Luna Lovegood, Sucy Manbavaran, Constanze

The covens.

Forest Witches

You live in or near the wild. You might be traveling the forest, or have some kind of natural cave, glade, or log cabin style home base. You’ll encounter mostly magical beings and mysterious phenomena deep in the woods.

City Witches

You live in town, working your magic for the benefit of the citizens. You’ll solve mundane problems with magic, get to know people, and find your place in the world. You stay with some local adults (pick a relevant faction).

School Witches

You attend a school where magic is taught. You will contend with rival classmates, put up with guff from teachers, and hopefully save the school once in awhile.

It’s “Wands In Twilight, Come Hither”, or “WITCH”. I wanted a name that was “X’s in the Y”, but ditched the ‘the’ as ungrammatical and realized I was 60% of the way to a neat acronym.

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Character creation:

  1. As a group, select a type of coven (forest, city, school)
  2. Pick a playbook from the list
  3. Distribute 5 dots across these abilities: Fiddle, Study, Theorize, Duel, Scurry, Tiptoe, Chat, Feel, Yell
  4. Note down your starting benefit (the bolded power under the playbook description)
  5. Pick one or two insecurities: things your PC worries about, e.g. a family legacy, school grades, your appearance or relationships, magical ability or lack of it, etc.

There’s a second draft PDF here. NOTE: contacts aren’t on the sheets, just decide on a couple of logical people. :slight_smile: Everyone but the elf now has suggested contacts.

This looks very fun. I would like to tentatively reserve the Nerd, if only because it’s playing to type. YES I LOVED HERMIONE GRANGER AND THOUGHT SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE HERO OF THE STORY WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING OF IT?

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If you are a big fan of that archetype, a thing you can do to help is look over the moves that are there, then group them into ‘yes this is iconic as fuck’ and everything else. Then identify to me which is which.

Bonus homework: come up with some iconic moments of awesomeness or truth for the Nerd witch, from movies, TV series, or whatever, and send me that list. Those will get turned into moves.

Here’s a random idea. Foreshadowing. You can do a flashback to yourself, learning about some important spell or magical technique, then roll an action as a setup, which will boost your effectiveness in the current moment. Legit, or cheese?

By which I think you mean the Abilities for the playbook?

Know-It-All: when you assist someone else by correcting their mistakes, only mark stress if the roll yields a Bad Outcome. When you Resist the consequences of a friend’s blunder, gain +1d.

This is the obvious one. It’s interesting on first glance that it’s for correcting mistakes, but the rest would be covered through Assists prior to the mistake being made. And the Nerd is all about correcting mistakes.

Let’s Ask: when you consult one of your contacts during the engagement roll, also mark Friendship. TODO is this benefit too weak?

Bearing in mind that my knowledge of the BitD is still pretty responsive (“Mmmm, so, what do I do now?”), I like the basic idea here. Friendship is not a weak benefit at all; I’m sure this is analogous to some S&V Gambit improvement ability. My immediate thought is that I might not go for this any time soon, but there are Nerds and there are Teacher’s Pet Nerds (or Nerds Being Coached By Mysterious Figures Who Might Not Be Healthy For Them), where this might come into play.

Long Memory: when you flash back to research or consultation, reduce the stress cost of the flashback by 1.

Makes sense. Heck, what else would the Nerd flash back to, besides being knocked down in the school yard by the bully coven members? Hmmm … showing off in class? Praise from the teacher?

Side Project: you get an extra downtime action that can be spent to acquire or create a new magical artifact or spell.

Every Nerd has a side project, or two or five.

Forbidden Section: if you choose to consult off-limits knowledge, and have access to a source of such things, mark Scrutiny and gain potency.

I like this, too.

Just thinking purely from a Harry Potter standpoint, I think these all work.

Will ponder if there’s something else that comes to mind.

I’m thinking weirdo unless somebody else wants weirdo, in which case I will default to Hot Head.

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The weirdo is sorely lacking abilities right now, so same question: what are some iconic moments in witch fiction you think a Weirdo should handle?

Not to break anyone’s heart, but I have been ill all day. While there is the possibility that I could run a two hour game, I–

  • Doubt it would be really fun for anyone.
  • Don’t think it’ll help me feel any better.
  • Would probably sound horrible with my scratchy throat.
  • And would be setting a bad example for Doyce, who already tries to run games when he doesn’t feel well enough to do so. (We love you Doyce, but take care of yourself. :stuck_out_tongue: )

So I think I just need to cancel. Sorry for the late notice, but I was hoping I would be feeling better by this afternoon (unfortunately not). Perhaps next time we have less than a quorum, I can step up again and try running this.

Okay, thanks for letting us know.

Sounds good man. I’m still going to make some notes on a couple of the playbooks with fewer moves. That hot head is screaming Bakugou from My Hero Academia at me, and I feel like I can provide some stuff there :slight_smile:

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In that case, there’s probably a “Surprising Depths” ability, where you blow past expectations/preconceptions that people have about you.

I was thinking something about an ability surrounding Yell, one with Duel versus some kind of Rival (maybe a Masks-Bull-like Rival thing?), and maybe either a free Act Out move as a downtime activity, or a non-waivable +2 to stress removal from Act Out (nice benefit, but greater chance of overdoing it with consequences).

And I just realized you have Drama Queen there, so nevermind on that last one.

The Hothead probably isn’t someone who builds up a lot of stress, so I wanted their Acting Out benefit to be more about magnetically sucking other people into drama, but yeah, some kind of Act Out benefit made perfect sense.

Their starting package includes potency to Duel or Scurry around a rival, giving them an edge in physical elements. I don’t have something for them to do when they Yell, but there really ought to be something. I also didn’t want them locking onto a single rival PC/NPC, not all of the inspiration characters have that kind of thing (Draco does, Bakugo does, but Amanda O’Neill definitely doesn’t and she’s a total Hothead).

I’ll be on discord tonight if anyone wants to toss around ideas directly or ask questions, but I’m grateful for all time and energy people put in regardless.

Aha! Nobody on Discord, nobody on Roll20, no emails … hmmm, the Forum?

Aw. Sorry, Mike. Hope you feel better soon.