I am currently about 43.5%1 likely to do NaNoWriMo this year. If I do, I’m seriously thinking of doing Alycia’s tale – roughly her story to date (with some future stuff I’ve vaguely thought out) …

  • heavily sanded to get rid of any Hanna-Barbera IP
  • eliminating any Masks stuff as well (probably doing to a secret world / weird science / occult-paranormal background, rather than super-heroics)
  • avoiding any story elements / characters / NPCs introduced by other players of the game (except, maybe, Charlotte :slight_smile: )
  • oriented less around the Menagerie (rescrubbed if at all) than around Alycia, Parker, and elements of her background coming home to roost.

I’m actually really excited about the writing idea, though I’m seriously daunted about the time and energy investment this year, esp. since it is now about 98.3%2 likely that I will be starting a new job (!) on 1 November or so and that’s a major stressor in my life. But I thought I’d mention it to you folk, just because it’s seriously game-adjacent. (And, for any interested, I’d be happy to share the first draft, or as far as I get over November.)


1As experts will tell you, 56.9% of statistics are made up.

2See Footnote 1.

author: *** Dave H.

Most likely grats on the new job, and if this motivates you in your free time, make whatever progress you can, and wherever it is at the end, I’d love to see it.

author: Bill G.