Neven "Nails" Mills

Brawler + Weaponsmaster + Healer

Bit of a tomboy. Raised by her grandmother, along with her five brothers. Parents were killed in an industrial accident (probably preventable). In the crew because – well, the CCC thinks they need the protection, because there are things that lurk in the dark. As to why she wants to be here … it’s a way to escape from expectations put on her by her family to settle down, be more ladylike, raise a brood. (She adores her family, it’s just … well, she needs some space right now, and maybe a way to flip a finger at them on occasion.)


I am thinking that I have over-committed to personal combat and under-committed to ship and team moves. I am looking at dropping Brawler and taking Loyalist.


As a GM, my general feeling is that GMs should lean into what a player chooses for their character. At the same time, as a game designer I’ve created systems that encourage people to have a presence in all kinds of situations. So that said, that change feels pretty good to me, but if you don’t take it, I’d ask Mike to go ahead with more combat scenes where you take charge.