Notion Gallery

To avoid polluting the Multiverse topic with Notion chat, I’m starting this separate thread, to give an illustration of the kinds of things I’ve been able to do with Notion.

A blog:

A kanban board + mixed media gallery:

A couple of database views with relations, letting me relate a short film’s shot list to specific work items needed to make a given shot happen:

A page full of random links plus an ephemeral to-do list:

Good old fashioned structured text:

To drill into what I can do with database views, here’s a sample kanban board:

But, I can also look at the work items grouped by software component, sorted by properties, to get a sense of where the work is going.

If I want to see my overall timeline, I can create a view to sort by milestones and then status:

The “dependencies” column in the last view is an actual Relation property back to the other work items, so I can easily jump between work items and update their status. And all of this schema - “component”, “milestone”, “status”, “dependencies” - is something I can configure per project.

For comparison, here’s a similar setup, but with different fields, because this is for a short film:

Here I’ve got stuff like “shot type” and “assets”, because that’s the sort of relationship I want to track.

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