Other peoples' art

I’m supporting an artist friend by getting commissions. They are BumblingBee#1682 on Discord if you want to check out more.

I wonder who these two could be?


Nice style, good composition, and just plain cute.

I have problems just cold-calling people, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some more of their art/commissioning them for some pieces.

I passed your comment and discord ID along.

Much appreciated.


Well, they have sat around and talked about boys, so I suppose doing each other’s hair was inevitable.

(Alycia did have experience, as a spy and infiltrator, at getting gussied up. But it’s been quite a while, and doing it, not for some greater cause or mission but because it’s “fun” or maybe even “attractive” would be a bump in the road for her. So, yes.)

(My initial thought was that Alycia would be horrible at doing hair. Except that, beyond the previously noted experience, doing hair as a disguise, if she thought of it all in terms of patterns and weaving, she’d probably end up with something remarkable.)

I feel that she’s great at doing her hair, and awful at having her hair done. And more awful at having it done for the reason Summer’s doing it, which is to make her feel good about herself, as you say. :smiley:

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Yes. And that speak volumes about her.