Papillon Witch Radiance, episode 2

It’s the second edition of PoWeR! My diary entry for today is about the weird things that have happened to me lately. And like last time, there’s a lot.

  • So I didn’t get a date to the school dance. I attribute this to the following factors, in priority order: I’m a junior; I didn’t ask anyone; I’m secretly a robot.
  • This isn’t weird by itself, except both the guys who ever kinda had any interest in me both had dates (of course), but the freaking dead girl on our team had a date too.
  • Grump. :cloud_with_rain:
  • I mean I’m glad she had fun and all but it’s like, c’mon.
  • Oh I kinda got to dance with both those guys so I guess?
  • Also some other guy came up and danced for a bit, but I don’t know him. It wasn’t creepy or anything, he wasn’t trying to grind on me - but we had chaperones so maybe he was just being careful.
  • This led to errant thoughts, like, I’m basically immortal, right? I mean I can be destroyed, but I’m not going to physically grow old. Like when I’m a million years old and still single, the dating pool is gonna be really tiny. The rule is half your age plus seven, right?
  • So when I was getting changed into my dress (the first time) at the store, there was a kitten in the back room! We have a random cat that wanders around the property, but I didn’t know if this was one of its kittens or just another stray or what’s going on. But I’m mostly bare and I turn around because I hear something and I’m like geez knock or oh shit it’s a customer, and it’s this little kitty with huge ears perched on top of the vegetable oil tins. And it does the butt wiggle and pounces at me, claws out, like it’s trying to climb me, but its claws can’t attach to my skin like at all, so it just slides down my arm! I have never seen so surprised a face on an animal before, I blew its furry little mind.
  • I think new roommate is going to work out. I think she and Leslie will get along great until they don’t and then there is going to be a HUGE FIGHT and one or both of them may go get drunk, I don’t even know. Anyway, they both have kinda hard shells but they’re both really sweet and wonderful girls so I hope they become friends.

Papillon Witch Radiance will be back next week! :mwah:

NEXT TIME, on PoWeR: Armiger trains Concord and Radiance in lightsaber dueling, while Ghost Girl teaches them the mysteries of the Force. They all team up to defeat a Space Orc army.


author: Bill G.

I don’t have anything specific to comment on or add to, just that it’s delightful, as always.

author: *** Dave H.

If My Name Was Bambi, This Would Open With “Deer Diary”.

More random notes for PoWeR since I am still unhappy and grumping.

  • I always thought Bambi and Flower were girls.
  • There was a 90’s music group called Hanson and I thought two of them were girls too. I happened to see a picture of them today and holy shit they are not girls. At all.
  • I’m not actually looking on Internet for hot boys, I swear to god.
  • Maybe a bit.
  • Okay, so, I’m being stupid. I’m grumping about the dance but really it’s all my fault. Recently I told someone that I didn’t wanna be some boy’s second choice and that’s why I was giving him space so she didn’t have to worry about me (this is one of the guys who was interested in me and the girl he’s dating now and went to the dance with, my life is a trashy romance novel). So anyway…
  • I don’t want some guy to be my second choice. This is really important to me.
  • I’m still getting over the first guy I ever loved and he was literally perfect for me, like we were soul mates, but it’s not gonna work out and it’s not gonna work out because that’s my choice, and I have to make that choice for a lot of reasons, like to be myself and my own person and it’s really complicated and ARGH
  • Anyway, nobody else will ever be that guy, and I’m totally afraid I’m gonna compare anyone else to that guy and that’s totally unfair to anyone I might date, and I don’t wanna be THAT girl, and it’s hard and it hurts to do the right thing but I don’t see what else I can do.
  • I mean sure I could tell a guy “just be prepared for me to talk about this other guy some of the time” but that’s just making excuses for my weak ass not moving on.
  • Does any of this make sense?
  • Not like anyone’s gonna find this and actually respond, but still, I have to wonder. Am I just making excuses, or am I doing the right thing?
  • Anyway, the dance is over so it’s too late now.
  • That’s probably for the best. I can get back to the things I love doing: school, friends, my job, other stuff.

Huh. I actually feel better now. That helped. Cool.

author: Bill G.