Papillon Witch Radiance, episode 3

It’s the third edition of PoWeR! Today’s diary entry is going to talk about getting high, and boys. Episode 1 - Episode 2.

  • High-altitude flight! I learned a lot by practicing with my new levitation system. It’s full body now!
  • First, I don’t really have a service ceiling. I didn’t quite go fully into space, but I saw the curvature of the Earth for the first time with my own eyes. :earth_americas:
  • Suck it, Flat Earth people.
  • That sight was actually really amazing. I wanna go up there again. :astonished:
  • That said, above 20,000 feet or so, it’s really cold! I thought I was gonna freeze my sprockets off. :snowman: :snowflake:
  • It’s really windy up there! I had to put my sweats in the washing machine after I was done and I took a hot shower for like half an hour, and my hair was still a mess. I might need goggles or something.
  • Right now I have a pretty flexible schedule. Mostly I work evenings and weekends, and as long as I call in early enough or have a replacement.
  • If I get promoted at work, I get the feeling I’m gonna get a lot less slack on my hours.
  • Ryan is one of the guys at Blintzkrieg. He called me last night while I was upgrading my body and we talked for a bit. He’s cool. :sunglasses: We don’t hang out like friends, but we get along, and he’s swapped shifts with me before.
  • I’m gonna have to figure out where my time for superheroing comes from. I need to get Ryan’s class schedule so I can figure out when I could call out, and have him sub in for those times. I need to see who else could sub for me as well.
  • But y’know, with all these new hero teams, maybe I won’t be as busy, fighting villains or stopping disasters.
  • But then again, if they’re all taking care of business, maybe nobody will need me to be a hero.
  • Gnargh. :disappointed: :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:
  • I got a really nice compliment from an older lady at work the other day. After I’d brought stuff out to her table, she said she wished I was her granddaughter, so she could bake things for me too. I gave her a coupon and asked her if she’d come back soon and she said she would. I love making customers happy, and she made me feel wonderful too. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Papillon Witch Radiance will be back next week! :mwah:

NEXT TIME, on PoWeR: Mercury takes over the HHL and reforms it into a chip-centric hero association.


author: Bill G.

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